Aries New Moon, and the Radha-Eris Conjunction

The goddess Shrimati Radha Rani, courtesy of Wikipedia.

Dear Friend and Reader:

Tuesday’s Aries New Moon is a good place to check in with the wider cosmic landscape — it’s been a while. Through Monday, the Moon is making a close approach to the Sun, which can feel tense and introspective; the extreme waning Moon has a 12th house feeling — polarities of light and shadow; not knowing whether to count on your best hopes or your worst fears; a kind of psychic vertigo as we re-orient and get ready to begin yet another lunar cycle, the next of about 1,000 that make up a 75-year human lifetime.

One of many recent New Moons that takes place late in an astrological sign, Tuesday’s lunation marks one month since the partial solar eclipse in Pisces, which occurred with the Sun leaning into the Aries Point. We are now in the relatively placid stretch of sky between the Sun’s contacts with the lunar nodes, though experiencing some of what we created, that is, the patterns we established, during the eclipses. The next set of eclipses occurs in August and September.

Placid, sort of. Pluto is close to the Galactic Core and Saturn and Neptune are still in close opposition. Their third and final exact meeting will be June 25, shortly after the Cancer ingress of the Sun. Meanwhile, Venus is about to square Mars, from Gemini to Pisces, which tends to internalize an energy that really wants to be expressed outwardly. Even outer expressions of Venus/Mars will be a map that points us clearly into ourselves, pushing us to explore polarities within.

Numerous planets are currently in Aries now and at the moment of the New Moon: Mercury is exactly conjunct “dwarf” planet Ceres at 11+ degrees, and the Sun and Moon are conjunct at 27+ degrees. The New Moon is closely trine Pluto and the Galactic Core in late Sagittarius, and also trine Jupiter in Sagittarius and Saturn in Leo. On the one hand, we have the double signification of beginnings indicated by the Aries Sun and the New Moon, accented by Aries Mercury; on the other, the Sun, Moon and Pluto are late in their signs, suggesting that at the same time something is advanced and well-developed. This has the flavor of young person, old soul; new situation, well-evolved story.

To me the setup feels daring and edgy, a bit complicated and calling for something other than control. Yet the impetuous feeling of Aries, in particular the Aries Moon, requires a special kind of trust. The Aries Moon wants what it wants; but it does not always know what it wants. It is, at least, willing to experiment. But it’s kind of like experimenting with a roll of quarters in a casino, along with some stupendous plans for the future. Let’s hope somebody around here hits the jackpot.

Mercury + Ceres is news from mother and an encounter with the feelings of the Cosmic Mother, be she Earth or the collective soul that births and raises our children. Ceres is closely connected to the grief and pain of mothers for the loss of their children, a theme which is all too poignant with the Earth in its profound state of warfare. We are still waiting to hear from many of the mothers who oppose war, the ones we would expect to be hearing from, the ones whose voices have for whatever reason gone missing or who have neglected to speak up. Yet in our era, there is also the at least partial loss of motherhood itself, swallowed as it is in economic philosophies that demand devotion to so much else besides nourishing others.

At 20+ degrees of Aries a rare outer-planet event is developing: a conjunction of Eris (the newly designated dwarf planet with a 557 year orbit) and 1992 QB1 (289 year orbit). This is very nearly exact, and as you can tell from the length of these orbits, it is extremely uncommon. 1992 QB1 possesses special distinction because it was actually the first planet ever discovered in an orbit beyond that of the Pluto/Charon system. In other words, it was the first transplutonian planet. Interestingly, it was discovered in the very first degree of Aries (the Aries Point).

1992 QB1 has not yet been named; I have proposed Radharani, the consort of Lord Krishna. My concept of QB1 is that she is the patron of all people, frequently women but also at times men, who work in the capacity of what I call a “thresholder.” They are the people who watch the edge, and guide people over: hospice workers who assist others in dying; sex workers who assist others in erotic surrender; people who assist others in extreme states of mind, such as those who work on psychiatric wards or guide rituals that utilize alternate states of consciousness; astrologers who take the role of the voice of the heavens and help others across the bridge to who they are.

Radharani can be compared with Vesta, though Vesta is the devotion and space-holding aspect and Radharani is the cosmic bridge aspect. Vesta is a guardian of the inner and outer space that surround the cosmic fire; QB1 is a guardian of the rift between the dimensions, personally bridging the contradictions of space and time with her awareness and opening the way to those who need assistance or who are not fully initiated.

Eris, for her part, represents that missing factor in the modern psyche; the sense that we are not quite whole, that our minds are fragmented by the onslaught of history and the pressures of modern consciousness. Indeed, Eris represents what is happening to our minds at the end of the Modern era and the dawn of the Postmodern era, when all the old rules, definitions, models and neat concepts that supposedly held up life are essentially lying in fragments.

Radharani in conjunction with Eris would seem to represent a factor that restores our sense of sanity in clearly insane times; that bridges us with the cosmos in a time when we have no tangible model of the cosmos.

This is a subtle energy, way off the usual wavelength, but well known to those who use it daily or who are available to be summoned in the event they are needed.

Tuesday’s New Moon also is a marker on the way to the cross-quarter day Beltane. As I have described in other articles, the solar year is divided into eight segments, including the two equinoxes and two solstices; and then four lesser-known points called the cross-quarter days located exactly between each solstice and equinox. The cross-quarter days are preserved as minor (usually secular) holidays in our culture, such as Halloween, Groundhog Day and Labor Day, but in earlier times they were the high sabbats.

