Birthday Horoscopes | February 2021

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Monday, February 1 — The Day of Willfulness

If today is your birthday: This is a fine time to master the details. Take a while — months if necessary, and work your way through all of the fine print, the accounting, the agreements, the contracts and anything else requiring specific knowledge. You will learn more than you may imagine at the moment, and the reward will be having a greater sense of control over your affairs. This is not an illusion, any more than life itself; knowledge is power, and you need to account for all that you are supposed to know, out to the four corners of your dominion. Search your home and office for unopened mail. Look for unanswered emails, phone calls and other messages. Tidy up and close the circuits.

Tuesday, February 2 — The Day of Class

If today is your birthday: While Saturn is in your birth sign, you may be inclined to take a focused and narrow view of your life. Yet at the same time it’s essential that you also take a wide perspective, and consider what you want outside what you may believe is possible or available. Guide yourself every day to explore your desire and your vision for your life. Saturn will help you keep your focus over what you must do now, though it’s also essential at this time that you tap into the power of Jupiter and see your life beyond what you have today. This may seem challenging in a time when every freedom is under assault, though you must not let that stop you from stretching and growing.

Wednesday, February 3 — The Day of Exacting Realism

If today is your birthday: The notion of ‘spiritual’ largely depends on one’s ability to listen and to hear. This ranges from the most mundane sense of actually listening to what others say and reading what they write, to listening to the voice within yourself. I suggest you treat this all as one idea, and as part of one discipline. However, listening to your inner voice — the voice of spirit, of your intuition, of your higher self, or however you wish to describe it — is its own skill and its own discipline. It’s also the only way to receive the particular gift that it offers, and is ultimately one of two worthy goals of any spiritual path. The other is treating people kindly and lovingly, another thing for which there is no substitute.

Thursday, February 4 — The Day of the Curveballer

If today is your birthday: You must take charge; it is time. Start with your own affairs and work your way outward gradually. Know who and what you’re responsible for: everything that crosses your desk; everything you pay for; every relationship where the bond is either familiar or professional. You are set up for what in the Navy is known as independent command: you are the captain of your own vessel, which sails as part of a larger fleet. Therefore, you are responsible for keeping your life in ship-shape, with everything in its correct place. While this will have manifestations on the physical plane, the emotional level is equally important. Maintain your line of accountability, and honor your boundaries.

Friday, February 5 — The Day of Quiet Eloquence

If today is your birthday: Check your facts, check again and check a third time. Verify your findings and what you think they mean. This will take time. Unless you are under some specific pressure or immediate deadline, a circumspect approach will work the best: that means looking from as many points of view as possible at the same situation. It might help to run the matter past a couple of other people you trust, making sure you take their words under advisement but not as specific advice. The difference is that between considering what someone says, and doing what they say. Ultimately you are responsible for your choices, and responsible for what you know.

Saturday, February 6 — The Day of Popularity

If today is your birthday: Strive for quality rather than quantity. That includes focusing your energy on fewer, more meaningful people than more people. Concentrate your efforts rather than dilute them. The conjunction of Venus and Saturn on your birth anniversary is calling on you to eliminate from your life what you do not need. Do this consciously and it will not need to be done for you, or happen by circumstances beyond your control. Still, keep a tight grip on your finances this year, and do not play games with risky financial schemes. You must be your primary investment of both time and energy. In the best sense of the words, mind your business.

Sunday, February 7 — The Day of Utopia

If today is your birthday: It is time to face your fears rather than figure out how to avoid them. The mess we are witnessing in the world is based entirely on the refusal of people to do just that. If you want to be a free person, who is able to live your life independently in any meaningful sense of that world, you must be familiar with your fears, and ultimately, be the master of them. Otherwise, they have a way of taking over, and others will use against you what you have not put to work for yourself. Fostering growth is a perfectly good use of whatever may trouble you. Self-investigation is the ideal use of what intimidates or confuses you. Ultimately, every facet of your psyche must be you ally.

Monday, February 8 — The Day of Precognition

If today is your birthday: What do you do with your hangups? When you find yourself confronted by a personal limitation that you don’t want and that you know tends to block you, how do you handle that? The usual way is frustration. Another way is by using occult tools such as tarot and astrology, which are certainly a better method than being flustered. Yet what would help the most is a grounded approach to understanding your relationships to others. Pay particular attention to people who have been around for a while, with whom you have built trust. How did that happen? What do you have in common, and in what ways to you serve your mutual needs? Whatever actually works, give yourself more of that.

