A Closer Look at Election Night Astrology

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Last night, Donald Trump said something that has become the lead story out of the third presidential debate: he might not accept the election results if he loses. All week long he’s been bleating about rigged elections — as if there’s some conspiracy between black people, The New York Times, Hillary Clinton, 50 state Boards of Election and the Electoral College.

Trump is right — voting is rigged, but in the direction opposite of what he’s saying. It’s stacked against minorities, who are blocked in many places by requirements for identification, distance to the polling location and the now-gutted Voter Rights Act.

And to think — this was before Twitter. Photo: Creative Commons.

It was most famously rigged during the 2000 election, when Al Gore won and George W. Bush took office. I’ll come back to that in a moment.

In case you missed last night’s impressive face-off between Trump and Chris Wallace of Fox News, here’s the now-famous exchange.

TRUMP: If you look — excuse me, Chris — if you look at your voter rolls, you will see millions of people that are registered to vote — millions, this isn’t coming from me — this is coming from Pew Report and other places — millions of people that are registered to vote that shouldn’t be registered to vote.

So let me just give you one other thing. So I talk about the corrupt media. I talk about the millions of people — tell you one other thing. She shouldn’t be allowed to run. It’s crooked — she’s — she’s guilty of a very, very serious crime. She should not be allowed to run.

And just in that respect, I say it’s rigged, because she should never…


TRUMP: Chris, she should never have been allowed to run for the presidency based on what she did with e-mails and so many other things.

WALLACE: But, sir, there is a tradition in this country — in fact, one of the prides of this country — is the peaceful transition of power and that no matter how hard-fought a campaign is, that at the end of the campaign that the loser concedes to the winner. Not saying that you’re necessarily going to be the loser or the winner, but that the loser concedes to the winner and that the country comes together in part for the good of the country. Are you saying you’re not prepared now to commit to that principle?

TRUMP: What I’m saying is that I will tell you at the time. I’ll keep you in suspense. OK?

Yes, just like a reality TV host would. Leave them hanging. That’s the whole problem with the Trump campaign: he thinks it’s a television hallucination.

Clinton pointed out that every time Trump loses something, he cries foul — such as the Emmy awards or the Iowa caucus. And if there’s something wrong with him, that same something is always more wrong with someone else. Trump is the Great American Shadow rising before us.  Anyway, he’s basically implied that he’s not going to accept the election results when he loses, which at this stage seems inevitable. If so, that would cause a significant problem; generally the election is over when the loser concedes.

Jim Shawvan with SweetiePie Peaches Fluffball. He stunned the astrological world with an accurate prediction about the 2000 election.

After tracking this discussion, I am now certain that the reason Al Gore gave up with only a minimal fight was because he knew that the continuity of government was more important than him becoming president. Trump, however, has no investment in the Republic.

He is now a cornered, wounded animal: the most dangerous kind. This election seems to be a done deal, barring any catastrophes. Trump is having his worst secrets exposed to the world, and he’s being humiliated — very difficult for someone with no humility. He can therefore do anything; we haven’t seen the worst of him yet.

Mercury and the 2000 Election

There was some extraordinary astrology the night of the 2000 election: Mercury stationed direct (that is, the retrograde ended) as the polls were closing. The place where Mercury stationed was 29 Libra 56 — right in the last arc minutes of the very last degree of Libra.

This is why you want to wait until Mercury is direct to start new things. The changing direction indicates a reversal of some kind. You want to get that variable out of the way if you can; nearly all cautions about Mercury retrograde come back to this one idea.

Most of the retrograde during the last three weeks of the 2000 campaign was in Scorpio. Then, just before the polls closed, Mercury dipped back into Libra, the sign of the scales, where things hang in the balance. Here’s how that works in mundane astrology.

Jim Shawvan, one of the wise old birds in our profession, made the following proposal, written Oct. 29, 2000, and published about a week before the election on StarIQ.com:

I will hazard the following guesses:

1. The election may be so close in some states that it may be several days before the actual electoral college votes can be tallied with accuracy. This could involve the counting of absentee ballots, and possible charges of fraud or irregularities in some places.

2. As of election night, it may look very much like a Bush victory, but uncertainty may develop as the count goes on.

3. As of a week or so after the election, when most of the Virgo detail stuff has been sorted out, Gore may have the edge in electoral votes — but it may not be certain even then.

We all agree Shawvan is a pretty good astrologer, but that was stunning. It was like he was reading the pages of USA Today weeks in advance. This one forecast woke me up to the power of mundane astrology.

With Trump essentially promising to be a sore loser (can you imagine — Donald Trump losing to…a woman!?) the question is, do we see any such disaster unfolding on election night 2016? Generally, the election is over when the loser concedes. That’s an important formality, and it’s why so many people are so stunned at Trump’s refusal to admit he would accept the election results. Mike Pence said he would. Hillary Clinton said she would. Al Gore did. Even old Dick Nixon conceded to John F. Kennedy in a ridiculously close election.

Potential Problems in the 2016 Election Chart

It’s difficult to chart the election. Early voting starts months in advance. The polls all close at different times and in different time zones across our great nation. To do this analysis, I’ve used the Dixville Notch, NH, chart for the first reported results [see recent issue for full discussion]; and I’ve checked the charts for the polls closing in California and Hawaii (where the polls close last).

