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Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for September 2023 | Go To All Signs
By Eric Francis Coppolino

Taurus (April 19-May 20) — You may sense that a radical transformation is waiting for you in the future (April 2024 comes to mind), though it’s happening right now. The present version is the subtle one — the one that is in muted colors and may not be easy to translate into words. What is coming in the spring will be more colorful and maybe a little shocking; things may seem to come together then, with important meetings, gatherings and conferences. Yet the person who will be ready for those physical-world events is developing now. The feeling is of being guided past your safe limits, and beyond the edges of who you thought you were. Spiritual students (including astrology students) are pelted with  ideas about the “death and transformation” style of growth. We’re told that the only way to evolve is through some wrenching process. Yet what is happening now is a reminder that there are other methods and other approaches to growth. We are also given the “caterpillar surrendering, melting and turning into a butterfly” model all the time; what you have going on is more like the seed becoming a tree, a little at a time, reaching both toward the sky and toward the Earth simultaneously. I reckon for you, this is far preferable — if you notice that it’s happening.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for August 2023 | Go To All Signs
By Eric Francis Coppolino

Taurus (April 19-May 20) — For you to be at home means to be at home with yourself, wherever you are. That planet itself, for all its problems and all of its potential, is your present location. Orient yourself in space; pay attention to where you are on the globe. Think about which direction you’re headed when you’re moving, and which way your windows face when you’re in a building. Consider experimenting with the angle your bed is oriented. Which direction do you feel better with your head facing? You can also expand your sense of place and imagine where you are oriented in the solar system. It’s easy to get myopic and therefore be lost in a small maze — whether physically, or in your consciousness. Venus retrograde is suggesting that you keep close track of where you are and expand your awareness from there. This is a form of grounding that will help you feel less confused generally. At the moment, using relationships as a compass or guide will be less effective; you must plot your own course, and this includes socially. The forthcoming Full Moon in Aquarius suggests strongly that others are using you for their orientation, therefore you want your guidance to be coming from within.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for July 2023 | Go To All Signs
By Eric Francis Coppolino

Taurus (April 19-May 20) — Your solar charts present a picture of your life in balance, where you have meaningful and mutually supportive relationships with other people. This includes those you would consider intimates and those you know through various aspects of community. Is this true? If it’s not, you have the resources to make it so.

Though you may not recognize it, you’re doing better than nearly everyone else. Through some dark and difficult times, you have learned many adaptation skills and have been the beneficiary of the support and generosity of others. Along the way, you’ve gradually been finding yourself in places where your leadership is called for. Do you respond? Do you speak up, and do what is necessary? It’s easy in this world to grant yourself a pass, and assume that someone else will take up certain vital responsibilities and necessities.

Doing one’s part can be inconvenient, even if someone is capable. We live in a time in history that is calling for people to step up to challenges from which they don’t personally benefit except from the satisfaction of doing the right thing — and even that can present a temptation to rely on personal benefit. Be the leadership you seek in the world.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for June 2023 | Go To All Signs
By Eric Francis Coppolino

Taurus (April 19-May 20) — Jupiter in your sign may feel like an invitation to drop anchor and stay put somewhere for a while. Yet the essence of your current astrology is your capacity to make spontaneous choices. Usually this idea makes you nervous; you usually like to think things through, and have all your homework done before you even try a new restaurant. However, you have sufficient resources to give you room for error, which is also room to benefit from experiments.

This is rare enough in our world, especially at this time. Few people will give themselves the luxury of feeling they’re coming from a place of strength, and even fewer from a place of flexibility. You have both going for you right now, if you choose to test out these options. To get the benefits of your own power, and your own abilities, you will need to push what you thought of as your limits. This will feel good; it usually does. Keep in mind that in the early part of (Northern Hemisphere) summer, you will feel more like getting around.

As the weeks unfold, however, you’re likely to want to settle in a little more. So take your opportunities for new places, sights and sounds as you can. When the upcoming Venus retrograde (which begins in July) starts to draw near, you may decide your backyard or neighborhood is the place to be for a while. Meanwhile, wherever you may be, remember that ideas increase by giving them away, and when you feed someone or something you care about, you feed your soul. The hunger you may be feeling is your reminder that you have one.

“Growing.” Photo by Lanvi Nguyen.


Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for May 2023 | Go To All Signs
By Eric Francis Coppolino

Taurus (April 19-May 20) — You have been through a long process of chipping, chopping and eroding guilt. By long, I mean that you probably figured this out more than 10 years ago.

This endeavor has taken many forms and has probably had a diversity of names, though the bottom line has been understanding the toxic, wasteful and imprisoning nature of guilt. The source of nearly all of it was religion in some form, even if your family of origin was not observant. The values impregnated into people by religion endure without the trappings and overtly pious beliefs and attitudes. This makes it more difficult, because the emotions do not have labels and there may not be a priest or minister to blame.

The antithesis to guilt is, partly, the study of ethics — having an actual understanding of right and wrong. Yet that only gets you so far. The roots are emotional, and also spiritual. I say all this because if you find yourself in a place and time where you are liberated from people or situations that were causing you pain, you have a right to feel happy about that. And if you find yourself in a place of abundance, with your options open, feeling in any way shameful or resentful, you will miss most of the benefits. And you most surely have a variety of opportunities that are about to open up.

