Aquarius 2019 Monday Morning Horoscope Selection

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Monday Morning Horoscope #159 for Jan. 14, 2019
You may feel like your mind, and your desk, is a very busy airport, where the traffic controllers are being expected to come to work for free. You will benefit from putting your feelings and your plans into writing. This will help you clear your mind and maintain your focus. You feel like you’re under more pressure than you really are. This is particularly true if certain fears seem to get your attention more than your potential does. You will benefit from staying on-task. This is an approach that seems to have fallen by the wayside of modern digital life: knowing the difference between being busy and being productive. For you, productive means maintaining your focus on what you need to do next, based on what project is due the soonest. However, for the more complex, long-range tasks, you will benefit from setting up the project well in advance, so that when you come to it, you will not be looking at a blank page. So take a look ahead at what is due over the next three months, and set up your workbench or your work files sooner rather than later.

Monday Morning Horoscope #167 for March 11, 2019
Venus in your sign will be offering you some reassurance, even if you might be feeling nervous about your finances, or unsure of yourself. You have the personal resources to turn any situation around: the intelligence, charisma and experience to get the results you want. Do your thing and be the voice of cool, calm reason. Strive to get your results one person at a time rather than trying to convince a group of anything. Remember that you’re what people trust in any situation, rather than a product, an idea or an organization. Trust is established one to one, and it emerges first from you being in accord with yourself. So, ask yourself questions if you must, though don’t take your doubts too seriously. There are answers, swimming around down there somewhere, and they will be informative. Yet you’ll still be in the same position of trusting yourself, which extends a hand for others to trust you.

Monday Morning Horoscope #183 for July 1, 2019
I will repeat my caution about taking care of your health. That mainly involves two things: what you eat, and how you feel. If you want a good week where your efforts to get into a positive cycle with these things make a difference, this would be the one. Be aware that the pressure you’re feeling may seem “work related,” but really, it’s coming from a deep place and needs attention. The outer circumstances of your life are not the issue. It is the inner conditions, ones dating back many years, which require your gentle focus. That would begin by letting off some of the pressure you’ve been under for a while. And it also involves not letting close relationship partners mix it up with you, and you not mixing it up with them. Your life in recent months has been a study in anger management; how have you been doing? For the next few weeks, you will need to wear your long fuse. And make sure you have at least one person you actually trust with your fears and innermost feelings, who can serve as a reality checkpoint.

Monday Morning Horoscope #189 for August 12, 2019
The Full Moon in your birth sign is inviting you to be as weird as you actually are. Which is not that weird, really, as Aquarius is a Saturn-ruled sign. Yet you have those ways in which you are decidedly different, and feel different. And those differences are prominent in your psyche and your personality; they are what make you who you are, and they are what you’re invited to celebrate this week. Take note, as well, if you are born with the Moon in Aquarius: this is a potentially glorious moment. I say all of this knowing society is in many ways FUBAR right now. I also say it knowing you’re sensitive to that, and also blessed with enough detachment to allow you to feel some of your good fortune, share some with others, and save some for a rainy day. Remind yourself always: You were born to be part of the solution, not part of the problem. Live that truth every day.

Monday Morning Horoscope #197 for Oct. 7, 2019
The sensation of being stalked by anxiety is at epidemic proportions, though you seem to be releasing this feeling a little more every day. As you do, you may question some of the choices you’ve made in recent months, particularly when you allowed negative expectations and self-judgments to run your life. While fear and insecurity are persistent emotions, you don’t need to be their slave. This begins with wanting to not be run by them: that desire is imperative. Then you need to observe yourself, so that you get your own attention every time you find yourself submitting to making a decision or undergoing a bout of paralysis driven by anxiety. Then you go from there. What everyone who succeeds at this project is recognizing is that their feelings come from within them, not from an external source. Once you have a handle on this basic fact, you have a lot more power.

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