You can see Mercury, in green, at the bottom of the chart. Mars is in red toward the middle-right side, with the number 29 next to it. Venus is in blue, on the lower right, next to Pholus, in bright green.

Of these charts, Dixville Notch is the most telling; it’s also the most concrete chart: the very first locale to report final results. To me there are three troubling elements about this chart, though I don’t get imagery lending itself to anything like Mercury changing directions in the last arc minutes of Libra.

First, the chart has Virgo rising. That says: look at Mercury as the main significator in this chart, and when we do, we find Mercury right on the 4th house cusp — as low as it can be, and in Scorpio. This suggests a low point. It also suggests secrecy, and a kind of vindictiveness of the “hell hath no fury” type. As the general significator for the question,  it’s not a positive sign.

Mercury is in a pretty close aspect to the Uranus-Eris conjunction — a quincunx. We have seen the kinds of chaos that can come with quincunxes to Uranus-Eris. The Aquarius Moon is about to square that Mercury. This looks like the public interest clashing with whatever this dark item is.

I consider the 4th house to be that of shadow government. This manifests beautifully in the chart for the Sept. 11 incident. There are two governments in operation: the one we hear about all the time (10th house and its ruler) and the other one, the shadow government, funded by something called the Black Budget (4th house and its ruler).

What Mercury here suggests is that we’re really seeing the selection of the shadow president, or that’s where the influence is coming from.

Second, Mars is in the last degree of Capricorn. Anything in the last degree of a sign can be a sticking point. It’s like a loose cannon, something with unpredictable consequences.

Diebold voting machine, produced by a company run by Bush-associated Walden “Wally” O’Dell. These machines were at the center of 2004 election irregularities in Ohio (home of Diebold) and they are still a problem today. The company was later indicted for crimes not directly related to its voting machines.

Anyone who studies the Sabian symbols recognizes this degree: A secret meeting of men responsible for executive decisions in world affairs.

I’m not one of those astrologers who is hypnotized by the Sabian symbols, but sometimes they really jump out. This is one of those cases. It’s describing the election being a kind of back-room deal.

No, this is not going to be stolen by inner-city people as Trump is implying.

It looks more like the wealthy cabal of elites who operate behind the scenes of corporations and governments. These people actually exist. It’s not some fantasy. This chart gives us a glimpse into the cabal-like quality of American elections. What is interesting is how many people are suggesting that this whole thing was decided in advance, and that Trump was set up as a stooge to lose to Clinton. The leaked emails from her campaign seem to confirm this.

Mercury is in Scorpio, so Mars (the traditional ruler of Scorpio) is what’s called the dispositor of Mercury. Whatever Mercury represents is tied into Mars having its secret meeting.

Mars, the planet of war, is the planet in that degree. My take is that whoever decides this election is doing so on the basis of the military interests involved. The topic of war was one of two major issues that were not seriously discussed during any of the debates (the other being global warming), and which is being lost in the tide of lurid news about groping and sexual assault.

Third, Venus is conjunct Pholus. In this chart Taurus is on the 10th house of the presidency. So Venus represents the big prize; and that big prize is conjunct the centaur of things going out of control (small cause, big effect; pressurized release; unexpected consequences). This resonates with Mars in the last degree of Capricorn, which also has an out-of-control feeling.

I want to edit the student newspaper!

Last, Neptune is all over these charts. Neptune is mystical, magical and given to psychic chaos and confusion.

When the election begins, the Moon is in Aquarius, nice and tidy conjunct Pallas, the goddess of law and politics. That looks pretty good, like it belongs there.

When the election ends a day later, the Moon is in Pisces, conjunct Neptune. Whatever may be happening, it becomes clear that everything seems like a scam. There’s an odor of deceit in the air.

It’s just not the scam that Trump is talking about — and that’s only going to confuse matters. With so many accusations of lying going around, the often hapless public may have a hard time figuring out who is telling the truth and who is lying.

The Day After: Mars Enters Aquarius

After the election is over, Mars enters Aquarius, and that to me looks like public outrage. Aquarius is the most likely sign representing the internet, and it’s going to be an interesting few days in the digital environment as the fog burns off.

The public has a lot to be angry about. Elections are indeed set up by relatively few people, and the public is shielded from any reasonable access to information — such as having smaller-party candidates on the debate stage. In any sane system, we could have both Sanders and Clinton on the ballot; Sanders certainly had enough support to warrant giving the whole population a choice.

Many viewpoints are excluded to the point of being marginalized, and the secret cabal of the two-party system is preserved. It’s time for a student uprising on the Electoral College campus, and we just might get one.


Special edition of the Deception Dollar for the 2004 Election.

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Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20) — Don’t get too distracted or lose sight of the inspiration you’ve had. I realize that in today’s environment this is easier said than done. However, it would probably be useful just now to ensure that you follow through with commitments as well as you can. There will be plenty of time to explore all the fascinating side paths you’re presently noticing, as long as you take steps not to get lost in them. Your long-term plan is much too important for you to get waylaid. I suggest you keep your notes in order and muster your powers of concentration. — by Amy Elliott.

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