Tuesday, February 9 — The Day of Vibrancy

If today is your birthday: You are not alone. More people are aware of you than you may imagine, and you have access to the support that you need. Yet if you feel that you don’t, and you don’t challenge the feeling, you will not experience this as being real. It will help if you are the one to reach out, rather than expecting people to come to you. Yet when people do show up, be sure to open up and listen to what they have to offer, and what they want. Sometimes being asked for assistance is a way to create a personal bond. And more than most people, you need the feeling of being needed and depended upon. You will thrive on the sensation of expressing a high degree of personal responsibility.

Wednesday, February 10 — The Day of Acclaim

If today is your birthday: Anger is the hyptertension of the world: the thing that’s pushing us silently toward oblivion. Whether or not anger is justified (that is a significant spiritual question), it helps to give your anger a voice. This best takes place in a therapy environment. But is there such a thing? Remember: once you account for the early influences of your family, what is happening now is about you, not about them. Anyway, the idea is not to rage, but to speak and to listen to yourself. You may be feeling hemmed in or in some way limited; that conceals an opportunity. You may want more out of life, though you would do well to ask for it.

Thursday, February 11 — The Day of Comfort

If today is your birthday: Today’s incredible New Moon on your birth anniversary is an invitation to bring yourself into the moment. The past may weigh heavily on humanity, but you must not let it do so on you. Place yourself firmly in this moment and face the future with calm certainty. A combination of factors, including Mercury retrograde, suggests that you must not trust your life to authority figures. You must trust your own deep analysis of the facts, and use what you have learned. Learn to question people who claim to know more than you, before you make a serious error by trusting them.

Friday, February 12 – The Day of the Unifier

If today is your birthday: There exists a question of whether you will be true to yourself. You can be when you want to, though this has been an issue lately. If you want to know the source of certain decisions you’ve made, you might consider an analysis of whether you stuck to your values and your personal commitments to yourself. It will be easy to go back to sleep, though there are plenty of influences that are calling you to wake up. This is a restless time in your life, though it will be less so if you are fully alert to the challenging times we are living in. That is when you need the very most a depth of honesty that can only come knowing your values, and honoring them.

Saturday, February 13 – The Day of Liveliness

If today is your birthday: Between imagination and delusion there is a fine line, though there must be one if you want to live in the real world. Imagination is not an escape; it is a way to improve our physical and spiritual lives. Once something becomes about escape, it is no longer creative, it is destructive. Work this distinction with full awareness. Guide your idealism into the practical realm. There are a lot of things you would change if you could, and that process must be guided by a kind of artistry that honors and respects actual human needs. Technological advance for its own sake is not your friend, and you would be wise to eschew it in all of its forms. You are human. Be at peace with your humanity, and share it with the rest of us.

Sunday, February 14 – The Day of the Cool Quip

If today is your birthday: You are learning to stay in contact with your emotions, and that also means paying attention to what you eat and how it makes you feel. This is the missing piece in a world of GMO food that is fast becoming a world of GMO people. Your body knows what you’re supposed to eat. True, if you have a taste for something that is not good for you, you’ll need to get past that first, though that’s part of actually feeling how you feel, and acknowledging how your food makes you feel. There is also the matter of connecting food to your emotional and family history. Stay close to that. There’s rich information in there. Know your definition of comfort food and make sure that you have some every now and then.

Monday, February 15 – The Day of Inventiveness

If today is your birthday: Chiron is highlighted in your birth anniversary chart this year, and that is your invitation to express who you are for real. That is not about what you “identify with.” It’s not about what you say to gain approval. It’s more about what you know is truly about you, that you are afraid will alienate others. You might try experimenting with that. I don’t mean being shocking for its own sake. I mean speaking your mind because that is what is on your mind. The truth is, you don’t know what you really think until you say it or write it and then you get some feedback, and then you refine your perspective. For most this never happens because they stay mum out of fear of offending. You have different karma than that.

