Aquarius Sun and Aquarius Rising — Latest Monthly Horoscope and Sign Description by Eric Francis

Aquarius Monthly Horoscope for November 2020


Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) — Much astrology is headed in your direction over the next two months, particularly in December. Before then, you may be feeling like a snake about to shed its skin, or a caterpillar about to wake up to the fact of being a butterfly. On the more dramatic side of the spectrum, you may be a little freaked out that everything is about to change. You may feel like you have no control over some situation you cannot quite identify; it could be anything, on any day. Whether you’re Aquarius Sun or rising, you experience change in a way unlike many other people. It’s more of a mental challenge and you have a good bit of anticipation anxiety. It’s time to stretch, and to alter your life patterns on a constant basis. You are someone who needs a measure of change for its own sake, as a kind of exercise. This will keep you limber, and you will push back against a tendency to calcify or to be set in your ways. Stop and listen to yourself if you hear yourself say you cannot learn something or accomplish something when it’s coupled with the panicky sensation of wanting things to remain the same. A lot is changing right now both within you and in the world around you. It will help you if you’re part of this rather than having it be something that merely impacts you. Recognize that all change modifies the shape of who you are. That is the thing that you want to be flexible. In truth, it’s your frontier. It’s the place within yourself where you can make the most progress, if that is what you want. Growth, spiritual evolution and exploring new experiences all require change, and this needs to be your best friend and indeed, your personal art form.

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Sign Description for Aquarius

(Jan. 20-Feb. 19) — Perhaps the most misunderstood sign of the zodiac, we can for sure say that the Aquarius personality values intelligence, ideas and loves a good theory.


Yet progress for its own sake is not what you’re after; Aquarius people are the discriminating embracers of innovation that works. Just to give one not so random example, you’ve probably got your hand on a mouse right now. That was invented by Douglas Engelbart, an Aquarian.

Aquarius has a strange relationship to time, as if you carry around your own time zone. You’re always living in an era of your own (past or present) which is never quite in sync with the present as defined by others. This carries into the often-noted contradiction implied in the sign that is at once associated with constant changes, and is also considered a fixed sign; for you the only constant is change, and you resist that change as much as you invite it.

That’s because most change is pointless, driven by boredom or profit, neither of which are specific turn-ons for you. You’re not against money but you favor people (unlike many who are turned on by money). Like progress, money has a purpose: food, shelter, pleasure, sharing. It has little value for its own sake. Accordingly, you need a career you believe in ardently, and in that career you will excel. People will think it’s because you’re smart; in truth it’s because you do what’s important to you, what you feel belongs on the planet.

Traditionally, Aquarius is ruled by Saturn, a fact that is nearly forgotten today; in modern astrology it’s usually associated with the more wild, unpredictable and revolutionary planet Uranus. In truth, Saturn and Aquarius tell us a lot about one another — which is why Saturn is such a dependable agent for change and why Aquarius is so steadfast in its choices. Yet Uranus brings in three critical elements of Aquarius: your affinity for groups, your inventive spirit, and an ethos of fairness. You’re not afraid to change your mind if something, or someone, makes more sense than your prior ideas.

The Saturn/Uranus paradox embodies the chasm over which you must often stretch your body and your soul. You seek both individuality and group identification, but lean more toward the first, which is a good thing: only an individual can be part of a group. Yours is one of the human signs, and an air sign, represented by a woman holding an urn of water — or a ruler to measure the depth of the Nile. Fill that urn with water, so you have plenty to share.

To understand yourself better, study both of these planets — and their relationship (aspects, affinity by sign, and so on). See the ways in which they tell the same story, and those in which they tell different stories.

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