3 thoughts on “Cancer Metamorphosis 2021 — is Ready!”

  1. “I don’t think he likes me any more” – ha ha ha! What a treat, dear Eric – didn’t think it was already ready when I purchased it! Looking great – on splendid form!

    “I run my life” – yes… needed to be made aware of this – so true, and so helpful what you say about leadership… Everything you say resonates so deeply with me – especially the stuff you say about family.

    Thank you so much for this fascinating, funny and helpful video <3

  2. This was so spot on for what I have been feeling and dealing with. I’m an Aries with Cancer rising and Leo moon. Been in the healing arts for 40+ years and the past year or so I have been watching and thinking it’s time for a sabbatical and find another way to help bring the truth to more people. So clear from these readings. You sure speak my language and to me clearly. Thank YOU

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