Tuesday, February 16 – The Day of Animation

If today is your birthday: When does life go according to plan? Well, sometimes it does, though usually one of the widest variables is how you feel from day to day, and your level of commitment to what you’re doing. This has been a restless time in your life, and you certainly are feeling your potential. You may even have a plan and a strategy for how to get from here to there. Yet the thing you must cultivate is the day to day quality that used to be called sticktoitiveness. That means doing what you do even if you don’t feel like it. You have professional goals and aspirations, and no professional gets to decide if they feel like working on a given day: not a professional sports star, not an attorney going to trial, not a performer stepping out on the stage. Professional means you come back to the work every day.

Wednesday, February 17 – The Day of the Battler

If today is your birthday: Your strength comes from your calm commitment rather than from raising your passion or getting emotionally involved. However, the planets are suggesting that you will not take this option, even if you know that it is the best one for you. However, that is up to you. Be aware that if you find your temperature rising, that is likely to be the result of insecurity. That is the opposite of confidence. Address your fears first and you will not be in this predicament. That means listening to your anxiety long enough to make contact with what is underneath it. The chances are that you will find a mixture of anger and alienation. The truth is, you want to be closer to people. They will respond if they feel you’re safe to be near. So drop your guard, open your heart and say hello.

Thursday, February 18 – The Day of the Complete Picture

If today is your birthday: You have a lot to say. If you want people to listen, you will need to refine your message. That does not mean removing the passion, but rather, presenting yourself in a more appealing way than your solar chart says you’re inclined to do. There is no time to wait, and no time to hate, so you will need to speak in a language that others can relate to, and that they understand. Remember that 90% of communication is nonverbal. Most is in body language, and most off the rest is conveyed in tone. We now all live mostly on the internet, where neither of these things exist in a physical way. Therefore, communications in person are essential, but when you are writing, remember that how you say something is more important than what you say.

Friday, February 19 – The Day of the Explorer

If today is your birthday: Most of what happens in sexual relationships is projection. Men project womanliness onto women and women project manliness onto men. A version of this happens in same-sex relationships as well. The aspect Venus square Mars on your birth anniversary is calling on you to make contact with your male and female attributes inwardly, rather than projecting them into the world and onto the people around you. That never really works, and it can take a long time to understand that you’re not seeing people as they are, you are seeing them as you are. You are carrying “the war between the sexes” in your body and your emotions, though it does not have to be about conflict in any way. It can be about integration of opposites within you, which you already contain. This is not easy, though neither is struggling. Do the work; it’s now the essence of your growth and your personhood.

Saturday, February 20 – The Day of the Impression

If today is your birthday: Mercury stationing direct on your birth anniversary is a reminder that you need to get out more. And you need multiple environments where you can both work and play. We are all experiencing a little (or a lot) of cabin fever, now that work, school, and entertainment are all merged with what used to be called having a home life. You need one of those, and when you have a bit, you will feel better: more at harmony with yourself, and with others. You need that; one of the most pressing concerns for those born with Pisces Sun or rising is a sense of isolation created by Neptune’s long-term run through your birth sign. The truth is, you need companionship, though these can be challenging times to find it, for many reasons. Yet you must be true to yourself, and that begins with being in harmony with yourself and your immediate environment.

Sunday, February 21 – The Day of Intimacy

If today is your birthday: The challenge is distinguishing what is real from what is not. The Moon square Neptune on your solar return is saying that only time will tell. Experience is the great teacher. In that sense, you would do very well to learn from what you’ve been through in the past. Nothing outside of you can ‘make’ you feel secure. You could be in the best home on high ground with the perfect partner and the perfect life and a good income and all of that, and still, your ability to feel grounded and confident is all about how you choose to experience life; it’s all about how you manage your mind, and relate to the choices that you make. Most of all, you are still learning to trust, and to do that, you must go beyond your intuition. It’s about paying attention to what you experience, which always starts with you.

Moon in Gemini square Neptune; Sun opposite Transpluto.

Monday, February 22 – The Day of Universality

If today is your birthday: Be honest about what you need, and consider that your spiritual path. Many Pisces are way too self-sacrificing, and end up unable to acknowledge their basic physical and emotional requirements. This comes down to a matter of trusting existence. That is not easy on a planet where many parents, though well intentioned, specialize in neglect. Such might come up with you this year. Go through your childhood memories and experiences and get a sense of what is missing that it would have been helpful to have, or maybe that would have been of urgent assistance. In this life, you must become your own best friend, your own parents and your friendly aunt or uncle who is ready with a kind word. Then, you will have a way of becoming that for others — as long as you come first.

