Astrology: Describing The Elements of Progress

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Well — not including looking at these charts years in advance, I have been over the astrology for 2012 five times — forward, backward in three layers, and then forward again. I’ve studied the major planets, the asteroids and many of the new discoveries. I’ve gone over the charts for each of the Sun’s ingresses into the signs, as well as key major events such as Uranus square Pluto, the Venus transit of the Sun and the pattern of 29 eclipse-like events we have this year.

My kitchen table desk, where I have written and recorded nearly all of Revolution. Revelation. Reality Check. Those are the Voyager tarot cards to the right, and to the top left is Raphael’s Ephemeris, the one used (and published) by the Brits. Photo by Eric.

The audio presentations are done and ready, and I’m close to finishing the written interpretations. With any luck at all, I plan to have the readings available to those who have opted in by Monday night. I am on schedule to finish the written version of Pisces on Saturday, then I’ve given myself two days to go over the signs and tune up the language; plus the proofreading and production team will be putting the finishing touches on the website. Included are numerous articles, useful resources and the key charts for 2012. There’s also a blog that will track the events, astrological and worldly, as they develop.

Yes, 2012 is the year that the Mayan long count reaches the date Nobody is really sure what this ‘means’. Yet I can tell you as a Western-styled astrologer that we are slipping into some extremely rare and exciting aspects, which really heat up in late May. The phase from now until late April is a time of preparation, evaluation and adjustment. Then the real excitement begins. What we saw in 2011 was just the warmup for much more interesting things to come.

Stepping outside of marketing presentations for this project, what I have done with the 2012 astrology is to personalize it for each of the Sun signs and the rising signs. I have meticulously gone through the aspects, and using my gift for developing detailed readings for the Sun signs and rising signs, presented the astrology to you in clear terms, covering the most important areas of your life.

Zoom H4n digital recording setup with popper stopper. In the background is the full archive (cassette and DAT) of Radio Navigator on WDST Radio Woodstock, 1996-1998.

I’ve prepared these readings recognizing the difficulties that many people are facing, as the pressures of life impact them, and as the world changes. I speak to what is a nearly universal desire to participate in the changes that are happening. And I speak to the fear of the unknown that so many people are facing — which relates to both a sense of something ominous, and some unusual potential.

The audio presentations are as motivational as they are informative. They are intended to get you going. Many people are fed up with the persistent negativity that surrounds us, and the sense that it’s impossible to make real progress as politicians fixate on the uterus and ignore the economy; as companies focus on profits and lay off workers; as banks hog cash and pay bonuses, but don’t lend money to small businesses.

I know — it’s chilly out there, in many more ways than these. However, I blow through all of that and get to the heart of how and why we can take advantage of the raw power and precise leverage offered by the aspects of 2012 and beyond. What we’re calling 2012 is a gateway to an extended era.

I have crafted this work to provide as much information, strategy and clear perspective as I can. I do my best not only to translate, but to put you in contact with your astrology, and your astrology in contact with you. Presented in both written and spoken format, these readings are designed to be accessible and to present the information in a way that will help you work with the incoming energies and, borrowing a phrase, to be in tune with the times.

Eric Francis

Friday, Jan. 6, 2012. Weekly Horoscope #886. | Eric’s Zodiac Sign Descriptions

Aries (March 20-April 19) — What at first seems like routine news may turn out to be a lot more meaningful than it seems on its face. Therefore, I suggest you think in terms of the implications of what you learn, and the possibilities of what it might represent for you. You seem to be pushing for big changes, or they seem to be calling out to you. Anything you learn, any information that comes your way, has the power to lead to a sequence of new ideas, and as such may represent a turning point. You will have to listen; you need to pay attention, in particular, to the details. There are two distinct sides to any news that may seem strange or jarring, and I am not saying this as a truism. Look quickly for the silver lining and keep thinking in that direction. It is not a side benefit; it seems to be the whole point.

Taurus (April 19-May 20) — Remember your negotiation skills. I only remind you because negotiation is not in vogue these days — making demands is, typically in the style of all or nothing. Given that nobody really needs it all, but nothing does not suffice, keep in mind that the essence of negotiation is making sure that everyone gets the basics covered. You can afford to think with a little more foresight than what you might want or need right now. Devise a way of consciously prioritizing. And you will have to be the one who rises above any atmosphere (or perceived intention) of less than pleasant psychology. Part of being a professional is contributing to reducing tensions rather than escalating them. The question to ask is, ‘What if everyone acted this way?’ Many people don’t realize it but they are waiting for someone else to set a good example — you’re the one who would be that example.

Gemini (May 20-June 21) — At the moment, you seem to be at the mercy of what a partner is going through — and you probably think you have little influence over the outcome. The more appropriate thing to be wondering about is whether you want any influence, and if you did, what exactly it would be. The situation seems more clearly designed as something you will have to adapt to, which is another way of saying you’re dealing with a force much larger than yourself. What you experience may seem on one level like you’ve reached a turning point in a relationship, but what’s really happening is that you’ve arrived at a point of no return in your own life — and the relationship is just a reflection of that. Remember the Serenity Prayer, and remember that the most important part of that is ‘the wisdom to know the difference’ — and I would add: then you have to use that information well.

Cancer (June 21-July 22) — Pay close attention to what aspects of a relationship or partnership situation are working, and which are not. You don’t want to wait around to find out what happens when you’ve got all the information that you need. Meanwhile, there are ways that you can contribute affirmatively toward a positive outcome. Much of what you’re dealing with in one particular involvement are your ‘hidden tendencies’ coming to the surface — tendencies which I would imagine you would let go of, if you could. The time has come to evaluate everything you say and everything you do on the basis of whether it adds or detracts from your quality of life and your quality of work. Many factors are compelling you to rise to the occasion of your life, as it is today — not how it was yesterday, or how you wanted it to be 10 years ago.

