Aries Sun and Aries Rising — Latest Monthly Horoscope and Sign Description by Eric Francis

Aries Monthly Horoscope for November 2020


Aries (March 20-April 19) — The moment we’re all waiting for happens November 13 — Mars stations direct in your sign. The world has a confidence issue. All the wrong people have way too much of the stuff, and too many others are lacking it. I trust that the events since July have taught you how to feel more centered in who you are and what you want. However, the breakthrough may be yet to come. Unusual things help people build confidence: a fire-walking workshop, or sitting in silence for 10 days during a Vipassana meditation retreat, or giving birth. In truth, this thing that so many find so elusive is an ongoing discovery process of what is getting in the way. There are issues that obscure one’s basic sense of belonging in the world, usually ancestral in nature, passed down through the family. You might be worried about something that your great-grandmother found vexing but never mentioned to anyone. You might have taken on a negative comment your mother or father made when you were three years old. When a parent says “anything is possible” or “you are doomed to fail,” that makes an impression. The retrograde of Mars is a hint to look for the ways that, as a young child, you were afraid of threatening a parent or caregiver with your power. Ask yourself what you’re hiding. It could be your sense of humor, or your musical talent, or your ability to organize, or your preference for something. Any hiding at all depletes confidence, whether you’re concealing your face, your voice, your height, your intelligence or your breasts. The next two weeks arrive with a decision that may seem ordinary and mundane, but which is really existential in nature. A seemingly small decision contains a much larger issue. So every choice you make needs to be evaluated on the basis of what you want for your whole life, because that is what you’re choosing.

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Sign Description for Aries

(March 20-April 19) — Self-assertive, sometimes bold, sometimes cloaking deep insecurity with that boldness, Aries is always up for an adventure.


Your sign is the key that starts the engine of the universe, and that means you have extra motivation, even in the face of intimidating situations. Something in you just rises to the occasion and you make your presence known. Your friends count on you for this, though you often need their support and do a lot better as an initiator when you have a posse around you.

There’s something truly childlike about Aries, and its natives can accomplish great things because they don’t stop to think about how whatever they’re attempting is supposedly impossible. You are constantly discovering new depths of your inner nature, surprised time and again that your interior world is such a dominant part of your personality. Aries is associated with the planet Mars.

Learn about the placement of your Mars sign and you will learn more about your personality. Mars represents raw, unrefined energy, which can be expressed many ways. Your job is to do the refining, and to learn some political skills so that you can get along with people even as you push them to do what you believe needs to be done. That said, you want relationship situations that are balanced and authentic, even though it can be hard to find people who aren’t intimidated by you.

You have desire, you have determination, you benefit the most from discipline and learning to be happy with gradual progress, and this includes getting to know potential friends and lovers. Remember, you don’t always have to be first and best, and intimate situations are the place to turn off your competitive nature.

You can simply be you. Aries is a fire sign, and because it’s one of the signs that starts a season, it’s also considered a cardinal sign. It’s represented by the Ram, which is a very cool kind of full-strength sheep.

Speaking of full-strength, that’s what your astrology is these days. Of all the signs, Aries is the one right now that’s getting energized, electrified and spontaneously transformed. To do this well, you have to stay grounded and take care of yourself. We’re counting on you to lead the way into the future. That’s the true nature of Aries — and it’s blazing out right now.

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