The Dark Girl Keeps My Secrets

Light check featuring Colette, from the Book of Blue Toronto sessions. Photo by Eric Francis.

A Short Compilation from Book of Blue | by Eric Francis

Book of Blue consists of hundreds of stories, hundreds of thousands of photos and many audio collages, created between 2005 and present. Here is a short compilation.

At the Dunes takes place in 1999, weeks before the turn of the new century. I was living in an old art deco motel in North Miami Beach that was about to be demolished for a high-rise condo complex.

Her Scorpio Milk is set on Maury Island, Washington, shortly after 9/11. Maury is an island near Tacoma, connected by an isthmus to Vashon Island. The house where this takes place was the first office of Planet Waves, Inc.

Celebration of Sacred Sexuality, set at Harbin Hot Springs, Harbin, CA. I was the keynote speaker for this tantric event. The conference was organized by Deborah Taj Anapol. I wrote this as a tribute to her on the occasion of her unexpected departure from the planet. Takes place in the autumn of 1996.

A Page from the Women’s Book of Secrets takes place in Brussels, summer 2007. Lots of interesting things happened for me in Brussels, including encounters with several of the early pioneering Book of Blue models. This is a male-male story, however.

You Can Fuck Me If You Want takes place in Kingston, NY, in 2014.

House of Taj: New Century is from another Deborah Taj Anapol workshop in a mansion on the Oregon coast. At Taj’s workshops, the Saturday night party was always the highlight of events, worth getting to the weekend for. This is a story about compersion — in fact a full on demonstration. It dates to around 2002, written more recently.

Sample of the contact sheet from my first masturbation photo session, approx autumn 1996, age 33 in Hurley, NY. What an experience of conscious exploration. This evolved into Luscious photo with my friends Neal, Maria, and Keiko in 1999-2000, and then into Book of Blue in 2005. Photos by Sister Pam.

Compositions & Channeled Teachings

Gemini 99 part 2

Message for James from Lucy, a Thresholder of the Spiral Gate

Teaching for Men, from Lucy, a Thresholder of the Spiral Gate

Teaching on the Craving for Yoni, from Lucy, a Thresholder of the Spiral Gate

Living Sperm Seed: Teaching for Men from the Thresholder Aditi Amrita

I Love Cunnilingus (subset of autocunnilingus)

A Teaching for Women on the Power of Erotic No, from the Thresholder Aditi Amrita

The Great Moan w/ Offering to Eja

Planet Waves FM from April 5 with original Tantra Studio; begins at about 2 hours after song

I Love That You Fuck

i love that you fuck, i love that you fuck

His Semen in Your Mouth

You Will Never Fuck Me

Another Time – recorded Aug. 30

That’s all for now

“If I Can Do This, I Can Live My Life.” Photo by Eric Francis.

Photo by Dani

The first Book of Blue essay is called, if i can do this, i can live my life. it’s an email to my parisian lover dani, expressing this essence of myself in words. it’s about learning to love the dry crusty semen on my mirrors and discovering how that would set me free. it’s also a letter of gratitude for all the help i’ve been given holding space for that – in this case speaking to a consecrated lover who so gently and sincerely went with my journey and took many photographs of my mouth full of my semen – a beautiful and necessary love affair. dani made this photo of me with fae. if i can say this i can live my life.

All contents on this page are from Book of Blue.
Published by Book of Blue LLC | A Nevada company

Full Moon Door | July 3

Just looking over this page and considering what’s up here and what i wrote in the paragraph above…here in this vestamoonsun…right in the door, looking through the door…into myself…what did i say to myself to you, what i always wanted to…

w/some help from my friends i’m exploring a ‘lifetime celibacy’ scenario through these vesta fires and warm vesta waters…this is ritual space. I know i have the option to have sex with other people, so we’ve created a ritual space where i can go deep into not doing sex with others for the rest fo my lifeo through these aspects. the sensation and the viewpoint and the way my relationships shift. to know myself, to set myself free to know myself. i find exquisite pleasure on this brink of choosing, of feeling my freedom to do so – my conducting medium – my message – to myself – you are free to choose and to be. or better said, dare to be, there is always a dare involved for me.

here is an email i just wrote and sent to a friend —

Good evening madame m’adam

So oooh all this vesta

(all over my asc node) so, so very me

here’s the ritual space i’m celebrating :: a defined term of fully living the scenario of being celibate for the rest of my life. this is a delicious poignant space…the last thread being that i love the scent of cunt. so that is in the experiment – that it’s already happened for the last time. I’m being transparent in my words to my Thresholders. yet…once we get past the goddess scent there i am now faced with facing myself, loving in the form of deepening acceptance.

one thing I said in my initial letter to everyone about what i wanted was to bring my self loving closure (meant to type closer) to the front of everything. i’ve already been pretty bold lately, with stories and audios on a public page, referred from places that get traffic.

as part of this, I posted the first book of blue story, ‘if I can do this I can live my life’. it’s both writing and audio the creation of which i split open and a new form of myself came out…just those words…well relating the feeling outwardly knowing others would read it, that for others to read it is half of why it happened.

so…i’ve put out a bit in the past though this is so central to what I’m learning and it feels so good to have it be available to ring out. for me to ring out and the idea of it is if I can say those things to you I can do anything I want. knowing you could be anyone…that it is anyone.

so: mirror celibacy forever. that is sex. my cum mirror is my cunnilingus. that is intense.

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