Leo (July 22-Aug. 23) — You need to strike a balance in a relationship situation between idealism and cynicism. That balance would come in the form of ‘none of the above’, which is to say, not trying to form a compromise between the two. Rather, a spirit of working from common ground, common values and a shared vision for what is possible will help you make the most of your situation. I suggest you give this at least a week or two to work itself out, as your emotions are currently under the influence of some form of projection. When Neptune leaves your opposite sign early next month, you will gain a more realistic perspective, and a lot more breathing room. To sum up, you have made a long series of compromises that it’s now time to begin reversing, though this will not happen overnight. It may take years, but it will help immensely if you know the specifics of what you’re working with, and what you have gained along the way.

Virgo (Aug. 23-Sep. 22) — There should be a word for ‘fear of depth’ or perhaps paranoia connected to curiosity. Anyway, neither of those will be particularly helpful right now and either could become a pretty big detriment. Therefore, go deep, and encourage your curiosity. You’ve been on a project the past few years of gradually letting go of your inhibitions. Now is an excellent moment to both take advantage of what you’ve learned, as well as to go deeper and experience something new. Your sense of adventure may be mingled with some questions about whether you’re exceeding your proper boundaries, or some code of decency you’re being held to but that nobody had the courtesy to inform you of. There are no actual rules and regulations, and to the extent there were, Pluto — currently your best friend — has taken care of them. All you need are basic ethics and your ‘common’ sense.

Libra (Sep. 22-Oct. 23) — How far will you go for love? You may be inclined to think that you’ll go too far — however, the dream you’re following will soon lead you to a new feeling, emotional experience or depth of healing. This may feel a little like going down the rabbit hole, but unlike the one that Alice discovered, the dimension you’re entering makes a lot more sense and is better suited to your nature than the brainy abstraction (or odd psychological tension) of the past few days or weeks. The theme of your life shifts clearly and somewhat boldly in the direction of healing, though what you may have forgotten is the extent to which that, for you, involves imagination and creativity, rather than some kind of technique. Both you — and your relationships — need space to move in, space that is reflective, sensual and creative, rather than adorned with too many ideas or chilly intellect.

Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 22) — You may be noticing an odd sensation in your life, as your ruling planet Mars slows down to a retrograde. This may feel like the soundtrack is out of alignment with the frames of the movie, or like the air (or your mind) is getting a little thick. I suggest you take the cue and slow down. This is not the time to blaze forward, but rather, for a careful reassessment. Mars retrograde lasts between Jan. 23 and April 13 — which will give you a chance to look back on the past two years, and moreover, to prepare for the astonishing events of mid-2012. Take this opportunity to work out any hangups, disagreements or conflict over the most important thing you can do with your mind — deciding what you want. Remember, you don’t have to make all your decisions at once. You have some time, and I suggest you use it consciously.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 22) — You’re about to have an opportunity to develop your financial resources; that is to say, to either make money, get a gig, or tap into some existing resource that has more value than you think. The key to financial success, for you, is grounding. You don’t necessarily like ‘the material world’, and you know that there’s more to life than that — but when it comes to money or wealth in any form, your success will come from a practical, planned-out and in some ways traditional approach. As the next few days develop, I suggest you take any conversations slowly and patiently, particularly with bosses or clients. Small successes can lead to much larger ones, though you must take things one step at a time, no matter how brilliant or innovative an idea or proposal might be. Make no assumptions, and keep a close eye on the timing of commitments.

Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 20) — Any secrets you may be keeping from yourself will soon come to light — and you may wonder what the hush was about. However, what you’re about to discover — either about yourself, or about something deeply meaningful to you — has the power to shift your perception of life — and that means, the path of your life. Most of the time seemingly little revelations are forgotten as fast as they emerge; it’s time for you to recognize the power of an idea. Now, the thing about ideas is that they are like seeds (and not everyone recognizes the value of these). In the present case, we’re talking about an idea equivalent to an heirloom seed. It will need to be cultivated and cared for, and this takes time, patience and continuity. The initial excitement of possessing the thing must develop into something more mature — with a focus on continuity and respect for the growth of living creatures.

Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) — You are certainly getting a tour of the light, the dark, the beautiful and the beastly. While I could be philosophical and say that it’s all part of the kaleidoscope of human experience, I am sure you would rather have your life be simpler. I know you’re getting exhausted with spending your days experiencing the kinds of extremes of existence that have characterized not only the past week but the past few months. You are at the end of a long, challenging phase of existence. By long I mean consider that what you’ve been living through is a phase that began in the late 1990s. You will recognize this a lot more clearly once it’s over — which by the way happens in early February, around the time of your birthday. Being a long phase there will not be an abrupt transition; tune in quietly and you will feel the subtle motion, ephemeral though it may be.

Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20) — One thing I know from living through a lot of astrology is that when Venus enters your birth sign, that’s good for you. It’s a moment of not only appreciating the finer things in life, but actually having them be within reach. In a sense they always are, and we’re often too busy or distracted to notice. But this is a special moment, as Venus makes a conjunction to Neptune and then ingresses Pisces, where it will be for a few weeks. Then, Neptune enters your birth sign. No matter how fast you may be going at the moment, or what challenges you may face, this is a moment to slow down and make space in your life for who and what you want the most. Share your abundance with others you care about. Within the madness of life, so much of it unnecessary, take a long moment and feel how beautiful your existence can be.

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