Beyond the Tatters: The Springtime of Our Lives

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Dear Friend and Reader:

I’m not sure how to get through the collective amnesia of the past four years. I never really know how to speak to the trauma, collective and individual, that was inflicted on us.

I’m not sure I want to be the one who adds up the costs we have all paid, the love lost, the terror of ourselves and one another inflicted, and the trust squandered. The children told they would kill their grandparents. Relatives excluded from the holiday table, or the family itself. And the general disruption of relationships and tradition that has the mark of an invading army, determined to conquer society.

Consider how many people today say they have no friends, and how many only have friends in remote cities they keep in touch with via the internet.

Consider the people who have observed the many signs that we’ve experienced something planned, scripted and orchestrated, but who won’t let themselves believe that it was anything other than unfortunate random events.

Were we not still dragging all of this stuff around, the astrology of April would be more meaningful — and to you, it may be. I am reluctant to hype this event and to raise expectations.

But I’ve never seen anything quite like these events, and this is the most interesting eclipse I’ve seen since the one on Aug. 11, 1999 (my first article about this was called Thinking of You on Judgment Day. Yet instead of “the great king of terror” coming from the sky (as Nostradamus predicted, apparently referencing the Cassini mission to Saturn), we will meet the teacher of healing himself, Chiron.

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To You Who are Paying Attention

I know I’m writing to some of you who have not had your sense of potential entirely vanquished by the troubled times we’re living through. I know I am reaching some who want a future for your children that is not trapped in the “enhanced” or “augmented” reality of synthetic thought.

I know a few of you see through the agenda that is succinctly designed as “transhuman,” where people are expendable, programmable objects, subject to upgrades, and trackable on a security map like commercial aircraft.

I know I’m speaking to some who have not lost your sense of your inner sanctuary, a space of consciousness where you can commune with your core being. I know there are many who are not buying into “the end of the world” and who are fully committed to living truthfully and in accord with your nature.

It’s important to remember that for those who thrive on fear, the world can never be a dangerous enough place. That ‘thriving’ might be about business opportunity, or emotional attachment. We live among many propaganda influences designed to drag us out of any basic peace of mind. Make sure you notice those who feel good about that, and notice the ones who want something better.

Photo by Eric Francis.

Why April’s Astrology is So Unusual

Within 19 days (April 8 through 27), there are three major events, starting with a total solar eclipse that spans from northern Mexico to southeastern Canada. It does something nearly impossible: the Moon and Sun align with the comet nucleus (called a centaur planet) Chiron to the arc minute — the smallest metric visible on a chart (about 1/23,000th of the zodiac).

The eclipse is the first of several major peaks of the Chiron in Aries era (2018-2027). We will get a concentrated look at what we’ve been living with and living through for the past six years.

Chiron already stands out; that is its purpose. Chiron in Aries is the constant provocation to wake up to who you are. A total solar eclipse draws back the veil and reveals something about yourself that you may have never considered, or reconnect you to the one thing that makes you truly you.

In today’s world, where “upgrade” has replaced “growth,” it’s difficult to describe the properties of Chiron. With our environment so fragmented, it’s difficult to relate to the concept of wholeness, or the desire to be and feel whole. Yet you may remember.

Chiron’s presence in a situation is a reminder that there is such a thing as a healing process. Chiron showing up so boldly in Aries says, “I don’t know who I am, but life is for learning.”

That’s another concept that has to be explained in a world where acquired knowledge is replaced by the instant expertise of digital technology. Yet once someone has developed a love of learning, and learning about yourself, you know there is no substitute.

Spillway Gorge, near the Ashokan. Photo by Eric.

The Commitment and the Reward

The total eclipse in Aries of April 8 gives way to a beautiful conjunction in Taurus. This too is another peak in a longterm cycle — Uranus has been in Taurus since 2018, and on April 20 will be taking a conjunction from Jupiter. If size matters, Jupiter is 1,300 times the volume of Earth, and Uranus is about 63 times the volume of Earth. And these two will be asserting their existence.

Taurus is about abundance, material wellbeing, sensuality, physical and emotional connection to others, and one’s sense of being self-possessed. It contains the idea that all wealth and all nourishment come from the Earth.

Jupiter brings in the property of expansion or enlargement, and Uranus implies both fast action and also group involvement. So we move from a deeply individual event in Aries to something that can be shared in Taurus. If I had to make up a story here, it looks like the commitment to growth and healing of the Aries event can bring people closer to one another, and a sense of mutual fulfillment.

Many people are still extremely apprehensive about the topic of “together,” and events the past four years have grated on people’s trust. Listen to yourself and pay attention to others who are unafraid to express inherent confidence in relating to others. The opposite of this is a sly sense of what feels like “justified suspicion” when really it’s no such thing. Curiosity is a good sign, as is an inherent desire to be closer to others.

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Experiencing Existence with Your Whole Brain

The third major event of April is Sedna entering Gemini. Sedna is a relatively new factor in astrology, making its debut in 2003. A lot of people are writing about it with a little more confidence than they should be, pretending to know exactly what it “means.”

Sedna is a very unusual object, orbiting our Sun in approximately 11,400 years.

I consider it a factor that describes the environment deep in the background. In Gemini, that would suggest the mental environment. And that, in current mythology, is described as a brain that seems to have two hemispheres.

Whether this is scientifically true or not, spiritually, it’s easy to observe that “dualism” is a problem and that most people are perceiving what they think of as reality with a split mind. Every single spiritual path and most forms of psychology address this in some way.

Living with the split mind comes with many costs, including projecting our internal reality into relationships. On the near side, this situation is at the heart of believing that other people can complete us or that we can complete them. And on the far side, it’s much of why we live with constant conflict and war.

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Jupiter, Sedna, Mors-Somnus Conjoin on May 27

When Sedna arrives in Gemini on April 27, it will join another remote outer planet (near Pluto), called Mors-Somnus. I have not written about this one yet, but I track it in most charts. Like Sedna, it too is making its way from Taurus to Gemini.

Mors-Somnus contains the question, “Dead, or just asleep?” That’s an important issue in our times, and a good question to pose to Sedna.

Then Jupiter arrives in Gemini, and the three form an exact conjunction on May 27. This link will take you to an ephemeris if you want to see the numbers.

You will never see me predict a mass awakening; too many people are committed to being as unconscious as they possibly can be. However, I feel confident that we will be experiencing a palpable shift in the mental environment; and I feel confident saying that many people will go through some form of radical individual awakening this spring. And — the more the better.

Therefore, do not look to others; look to yourself. Find the space where you are alive, awake and real — and where you gravitate toward your wholeness. Allow yourself to be born, or reborn. We are about to experience the springtime of our lives.

With love,

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Photo by Eric Francis.

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