Moon in Cancer square Chiron

Tuesday, February 23 – The Day of the Viable Candidate

If today is your birthday: Your intuition will verge on clairvoyance this year, though I suggest you go through all the proper steps to prove or disprove any hunch or spiritual guidance that you get. Intuition is wonderful, though in our time, our minds are too clouded with hopes, fears and disinformation to trust it entirely. Therefore, a balanced approach is essential. You need to experiment. For example, if you have a good feeling about someone, you don’t need to give them your keys, wallet and ATM PIN on the first date. Maybe see if they show up on time and are courteous. This is a year of learning about your inner authority. That requires training, which in part comes from learning the theory of what this thing is, and then much trial and error to finally understand that you’re listening to a reliable voice within yourself.

Moon in Cancer trine Neptune; many planets in Aquarius.

Wednesday, February 24 – The Day of Sacrifice

If today is your birthday: You may have been born on “the day of sacrifice,” but enough is enough. Your solar return chart is emphasizing taking care of yourself. There are many ways you can do this, though You are also at the point where your work simply cannot ever detract from your health or wellbeing. This is a tall order in the days of forced medical treatments, corporate ankle bracelets, and many people having jobs where the conduct of their employer violates their conscience and better judgment. So it may be time to make adjustments, and orient yourself on what is sometimes called “right livelihood.” If this has been your path leading up until now, please keep going, and going strong. Help others attain what to them may seem like an impossible dream.

Moon in Leo trine Chiron in Aries.

Thursday, February 25 – The Day of the Higher Cause

If today is your birthday: These days, many people say they want to have an impact, right before they sit down on the couch and watch some more television. I would ask you two questions: what is your idea of impact? And what has one on you? What changes your mind, or your way of thinking, or your path in life? What criteria do you use to determine whether something is actually relevant? The thing that tends to change people the most is fear and negativity. You need another way of life, which calls for more patience and conscious engagement with others. What is called “impact” or “influence” is rarely ever defined. Venus in your birth sign says you have something important to offer: your loving attention. That and nothing else is truly influential.

Moon in Leo trine the lunar nodes. Venus enters Pisces.

Friday, February 26 – The Day of Arousal

If today is your birthday: If you allow others to direct the flow of your life, you are likely to feel resentful when you discover you did not make the right choice. It is far better to make your own decisions and get it wrong than it is to yield to pressure and think you’re doing the right thing. In order to take command of your life, you must take command of your insecurities. They are your possession and your responsibility, rather than some curse that would seem to haunt you. Your insecurities are here to teach you something, and to teach you about what you want, what you need, and what you don’t want and don’t need. There is no substitute for the necessary confrontation with anything that distracts you from yourself or your power of decision.

Moon in Leo trine Eris and square Mars.

Saturday, February 27 – The Day of the Reality Masters

If today is your birthday: The Full Moon in your opposite sign Virgo is urging you to take a closer look at your relationships and see what they are really made of. The issues of commitment and devotion are front and center. Do the people who say they are committed to you have any sense of where you’re at in life, or what you need? Or is the commitment about their idea of your reality? Do you find that people tend to offer themselves, or withhold from you? Questions of the role of sex in your relationships. This is a crucial role that certain others may play in your life, though it must be designed with care and caution. These days, for you, it’s not about romance. For you the point of sex is healing and friendship. Remember: you have these things to offer in abundance.

Full Moon in Virgo conjunct Vesta and Transpluto.

Sunday, February 28 – The Day of Zest

If today is your birthday: You need a channel for your energy, besides taking out your emotions on yourself. As a Pisces, you might start with the expression of beauty in any form that you desire. You may have a tendency to think in the abstract, or to allow activity to substitute for accomplishment. Your energy will flow when you connect with your need to connect through others through what is both aesthetically pleasing and nourishing. This not about appearances or putting on a show. It is your way of self-expression and seeking balance. Notice whose attention you get by being yourself. Observe the way that people respond to you. Who treats you with the respect of a trusted teacher? Who responds by setting a positive example that you may emulate? Those are your potential friends.

Moon in Virgo trine Mars, changes signs, enters Libra and opposes Chiron.


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