Aries Full Moon and Uranus Square Pluto

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This whole week is a buildup to the Aries Full Moon. If you’ve ever read the term “Aries Point” on Planet Waves, we are about to experience its influence, in one of the hottest charts I’ve seen in quite a while. This event — an opposition alignment of the Sun and the Moon — will light up the Uranus-Pluto square, the thing I’ve been calling the 2012 aspect — and which was exact for the second time last week. If you read Planet Waves and you haven’t quite got a grasp on what that is, I suggest you find out. It’s rare during any time in history that people know about the history-making aspect while it’s happening — and in this lifetime, and in this moment, you can.

This is an interpretation of the Mayan calendar glyph for Manik. Illustration by Carol McCloud.

While the Full Moon happens this coming Saturday, the energy is already building; many sensitive people can feel it as the rise in tension and excitement. The Libra Sun is already in range of Uranus, Pluto and other high-energy planets and points. We had the equinox Saturday, which put the Sun into an opposition aspect to the Aries Point, and onto the high-energy cardinal cross of the heavens — the zone where the Sun always arrives when a new season begins.

Mercury Revolts:
Jesse Calls Out 9/11

Last week we experienced Mercury passing through this region of the sky, lining up with the Uranus-Pluto square, and it was a very interesting week in ways I’m still hearing about. Until a friend told me over the weekend, I had no idea that former Minnesota governor Jesse Ventura blew the whistle on the 9/11 coverup during a rare Piers Morgan live broadcast on CNN — on live television, before a studio audience. Mercury was making contact with the Uranus-Pluto square. Morgan tried to call him a crackpot, but the audience wasn’t having it. Seems like the last people to have a clue about this blatant crime are those with multimillion-dollar TV slots. What is more amazing is the utter lack of curiosity that Morgan displays — his job is to defend a point of view, not to dig out the facts (which tells you something useful about his whole genre of television broadcasts).

Mercury in this position was promising something revolutionary and there were additional significant news developments, including the Middle East exploding in protest against anti-Muslim sentiments, and the now infamous Mitt Romney video coming out (the biggest tipping point so far in his pathetic campaign). A federal judge declared unconstitutional the NDAA — the law allowing Obama to imprison American citizens without a trial, for terrorism by talking. (This could include activism, blogging, what you post to Facebook and other possibilities. I covered that extensively in Friday’s subscriber edition of Planet Waves. The decision was stayed by a higher judge, but it was still astonishing that it even happened).

Mercury moves quickly; Uranus and Pluto move slowly. When a fast-moving point (or points) aspects a slow-moving aspect pattern, you’ll often see an expression of something come out of the background, including a moment of real change. This week in my reading of the charts, something emerges from the background, seemingly by surprise, unexpected and with significant influence.


THE ULTIMATE ARIES POINT CHART — The arrows point to the “cardinal points,” also known as the Aries Point, a high-energy zone in the zodiac. Technically this is the first degree of Aries, though it also involves degrees that oppose and square the first degree of Aries. The first few degrees of the cardinal points are sensitive as well. This is a (somewhat) simplified chart for the Aries Full Moon, which happens Saturday. I have set the chart up to highlight the Uranus-Pluto square. (Find this aspect!!! Uranus is to the far left, looking like a blue H, conjunct the Aries Moon. Pluto is at the top of the chart, in red, conjunct an asteroid called Icarus, which represents peak experiences.) The Sun is in Libra, to the right, conjunct a Pluto-like planet, Typhon. At the bottom of the chart is Ceres, newly in Cancer, and two extremely slow-moving hypothetical points — Hades (at 2+ Cancer) and Kronos (at 7+ Cancer).

Once Again, Individual Meets Collective

Because this involves the Aries Point and the Uranus-Pluto square (the 2012 aspect), it’s likely to have wide public repercussions. Because it involves the Sun and the Moon, we’re likely to recognize it as something personally significant. I know that we go through week after week where seemingly important things happen, and yet nothing seems to come of it. That ‘seeming’ piece is merely cynical. You will experience events as more meaningful, more useful, more poignant, if you know your point of involvement — that is, your contact point with the larger world outside the bubble of your life. I have been listening to people say they want to do this for decades.

Saturday, Sept 22, the Sun ingressed Libra, and the new season began. Libra is a more expressive and energetic sign — known as a cardinal sign, where the Sun always goes when a season begins. Just like Mercury aspected the Uranus-Pluto square, now the Sun and Earth will align with that square. This will pick up the pace of events, the sense of impending change, and the sensation of chaos. The chaos is the result of an increase in energy which usually results in a surge of activity.

The Sun is our energy source, the hub of the solar system, and (in astrology) the seat of ego consciousness. The Uranus-Pluto square is what you would call dynamic: tense, taut like a spring, provoking change, and waiting for something to come along and mix up with it. When that happens, the dynamic can shift rapidly, and it looks like that’s what’s in store.

What makes things more interesting is that it’s not just the Sun coming through — it’s the Aries Full Moon. Even the most boring Full Moon is interesting; now we have one happening early in the cardinal signs. You don’t even need a big aspect in the background to get some global-scale event; the Full Moon alone can do it. This one is packed with solid rocket boosters.

Note also that there are other points involved. The Sun is conjunct a Pluto-like minor planet called Typhon in early Libra (named for the most fearsome monster in Greek mythology, namesake of typhoons). And all of these points are aspecting two hypothetical planets in early Cancer. One is called Hades, which is like a super-Pluto, and is about going deep; the other is called Kronos, a super-Saturn, which in Cancer describes the emotional maturity necessary to handle all of this rapidly changing energy.

Handling This Energy

What I’m describing is a grand cross in the cardinal signs, which is being activated by the Full Moon. In my experience observing astrology, it doesn’t get any more exciting and more unpredictably predictable. You cannot expect things to be ‘normal’ or smooth. The thing to go for is using the energy in a creative, productive way.

To handle this energy takes real mindfulness and flexibility. It will be necessary to tap into several states of mind simultaneously. If not handled properly, this can feel like a clash of energies. Heck, even if handled well it might feel that way. So remember: mindfulness and flexibility.

Know your agenda. I suggest at the very least that you be absolutely transparent with yourself. Then, you have to be ready to let go of less significant priorities when more significant ones manifest, or when you decide what they are. Know your agenda, and be ready to change it on short notice.

Part of your agenda is your longterm vision. If you know your longterm vision, you’ll be able to make immediate decisions on the basis of whether they fit that vision or not. And you may get information that helps you formulate or change that vision.

I think that the hypothetical points I’ve included in this chart may hold the key to handling this energy. The two points are Hades (a super-Pluto) and Kronos (a super-Saturn), both of which are ultra-longterm visitors to Cancer. Hades says: go deep. Do not be afraid to go deep. Challenge yourself to do so. Kronos to me says: maturity is essential now. It’s seemingly a rare commodity — and it’s always available. Do not factor yourself as insignificant. Do not factor yourself as self-important. Rather, factor yourself as a conscious part of life on Earth, responsible first for your own life and second for where your life intersects with the larger community and historical process.

We live in times where shopping and cynicism are seemingly the answers to everything. They are not. Yes, there is plenty to be angry about, and you can make arguments about how powerless you are until you turn blue and faint. You can also take that same energy, breathe in real oxygen, and get yourself going. This is as much permission as you need — from someone else, anyway (and I don’t care what your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, parents or whoever may think). The real authorization you need is from yourself — to make your own decisions and do what is right for you, and for the greater good. Go for it.


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