Beltane, or The May, is the holiday of fertility and abundance. It is the celebration of renewed life after the long winter, as well as a celebration of sexuality, abundance and community. This is the traditional time to “fertilize the fields,” which in folklore and (for some) modern practice means having passionate sex outside, directly under the sky. In any event, the love we make now has the potential to nourish us through the warm months and then through the cold ones.

This year, there is a Full Moon just prior to Beltane. Beltane is traditionally celebrated May 5 or so (though some celebrate the entire month of May); the Full Moon corresponding to Tuesday’s New Moon is May 2. That, so far as I can reckon, is our Beltane moment in full bloom.

Before any of this happens, though, the Sun ingresses Taurus April 20, which will go a long way toward grounding us, spreading a sense of ease and perhaps certainty, and cooling off the hot Aries sky — however a sky that remains more full of surprises than usual.

Many of those surprises involve Mars in Pisces, which is about to make a conjunction to Uranus in Pisces. If I may, I would like to end with a comment on what is expected of men in our evolving moment of “new maleness.”

We have reached the point where men are expected to be, expect themselves to be, and indeed are evolving into, beings capable of expressing their emotions and their vulnerability; capable of navigating the waters of deep trust.

However, their partners and loved ones also need them to be strong and solid and masculine — capable of plunging into the waters of deep thrust.

To those who love them, I have a suggestion: allow them the space to be one at a time. Maybe vulnerable will come first; maybe strong will be first; in any event, it’s difficult to be both at once.

More details on the local astrology are covered in your Spiral Door Almanac, which also has extensive discussion of Eris for those who are curious. Thanks for tuning in, and catch you Friday.

Here’s the “end of sign” horoscope — formerly known as the Flaunt horoscope.

Yours & truly,
Eric Francis

End of Sign Monthly for Aries 2007

Aries (March 20-April 19)
You seem to be getting a little bit of leverage, but remember the point is to let the lever do the work. Even if you alienate your friends by pushing your agenda, they’ll soon enough find their way back into your life as long as you remind them they’re welcome. But why go through all of this when you can play a good clean game?

Taurus (April 19-May 20)
Work with an inner obstacle. Remember that’s what it is. It’s probably going to appear in the world around you, as something in your environment; in reality, it’s a kind of mental block. If you remember that, you’ll be able to work it out. If you blame someone else, it may be more fun at first, but you’ll only get more confused.

Gemini (May 20-June 21)
After much chaos, confusion and inner searching, professional plans that were taking shape in mid-winter are now coming to fruition. That is another way of saying that you are coming to fruition. Here’s some good astrological advice — don’t sell out. Stick to what matters to you the most. You currently have opportunities to do either or both.

Cancer (June 21-July 22)
Anyone who has tested your faith has discovered that you don’t give up easily, and that inspiration means more to you than fear. Oh wait, these are the discoveries you’ve made about yourself. They are about to take you pretty far, which is saying a lot: you’ve come a long way in a short time.

Leo (July 22-Aug. 23)
Something has reached a payoff point. Not to mix money and sex any more than is necessary, but it looks like a cosmic orgasm, Pisces-styled, with plenty of imagination and not so many boundaries and the promise of freedom from all your familiar old thoughts. You have not, however, won the sex lottery: you have earned something with your love and passion.

Virgo (Aug. 23-Sep. 22)
Just when you thought it was time to chill out and focus on yourself again, twenty planets show up in your opposite sign, Pisces, and basically rock the world. Not just your world, mind you: the world itself has been rocking and it would take a heck of a lot of cotton packed into your head not to notice.

Libra (Sep. 22-Oct. 23)
What would your mother think? Indeed! Well, for one thing, she thinks you’re pretty smart and getting smarter. She wants you to have people in your life who truly respect you, and you’re in one of those moments where that is not only a potential but truly happening. Whatever you went through the past six weeks or so is over. You’re wiser and hey, you’re not a lot older.

Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 22)
Peaches, pears, nectarines and honeydew all abound: there is just one apple and you’re looking with two eyes, both of them open. This person is particular. You may have the impression they’re a flirt, even promiscuous, or that they don’t make commitments — but that’s not true. They are picky, and happen to be willing to have fun while they choose.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 22)
Devotion is its own reward, but at the moment the reward has other rewards. Stand back from feeling that everyone is as devoted as you are, or somehow must be. It’s not going to happen; you’re something of a phenomenon, and in truth few others are in your league. You are, however, inspiring a few impassioned and determined people — stick with them.

Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 20)
The closer you work to the edge, the safer you will feel. This is contrary to the usual advice, of parents and other pundits, “Play it safe (or be afraid) and the safer you will feel.” You’ll need to experiment a little here, and work your way a little closer every day to the right edge, the one you need, or the one you want.

Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 19)
You may have come to the end of one particular story with certain individuals in your life, but a new story is beginning — and many of the same characters will be present. The beauty of this moment is how rich it is in the opportunity to take advantage of all that you have learned so well, and a few things that you forgot you forgot.

 (Feb. 19-March 20)
The problem with the past is that it’s over. The problem with the future is that it’s uncertain. Between the two is right now, and you may want to make a list of the facts you have, and the facts that are not yet in. While you’re at it, keep track of your wishful thinking. You need to have wishes, but they are in their own category.

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