Cancer 2019 Monday Morning Horoscope Selection

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Monday Morning Horoscope #159 for Jan. 14, 2019
Recent events connected to the Capricorn solar eclipse may have shaken you up and altered some of your plans, though you have made a fast recovery. Now, you must keep nearly all of your focus on financial issues, and safeguarding your long-term security. In many ways, you’re at the point of making a clean break from the past, and clearing your accounts. That is the spirit in which to proceed. While you’re doing this, you will have an opportunity to focus your priorities and ensure that what you’re doing is in tune with your most deeply held values. Make this a high priority: now is the time to refine your life plan and pull yourself into alignment (or closer alignment) with what matters to you the most. There will be opportunities for collaboration, including potential contact with investors. The right people to work with are the ones who are the most deeply connected to, and impressed by, your adherence to a life code that you live by every day.

Monday Morning Horoscope #167 for March 11, 2019
You’re not a showy person by nature; you’re more private and retreating. Yet aspects this week and indeed for the foreseeable future will draw you out of your shell and into the world. You may be called upon to reveal things about yourself that you might never ordinarily express to anyone but an intimate partner. You will be doing this for two reasons: one, someone has to; and the other, you can. Of all the people you know, you can afford to be not just transparent but truly revealing. As you experiment with this, you may encounter the extent to which your friends and colleagues are verging on frantic in their need to conceal who they are, how they feel and what they want from life. This is likely to make you all the more eager to go against your own seeming nature and burst out of your bubble even if you make people squirm. They have too many secrets. You’re doing them a favor.

Monday Morning Horoscope #183 for July 1, 2019
Tuesday is the first total solar eclipse in your birth sign in nearly a decade. Eclipses each have their own distinct mark on consciousness, and much of that is what you might call “receptor mediated.” Your state of mind, your position, your density level, make all the difference in how you experience an event of this magnitude. Keep that in mind. Stay in a positive frame, as much as you can. Particularly through July 1st, 2nd and 3rd, focus on things you like to do, and want to do, because the power of the eclipse will multiply them. If you are struggling at all to be in a positive state of mind, remember all the times you’ve been wracked with anxiety but the thing you feared the most was nowhere to be seen or found. Therefore, use this time to make the world you want, even if for a few days. You know what you love. You know what you want. Align with yourself and make it real.

Monday Morning Horoscope #189 for August 12, 2019
How much of your personal influence involves your sexuality? More than you may imagine. This is a fact of human nature, not of your life specifically, though it happens to be shining boldly through your chart at the moment. You may as well make peace with this, and make the most of it. Sexuality first involves awareness of your environment: of who is in it, how they feel, and who is relating to whom. I don’t mean this on the level of gossip, but rather on that of acknowledging the natural order of things. Most significant is how you feel. If you’re feeling good, and keep your energy moving, your life will go better. We live in pent-up times, when relaxing and letting go runs counter to the prevailing environment. One thing to track is how in your body you are, which you will know based on how you feel, or perhaps, based on whether you feel. Stay awake. Stay alert and sensitive.

Monday Morning Horoscope #197 for Oct. 7, 2019
The Sun passing through Libra, your 4th house of home and security, will be square the lunar nodes. This is like a mini-eclipse, or what some call “Moon wobble.” It may feel like a little shakeup, facilitating you coming out of a comfort zone and trying something new or making a change that shifts your awareness. Notice the ways your home is and is not conducive to relationships, and perhaps make any adjustments you need to make. Other factors may precipitate an honest discussion where one is needed, which may turn out to be a lot more fun, or at least intriguing, than you were expecting. Your natural orientation around sex and relationships is not as conventional as you may think. You will be better served by being open about your curiosities and desires than by trying to downplay them. Remember, your role in life is not to make people comfortable. It is to be yourself, and be present for how others may respond to you.

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