2012 Annual Edition of Planet Waves
New York, Jan. 3, 2012
Introducing the 2012 Annual Edition of Planet Waves Astrology Readings for All 12 Signs and Rising Signs
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Dear Friend of Planet Waves:

Twenty-eleven was an unbelievable year, wasn't it? Never have I heard from so many readers with such energy, passion and curiosity. I get the feeling you're using astrology to evolve in ways that, until recently, you may never have imagined possible. I am grateful to witness this as we enter the full-strength acceleration in our lives and the story of the world.

Planet Waves
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What we're seeing is the direct influence of the 2012 aspect -- Uranus square Pluto, spinning the world on its finger. You have some area of your life where this aspect directly touches your world. That is where you're going to be making the fastest, most beautiful progress. Even if you're in crisis, you can trust that there is a way through and beyond to a better place.

I'm now finishing work on your 2012 annual astrology reading. It's part of Revolution. Revelation. Reality Check. This is my 14th year of doing the Planet Waves annual (you may recall Next World Stories, Cosmic Confidential and Light Bridge), and all of those previous years have pointed to this one edition. In the annual edition, I cast the astrology for each sign in extended form. This includes an audio reading for each of the signs, plus a written report, and articles that explain this unprecedented, once-in-a-lifetime astrology so you can put it to work for you. I've been working intently on this project for months -- and it comes out Monday.

If there was ever astrology you wanted to be working in harmony with, this is it. We are alive in a special moment, with revolution in the air. You may be feeling it as restlessness, excitement or overwhelm (often, some combination). You're being called to participate -- the question is how. I dare say that no one will escape the effects of Uranus-Pluto. That might mean finally 'occupying' your own life completely, making changes you've put off for 10 years, or taking part in the coming transformation of society.

If there's a catch, this is it: We know that our culture is on the brink of enormous change, and that comes with creative potential -- but it's not going to harness itself. We need to be realistic about what that means, and what we need to do to get there. The coming annual report will give you plenty of insights into how to consciously direct this momentous, once-in-a-lifetime process in your own life.

Planet Waves
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Your potential is becoming real, almost whether you're ready or not. And at the same time, there is still plenty of fearful end-times thinking going on. That's the reality check part: being realistic about change, the necessity for change, and best of all, taking advantage of it every day.

We are now offering your 2012 annual horoscope on a pre-sale basis for $19.95. Nearly everyone who purchases the signs separately buys more than one sign, so we are offering discounts when you order multiple signs. Both the written and audio portions will be available for you to access next week; we will send an announcement when they are ready.

These readings are applicable to your Sun, Moon and rising sign, covering all the key areas of life where you want guidance from astrology -- for you and your loved ones. The 12 signs will also cross-reference to provide additional depth on key issues, such as finances, relationships and career -- and they make great gifts.

The annual edition has become one of our most popular products, depended on by many thousands of readers over the years. You may be new to my readings, or perhaps you have been relying on them for many years. It will be great to have you on board for Revolution. Revelation. Reality Check. -- the long-awaited 2012 annual edition of Planet Waves.

Here is your link to pre-order the annual edition now. Thank you for putting the miracle of astrology to work for yourself and our planet.

Eric Francis
P.S. This is an opportunity for our readers to pre-order individual signs for the 2012 annual edition. Planet Waves subscribers receive a significant discount on all 12 signs. If you are not a subscriber, you may sign up for a complimentary one month subscription to Planet Waves and will receive an email with our 2012 annual discount offer.

2012 Annual Edition of Planet Waves