To the horizon

Montauk facing south, toward Santo Domingo, winter 2012. Photo by Eric.

Nothing is planned, by the sea and the sand
— Quadrophenia

I often forget one of the things that I love the most being near the ocean, which is the ability to see to the horizon. I’m staying out in Montauk for a while — this place at the very tip of Long Island, and looking out at the edge of the world. I’m also listening to waves.

I figured out the other day that what we see as waves reaching the shore is the expression of energy that has traveled far across the planet to get here. Waves, at the shore, seem like something that is unique to the shore, but they’ve come a long way.

The way the eastern coastline of North America is laid out, New England extends 100 miles or more than the rest of the East Coast, and I’m at the southern edge of that. If you were to travel in the direction of the photo, you would reach Santo Domingo (properly, the island of Hispaniola) in about 1,200 miles. Looking to the southeast, the next stop is Morocco, diagonally across the Atlantic. So we are on the wild coast here.

I was born on this island (to the west, in Brooklyn) and grew up near this same coastline, though a bit inland. This is the quality of energy that my 5x Pisces soul was drawn to. It’s very nice to be here, with the sound of the ocean going all the time and the pulse of the tides giving the sensation of constant change. This is where I was when the Year of the Water Dragon began — and where I’m feeling Neptune in Aquarius morph into Neptune in Pisces.

That is one transit I’m grateful for. Neptune changes signs about every 14 years and we are being treated to that in the current days — not just any sign change but the planet named for the god of the sea entering the sign of the sea — Neptune comes home.

Fourteen years of Neptune in Aquarius has been interesting but I’m starting to figure out that it hasn’t exactly been wet. True, Aquarius is the sign of the water bearer, and Neptune has filled up that big jug. Yet in the sense that technology has all but taken over consciousness, it’s been a bit stressful. I think we’ve really had to struggle to maintain our emotional sensitivity, especially those with strong water signs. In many ways the Internet has vacuumed in a vast amount of emotional energy, rearranged our ideas of contact and in a sense dominated our senses.

I’ve spent most of those 14 years on the Internet. I really got going with Planet Waves the year that Neptune ingressed Aquarius — 1998. I think of this as the time that I gradually projected my soul onto the Net. I’ve chosen this place far out on the edge as my destination and my next point of origin.