Birthday Horoscopes | March 2021

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February 29 – They Day of Eternal Youth

& March 1 – The Day of Artistic Sensibilities

You have thought through your strategy, and now it’s time to put it to work. You will need to persist against all the usual factors in the environment, including various shades of chaos and inertia. You must overcome this using three approaches. One is your reasoning ability. Think and plan carefully. Second is your ability to work with others, and to design the best possible collaboration. The third is to be willing to do any part of the job alone if nobody is able or willing to collaborate. That should not be necessary, only a choice, as your attractive powers are at right about their best these days.

March 2 – The Day of Undying Loyalty

You must first be loyal to yourself before you can expect that notion to work in any other direction. You set the example and moreover, establish the energetic and intellectual conditions that result in you being treated with respect. Remember that this cannot be taught so easily in people who lack the quality of respect. Yet you can train your eye and your ear to notice who is sincere, and who holds existence itself in greater esteem than they do any particular advantage on any given day.

March 3 – The Day of Design

Know where your limits are — and know when you can exceed them. There will be times you want to push all boundaries, but that’s not going to be helpful in most situations. So therefore, apply the gas and the brakes at the appropriate time and place, and with the appropriate people. You don’t need to go 100% all the time anyway. This is about pacing and regulation of your emotional energy. Feelings must not always rule the day. There will be many times when your mind must intervene and say that enough is enough.

March 4 – The Day of Creative Isolation

You know more than you think. You understand the most important questions in a way that is deeper and more sensitive than you or others may believe. Yet to tap your wisdom, you will need to keep your sense of humor. The problem with ‘seriousness’ is that it can block the flow of creativity. Genius often slips through in the form of a little joke. Not taking your situation too seriously will help you see that there are many alternative approaches, and remind you that you can only get a useful answer if you ask a useful question. The truth is everywhere. Recognizing it is the challenging part.

March 5 – The Day of Heaven and Hell

You know everything you need to know; now you must act on what you have discovered, developed and learned. All the theory in the world will not help you if you don’t apply your knowledge, and put it through the stress test. That’s actually how ideas are developed from theory to practical application; how concepts become inventions; how inventions become successful developments in society, whether we are talking about creative or technological. Your chart is industrious and brilliantly lit at the moment. You have leverage and you have momentum. Put it all together and do something beautiful.

March 6 – The Day of Beauty Lovers

Mars moving through one of the most sensitive angles of your chart is urging you to keep your cool and use your mind. You must do very little on the basis of a “gut reaction.” You might have one, and you should notice what it is when you do. Then you need to use all of your other senses, faculties, talents and abilities to figure out what is really going on, and determine the most appropriate way to respond to any challenge or opportunity you may face. You have options — never forget.

March 7 – The Day of Abstract Structure

If you have held back your emotions, your passion, your sexual energy or any other major aspect of your psyche, it’s time to let your feelings flow. You may feel like if you do this a little, you will lose control. This is the excuse for suppressing everything, any time someone wants to do it. You might want to get too wild under the influence of alcohol (if that is even your thing) but a little is OK. The important thing is that you actually shake yourself loose from all of the oppressive vibes our society has been pushing on all of us. You of all people cannot live under a rock, and you much prefer to roll.

March 8 – The Day of Nonconformity

You have the perfect mix of creativity and structure available to you, which is the formula you need to create the life that you want. Be content with what seems like modest progress every day. Practice the art of making a plan of some kind and then following through. Track the direction of movement rather than the distance covered. Note when something or someone seems stuck, and apply some energy there, and shift the inertia. For now, your progress is not about quantity. It’s about quality, which means embracing the beauty of growth and evolution. Go slowly enough to feel your love of who you are and what you do.

March 9 – The Day of the Space Voyager

Work with the element of surprise. Strict planning is not going to serve you as well as your ability to think on your feet. Flexibility will serve you beautifully. Take every external event and turn it into an opportunity for adventure. This counts as much for negative developments as it does for positive ones. All shifts, changes, adjustments, revisions and such are all opportunities for rewrite: to change the script, or to flip it, or to go in a new direction entirely. You want the kind of life that offers you some new adventure every day — and to be bold enough to go along with it.

March 10 – The Day of the Soul Searchers

Today both the Moon and the Sun are conjunct the ruling planets of Pisces. The Moon meets Jupiter, and the Sun meets Neptune. This is your invitation to live with full passion, brilliance and gusto. Allow your true nature to manifest in the world. Make the decision to let nothing stop you from accomplishing or creating what you want. Only you can set your limits, and only you can transcend them. You have all the ingredients you need, and plenty of momentum. So it’s safe to release the brakes, and to recognize that a burden has been lifted from your heart.

March 11 – The Day of Progressive Intuition

Ultimately, you are responsible for your own life. No matter what rules you may follow, or who you may offer yourself to, you live with the decisions that you make. Therefore, be certain that your choices serve you. That means choosing on the basis of what works for you first, and for everyone else second. If you proceed in this order, you will be more likely to find solutions that work for everyone. If you strive to please others first, you may end up pleasing nobody. So wake up every day and boldly state, “This is my life.”

March 12 – The Day of the Great Leap

We don’t live in times when we expect good things to happen. In fact, with each passing day, we are told over and over again how terrible things are, and how they will never be the same again. Therefore, it takes courage to be positive, life-affirming and creative. Heck, it takes courage to admit that you’re not drowning in fear. It takes courage to admit that you want to create the life that you want. It takes courage to openly want to be with people in a free and loving state of mind. So pluck up your courage and set an example for others.

March 13 – The Day of Fateful Prediction

Today’s New Moon is an invitation to begin your life, the life you want and the one you have always intended to create. Your chart vibrates with beauty, idealism and love. You must bring the daily discipline to make changes. They do not happen on their own, no matter how positive someone may be, or how good the circumstances. You grow your world one step at a time, one day at a time, and one decision at a time. And then you keep on going. You might start, however, with noticing the progress you’ve made the past year. That will be encouraging.

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