One thing to be mindful of is potentially conflicting values. For example, one cannot be happy while simultaneously wanting to stay up late, get up early, and get lots of sleep all at the same time. At a certain point, you must prioritize being in harmony with yourself. This may take many seemingly little forms. Know your truth and stand by yourself.

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“Ground Breaking.” Painting by Lanvi Nguyen.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for April 2023 | Go To All Signs
By Eric Francis Coppolino

Taurus (April 19-May 20) —  You tend to like things settled and predictable. Yet, these days you are constantly being prodded to reevaluate just about everything. For you, this feels like living on a dangerous edge. Yet it’s entirely conceptual. Life is and always has been a ride on a soap bubble. Who you are is always a work in progress, whether you notice or not; whether you love that fact, or resist. However, a significant degree of that resistance can come in the form of not wanting to be exposed to new ideas or actual information — the things that can compel you to change your mind, which is another way of saying that they influence who you think you are. While this is a luxury that some think they can afford, you cannot; you need your mind to be agile, alert and able to take concepts on board without feeling any sense of threat. You may eventually get to the place where you are so in tune with the unfamiliar that anything well-trodden seems boring or pointless. The multiple sign changes of Saturn, Pluto and especially Mars are pushing you to stay alert and notice what you’re both thinking and feeling. You are being bestowed with extra influence or potentially even power, and for that to work out well, you are responsible for what you know. Consider the tradition of the president of the United States initialing every paragraph of a document he is reading, as proof that he knows what it says. Your authority and power of communication must be supported by the constant embracing of new viewpoints, and the willingness to change your mind and update your files ongoing.

“Anchored Flow.” Photo by Lanvi Nguyen.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for March 2023 | Go To All Signs
By Eric Francis Coppolino

Taurus (April 19-May 20) — It would take more than imagination to envision the changes coming into your life, though seeing what does not yet exist would be a good place to start. For most people, this ability was curtailed long ago, which leaves them stuck living in a world invented by others. Yet more important than seeing what might be is seeing what is so right now, within reach of your senses. People who are lodged fully in the present are the ones most adept at creating the future.

There are many reasons for this, though they include the ability to admit your actual circumstances, and see what you have in order to work with it. What changes most significantly is that multiple forces are drawing you into a life where taking on some form of public responsibility will be imperative. This is likely to include both some kind of formal, structured responsibility, and the need to work with a potentized form of informal influence. These changes are going to happen to you. What you get to do is choose how you work with the abilities and opportunities that you are granted.

If you balk entirely, that is an invitation for them to appear in some shadow form that you cannot control and will not be as much fun. It is unlikely that you consider yourself a “public person.” Taureans are renowned for the need for privacy, and for placing nearly all of their emphasis on taking care of themselves. Your practiced ability will serve you well, particularly as you get to do quite a bit less of it when you devote your life to a much larger purpose than you ever have.

“Aquarius Into Pisces. Expression No.004.” Mixed-Medium Art by Lanvi Nguyen.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for February 2023 | Go To All Signs
By Eric Francis Coppolino

Taurus (April 19-May 20) — Your horizons are expanding. You may not need me to say that, but the world is caught in heaviness and myopia right now. You are blessed with some motivation and curiosity. And by now (thanks to Uranus in your sign) you have come to terms with the uncertainty factor of the world we live in. Today I’m here to say that the sky is beginning to brighten. One sign of this is activity in Pisces, where you find your most sincere and resourceful friends, and where you orient on your social existence. This is the 11th place, which is your second home — often considered the best of the houses, especially for you. Presently, the Sun is moving across Aquarius, which for you is associated with reputation and authority. You don’t need to emphasize that angle; rather, focus on your informal bonds, and developing your social world. Nurture relationships with the people where the result you tend to get is mutually beneficial. Remember we are living on the ruins of our past civilization. Perhaps not much has changed visually, but people have changed, and our patterns of relationship have been damaged. You are in an excellent position to help facilitate the healing process. You might feel like a hippy from 1969 who has wandered into the robotic world of 2023. All the better — you can feel how strange our times are; you can feel what is missing. If you haven’t noticed, just tune in, and sniff the air.

“Lifted Feet For A View.” Photo by Lanvi Nguyen.

Planet Waves Monthly Horoscope for January 2023 | Go To All Signs
By Eric Francis Coppolino

Taurus (April 19-May 20) — You seem to have several different goals and aspirations right now — which is excellent, because these days it’s difficult to be positive about much of anything. Somewhere in the mix, you may have this idea that you want to bring people together for a purpose other than entertainment or recreation. You are seeking deeper meaning with every cell in your being, and this will be a lot more fun if you are around other people whose values you share. With planets moving through the angle of your chart associated with both spiritual growth and travel, you are being called to new places, and to experiment with ideas that you can only find in the physical world. By ‘places’ I mean more than a day’s travel, or much further. Also do what you can to “get out of your head” and actually share your thoughts with people, rather than merely thinking about doing so. In everything you do, the sense of risk is essential. Routine is nice, but what opens up the possibilities and unfolds the future is the sense (and the reality) of taking a chance on someone or something. The seemingly safe option is rarely the fulfilling or even interesting one. In my reading of your chart, that which is a little weird will suit you very nicely.

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