Planet Waves FM :: Slow Rising Smoke: Trayvon Martin

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Today’s edition of Planet Waves FM looks at the shooting of Trayvon Martin. It’s a look at the situation from several angles — political, legal and astrological.

Eric Francis, host of Planet Waves FM.

I cover the concept of the Stand Your Ground law, which is based on an earlier idea, the Castle doctrine — the one that says “a man’s home is his castle” — that is the basis of Stand Your Ground. However, it would seem that with everyone pretty much agreeing that the Stand Your Ground law does not apply in this case, from the lead investigator to the bill’s sponsor to Jeb Bush himself, clearly something is wrong.

There is one idea I left out of the discussion: the duty to retreat. That’s the alternative to Stand Your Ground. In New York, for example, you have a duty to retreat from an attacker if you can. If you’re cornered by someone who is going to do you harm, or someone you’re protecting, your first job is to get to a safe place — then you can defend yourself if necessary. The purpose of this is so that people claiming self-defense don’t automatically get a license to kill. You can read more about that at the Wikipedia page on the Castle doctrine.

I include four charts below — the event, the two main players, and the event that started off Arab Spring from late 2010, published on Planet Waves or the first time.

Additional research on this edition provided by Carol van Strum, Nikko Merrell, Amanda Painter, Fe Bongolan, Genevieve Hathaway, Adam Gainsburg and Sarah Bissonnette-Adler.

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Eric Francis

Shooting of Trayvon Martin

Trayvon Martin -- noon chart.

George Zimmerman - noon chart.

Self-immolation of Mohammed Bouazizi.

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One Response to Planet Waves FM :: Slow Rising Smoke: Trayvon Martin

  1. Doug says:

    “Duty to retreat” so they can shoot you in the back while your looking for that safe place? Where is the duty of the instigator to not attack an innocent victim. That’s the root cause here. Typical liberal mentality, place responsibility on the victim that didn’t want any part of this in the first place and not the attacker. Why does the attacker get the control and not the victim? That’s perverted thinking.

    It’s called personal responsibility. If you attack someone you choose that action and you should be responsible for that “choice” and it’s consequences. A concept I think foreign to liberals. It’s not the victims fault. Yes the defender shouldn’t take advantage of it, but they didn’t initiate it, the prime responsibility is with the attacker. Could it be any clearer to an evolved un-biased mind.

    And what’s with the constant hate speech towards conservative anything on this website. Astrology is neither left or right, it’s unbiased energy but on this site you would think it’s all left so how can I take anything you say seriously? You said on your website that you tried to be “vigorously unbiased” That’s not what I’m seeing on your website. You list negatives only from the right. I could give you pages on the left if you would but only ask…I spent 25 years there and have escaped it now with some sanity. Thank you Coast to Coast AM, Ron Paul and Alex Jones.

    I’m a student astrologer and I must say it’s sad to see astrologers use astrology to promote their political biases. Astrology is neither left nor right and just describes how different energies react with each other, it has no ideology to promote. Only human astrologers make it politically biased. If you liberals could actually see yourselves, you have a dark side as big as the far right, until you have been on both sides and actually live it you will not understand it

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