Birthday Drafts

Tuesday, August 12 | The Day of Convention

Though enormous changes are moving through the world and quite possibly through your life, you have the ability to harmonize with them, rather than to fight against them. The astrology of our era influences what you do every day. It’s not some kind of abstract phenomenon. Take matters on the most practical level. Think of global changes as challenging you and providing you with opportunities rather than taking anything away. Yet above all else, be mindful of your health — as everyone should be, though especially Leo in this time. If you have your health, all potentials are open to you. Nothing is impossible.

Wednesday, August 13 | The Day of Long Odds

My theory of Leo is that your sign was born to serve. here is the metaphor. The Sun rules your sign, and is at the center of the solar system. You therefore have the responsibility of keeping everything around you in its proper orbit, or least held in place. Your role is to serve; to. hear a calling and answer it. Many complain that they don’t hear anything summoning them, though I would then propose to start getting the clutter and the noise out of your life and out of your mind. Create some clear interior space for yourself where you have a sense of potential, of room to move, of room to grow, and space to change your mind. Hang out in that clear pace. Then you might hear it a little clearly.

Thursday, August 14 | The Day of the Mortal Mirror

What is your concept of mother, of women, and of where the two relate to one another? Your ideas are changing, though you may not be aware of this yet. It’s vital that you see through your conditioned perceptions. You need to cultivate honesty with yourself, rather than in any way allowing your position to be dictated by loyalty to an idea or to a person. This drives many people to an alarming degree, and has the effect of preventing independence of thought.


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