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Listen: Your 2013 Annual Horoscope by Eric Francis

“I’m definitely ordering the 2013 horoscope – all the others have provided me with great information and support.”

“I just love the truth and empathy that comes through in every word.”

Dear Planet Waves Reader:

When was the last time you had a moment to stop and think about your life and where you’re headed — a moment to listen to yourself? A moment to sort through the static, and focus inwardly?

web_sample-page-2013-Annual-ListenIf it’s been a while, I’m not surprised. Nobody seems to have time to listen anymore, to ourselves or to one another. You may sense that this is a big moment in your life, at the same time it feels like the wave of history is about to crash over our heads — though there seems so little we can actually do about it.

The mental and emotional environments, both inner and outer, are more chaotic than they’ve ever been, and I am sure you’re feeling the strain. It’s that sensation of there being no quiet place, nobody who really understands, nobody who has time to listen to you.

I’ve been listening to your astrology, which, as I use it, is a way into your emotional and mental worlds. I’ve created a reading for you that provides a sanctuary for you to be introspective. It’s called “Listen,” and it’s my 2013 annual reading for your sign or rising sign. Yet listen is more than a reading. It’s an environment, a space to open up, a space to both discover yourself and make peace with your journey.

In your reading, I offer an extended audio meditation, in the form of an in-depth description of your astrology and what it is saying. And I’ve crafted a written interpretation that focuses the most useful themes: your mental and emotional peace of mind, your relationships, your creative life and work, and financial themes.

The result is space to seek self-understanding, a space where you can relax and be yourself for a while, and come away not only with useful guidance but also self-guidance. These readings will be ready in January, after the holidays, though you can pre-order now.

Right below this letter are samples of my audio presentations. Each comes with original music, composed and selected by Renee Blue O’Connell. Your 2012 reading also includes access to articles by the Planet Waves writers that focus on growth, relationships, astrology and spiritual awareness.


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