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Lanvi Nguyen

Dear Friend and Visitor:

You’ve found your way to Planet Waves. It’s good to have you here.

We are an unusual kind of astrology publication — one created by people who are journalists, in addition to being professional astrologers and astrology writers. We were one of the very first astrology websites on the internet, going online the same year as Google.

Eric Francis, recently doing an astrology reading

Being journalists means we are more interested in you, and your life, and the human condition, than we are in describing the technicalities of astrology. We do some of that and we do it well, though astrology is only a metaphor. It is a means of illustrating something larger and much more meaningful.

My goal as an astrologer is to help you make peace with yourself and the world. I view astrology as a personal healing modality. It’s also a way to look at the existence and make some sense of things — or at least figure out a few good questions to ask.

Our astrology comes in many forms, from weekly and monthly horoscopes to in-depth articles on healing; from focused research topics to investigation of news events.

We strive to be grounded in real-world events. and human healing process. Our writers and editors track the news seven days a week.

We use astrology to provide a framework that allows in a spiritual discussion: of ethics, of personal implications, and of how to conduct ourselves in this urgent moment in history.

You will notice that there are no ads on this website. We are supported by our subscribers — and we answer only to you. Most of the “news” you read or see on television is beholden to corporate overlords; we want no part of that. We speak for humanity, not for advertisers.

If you like what you’re reading here, and if you find that you feel better, please stay — and please consider supporting our work by subscribing to our Thursday Core Community mailings.

Meanwhile, if you’re looking for something, please ask.

With love,


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10 thoughts on “Welcome to Planet Waves — telling the story of our world.”

  1. Hi Eric. My daughters and I have been following you for YEARS. I comment a lot and always feel touched by truth reading you and watching the videos. We would be LOST without the Covid updates as you are the ony one we know covering this whole clusterfuck with good journaism and facts to back it. They’re trying to discredit you it seems. That says to me you’ve got it right. Thankyou?

  2. Thank You Eric and the team at Planet Waves. You are the eye of the storm that is hitting the world and bring clarity and resolution to the chaos . You help people bring back the sacred to them selves, then their family, then their community, then the state of the country. This changes the energy of the USA and brings Light and Love to all who visit your website. Keep up the good work and bring reason to these difficult times. The sky is not falling, this time will pass and we will be stronger because we are in it together. No more War, you are showing there can be world Peace if enough people want it. Bless. Kind regards and gratitude. Pauline . Australia

  3. Your work is healing and uplifting. You are doing a great job of helping people focus & get the truth. Your presentation of the facts on this zombie virus has been one of the few guiding lights available. Haha, and In haven’t even mentioned astrology… You’re a gift to us all and so appreciated. Bless you my friend.

  4. What can i say Eric that has not already been said about the expansiveness you bring into the world of astrology! You have taken the astrological book meanings of astrology and cast them out into the Universe! You have brought forth the Philosophy of Astrology

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