What our customers have said about the 2012 annual

“This is like you took a page from my soul and wrote it out for me to look at and remember, when I get lost, that there are breadcrumbs to knowing again. This is my first impression, that this is beautiful and accurate and poignant for us Tauruses this year. Thank you, Eric!”

“Ok were you a plant in my house when I was growing up? The Virgo audio and written parts (so far, I still have yet to listen to part 3) are EXACTLY what I have experienced. The section about sex is so true it is as though you have been privy to my innermost thoughts! How can you know these details and articulate them so well? Thank you SO much for doing what you do so perfectly. Like an intense and beautiful light in a dark room, your insights are a wonder and an inspiration.”

“I ride with great glee on the positive, hopeful, visionary challenge you present in your readings. You pour crystal-clear light into the chalice. Thank you. I have been so thirsty.”

“I just listened to Eric’s 2012 Taurus horoscope and it was AMAZING! I learned some crucial, new information about myself that is really vital to my self-healing. I am just constantly blown away not just by Eric’s ability, but also his compassion and sensitivity.”

“I am absolutely amazed and grateful at how deep you went and how accurately you managed to describe or tap into the essential Leo SELF. Some of which I have kept hidden from all except those closest to me… Much Gratitude, Appreciation and Love to you Eric.”

“This roadmap of a horoscope is phenomenal. You nailed it! I have become aware of the power I possess to change my world and use it on a daily basis. We are all powerful beings, we must acknowledge this power. And thanks to Eric’s prediction, I just might save the world (or at least my little corner of it — with lots of love to boot)!”

“I don’t know where to begin in saying thank you. Such a careful and thoughtful package of insights put together with love and craft and care. I am very grateful for this.”

“I’ve just listened to Eric’s annual on my sun sign Leo. So far just parts 1 and 2; I have to sleep before I hear 3. These are truly fantastic, insightful words by Eric. I’m soon to be 90 years old and they are going to be so helpful even at my age. My heart just overflows with love for what he is doing for all of us. I haven’t even gone to my rising sign yet, hours and hours of listening to my favorite astrologer. Give him a big hug for me, please.”

“The 2012 readings for my uber-mutable self (Virgo Sun, Sag moon and Pisces rising) were so meaningful, I can’t really put it into to words. Words escape me… You tapped into what I feel on an essential level. Validation. Inspiration. Activation — those are a few keywords that describe what I felt
upon reading and listening. I really like the 3 part audio. Excellent!”

“These recordings were so helpful and validating. I experience my Aquarius Moon as an individual person in my inner world, and this gave her a little extra leverage to negotiate more time for art, creation, and dream work.”

“Wow, this is so right on, Eric… you have no idea. Right down to the details. I have Aquarius rising and just this morning finished redoing my office into a creative haven; got a new table for creative pursuits, and my office is a library too! So I am with you brother, even in the details. Am preparing to begin creative writing pursuits this year in a really big way. I could go on but for now, thanks so much for this affirming, enlightening and invigorating reading. Thanks for sharing your gift!”

“When I read or hear something that is true to me I feel it in my heart. My heart actually opens and sometimes aches. That is what happened when I read the Capricorn astrology. I look forward to reading and listening to the rest. Thank you for your insights and all your work in putting this together.”

“I am two-thirds through the Pisces audio and I am stunned, it is so profound, I could cry! What a gift!! Thank you; blessings on you for your talent, and your giving so much, and making it affordable. The value is priceless! again, thank you.”

“You have been a part of my personal evolution for quite some time now. My Leo connections to your readings almost always go like this: ‘Oh, good, I am working on that’, to ‘OK, I can see that, I will watch for it’, to the intriguing surprises which I have inevitably seen play out later and put together faster because of your interpretation of the energy. Seeing my ‘secrets’ in print always gives me a warm-hearted giggle, too. So, my friend, keep it up — you have a special gift. But, I know you know that. Just add my gratitude, with many others, to your magic carpet.”

“2012 Libran astrology – utterly, utterly delicious. Thank you Eric for grasping the essence of who I am. Blessings to all the Planet Waves team for their creative efforts.”

“Let me join the chorus. Eric, you are a galaxy unto yourself. Fortunately, you enfold us all in your brilliance. I can only encourage EVERYONE to sign up, sign on, and get ready for the ride of your life! How much better to be in the boat and paddling than holding on to the hull, and Eric’s brilliant, personal revelations will definitely keep you in the boat. Many, many thanks and blessings Eric and to all the PW community and dedicated team. Here’s to 2012!”

“I spent a long time poring over my written report yesterday and am so grateful for the insights on past, present and future trends. So much fell into place as I was reading. Looking forward to diving into the audio today. I recommend to everyone that they read their rising sign as well – the added dimension to your unfolding story can be really helpful. Blessings to all at PW for another job well done.”

“Can I just say randomly here WOW on the 2012 I mean WOW. I haven’t scratched the surface yet but OMFG, WOW. Thank you.”

“So many light bulbs flashing in my head as I listened to Scorpio. I assume by the time I get through the other four my head will be glowing. All I can say is what everyone else is saying: stunning, profound, illuminating, insightful, enlightening, and of much importance: the eloquent manner in which Eric weaves it all together into a coherent, cohesive and comprehensive (w)holistic guide that brings a great gift of understanding (not to mention lessons in basic astrology). Very simply: thank you.”

“This new annual edition is nothing short of BRILLIANT! I have read my Sun and rising and a couple friends’ Sun signs. I am stunned by the clarity, humor, positivity, wisdom and gentle nudging we get to help us live our best life in a challenging and confusing time. I am much more hopeful now that I have read his guidance. I am so grateful for the hard work, and reasonable price — this puts the knowledge in our hands at an affordable price. I have wasted money on things more costly that have not helped as much as Eric’s generous reports! Thank you Eric!!! You will not be sorry to buy this report; do something GOOD for yourself.”