2012 Annual Edition of Planet Waves
New York, Wednesday, Jan. 4, 2012
The Most Important Year of Your Life
Introduction to the 2012 Annual Edition of Planet Waves

Dear Friend and Reader:

There has never been a year in your life, nor will there ever be, like the one we're approaching. Twenty-twelve will arrive with many life-changing events, and the astrology deserves all the attention we both can give it. For the past several months I have been doing precisely that, developing the 2012 annual readings of Planet Waves -- the long-anticipated Revolution. Revelation. Reality Check. Included for each sign is an extended audio reading and a substantial written interpretation for your Sun, Moon or rising sign.

Planet Waves
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As I'm sure you're overwhelmingly aware, we are deep into a phase of heightened and accelerated change. The much-fabled 2012 transition is now here. It doesn't matter whether 2012 has a Mayan calendar root, whether it involves Uranus square Pluto or the extremely rare Venus event in June: the magnitude of this astrology and how it will influence us cannot be overstated. My annual edition breaks it down into three basic experiences for each of the 12 signs and rising signs:

Revelation. That means discovery. Material and information we were not expecting will come to the surface, at times rapidly. We will make discoveries about ourselves, our relationships and our society. Key decision points await you, but at this time so early in the process, it may be difficult to see what those decisions will be about. Here is where astrology can help provide a glance around the corner.

Revolution. We all talk about change. So many of us have been committed to inner growth and healing and outer social progress -- going back years or even decades. You may have discovered that major changes are rarely possible. Yet the times, the causes and the conditions are all coming together this year. This is a time of revolutions -- they're not only possible but inevitable. The question is, what does this mean for you?

Reality Check. There will be more reality coming at us than most people have the stomach for. Yet when there is so much power in the air, one needs to check and balance oneself to keep on track. You'll need to stay grounded, and have clear agreements with yourself about what matters the most. You will need to penetrate the layers of illusion that have delayed you or taken you off track. Things are moving so fast we need to do this on a constant basis.

Planet Waves
Don't miss Eric's free audio presentation on the secrets of the Mayan Calendar, part of the Top Five Events of 2012 (open to all readers). This image is of a Mayan stucco frieze from Placeres, Campeche. It's displayed in the National Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City. Photo by Wolfgang Sauber / Wikimedia Commons.
In the 2012 annual edition, I provide you with the tools to work with all three factors.

Consider that we live in an era that will be studied by people far in the future. They will want to know not only what was happening, but what it was like to be here, what we perceived and what our options were. We have the incredible privilege of being present in this time. If you think life is intense, here is why: we are occupying and experiencing the moment of transition.

Every single person alive is going to be influenced by this astrology. If you're in a body and on the planet, it's not possible that you won't be personally affected. There are many years when the astrology just sort of goes by. But this is astrology you will feel, experience and live through. The question is where and how; and how do you make the most of it?

Even if all you knew is that there's a tremendous surge of transformation sweeping through the human environment, you would want to ask yourself: How do I catch this wave?

I ask for two reasons. One is to make the very most of it. Second is to have it manifest as something other than fear or chaos.

Astrology is more than a guidance tool. It's a method you can use to influence the course of your life rather than merely being subject to what's happening around you. Many people struggle to put themselves on track, or to attune to their own intentions -- much less the world around them. The way I use astrology will give you tools to do both.

This is an opportunity for our readers to pre-order individual signs for the 2012 annual edition. Planet Waves subscribers receive a significant discount on all 12 signs. If you are not a subscriber, you may sign up for a complimentary one month subscription to Planet Waves here and you will receive an email with our 2012 annual discount offer included with your order confirmation. If you are a subscriber and would like to order all 12 signs at the package price, please email Chelsea at chelsea@planetwaves.net or call her at (877) 453-8265.

Meanwhile, I suggest you check out my free audio series Top Five Events of 2012. It contains useful and exciting information about the upcoming year.

Eric Francis

2012 Annual Edition of Planet Waves