Astrology Revealed: Stormy Daniels hush money/accounting fraud trial of Donald Trump opens in NYC

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This video covers the opening of the Stormy Daniels hush money and accounting fraud trial. It’s a reading of the chart of the first jurors seated. This is always the official “start of the trial” chart because it’s when the no double jeopardy rule in the Constitution is invoked. One juror sworn in = “the trial.”

He’s accused of 34 felony counts of accounting fraud for a hush money payment to a woman everyone agrees he had an affair with. The chart is is extremely hot, and seems to have a fuse burning. The aspect I describe, between Juno rising and Mercury/Chiron, is a trigger aspect.

It connects right to the pressurized 8th house of sex, secrets and money, which has six planets and points in it — along with being the scene of the eclipse. Mercury rules the chart, represents the question and is retrograde. When it stations direct, all kinds of information is going to come out, and it’s not going to be pretty.

Via the Stormy Daniels MySpace page.

Jupiter-Uranus and the Higher Courts

One thing I forgot to mention in the video is the presence of the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction in the 9th house of the higher courts. New York State Supreme Court qualifies, even though it’s not the highest court int the state (it’s the trial court; the appellate courts are higher).

This is not being billed as “the trial of the century,” but it really is. I don’t think anyone has a real sense of how big it’s going to be, how complicated and how perverse. This is orders of magnitude above Monica Lewinsky and the blue dress.

Whatever you may think of Trump, he swaggered into and through his presidency, taking no care for what was ethical, right or true. He smashed all ethics and all conventions, supported by his star power, and people’s need to have some sense of justice. When he was your average famous New York City rich guy, he acted like he owned the place, and he took that into the public arena and public office.

Different rules apply. It’s difficult not to see this trial as something he deserves to go through, not as a matter of opinion but as being held accountable for his actions.

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