Neptune in Aquarius: A Review, Part One

Security checkpoint seen Sunday at an intersection along CA Route 62 in the middle of the Mojave Desert. There was a time not so long ago -- before Neptune in Aquarius -- when this kind of bullshit did not exist. Do you feel safer than before you saw this picture? Photo by Kelly Cowan.

So, this is new: a “security checkpoint” in the middle of the Mojave Desert, just in case you have a suicide vest big enough to blow up that mountain. Or something. This week I’m going to be reviewing the befores and afters of Neptune in Aquarius, which ends after 14 years on Friday.

One thing about Neptune is that it has a way of blurring or completely transcending boundaries. That boundary might be the ego (inspiration comes in through the cracks) or it might be your house (a flood fills your basement). And as so often happens lately, it might be the difference between truth and lies. But I can tell you this: before the events of Neptune in Aquarius, which begin with a fake impeachment, a stolen election and a fake terrorist attack, you would not have a security checkpoint in the middle of the Mojave.

I think we can finally agree this is ridiculous. It was bad enough having my mini-Leatherman taken away the last time I boarded the ferry to the Statue of Liberty, you know, so I couldn’t hijack the ship with a little pair of pliers. We can agree that it makes some sense to search people as they board airplanes, though the whole shoe examination thing is getting tired. But having to produce ID to drive across a road in the middle of the desert would count for the government having no boundaries. If you want to know why the framers of the Republic designed the Bill of Rights as a thing that limits the power of government, here you have all the evidence you need.

A study in boundaries is fully appropriate, in light of Neptune in Aquarius. Many things have happened, nearly all of which fall under the general heading of boundaries. For example, I can publish information and have it end up in your house with no other editors, publishers, printers or any time delay involved. That’s pretty quantum.

On the other side of that proverbial coin, someone with the talent or resources can hack into anyone’s private information and have access to just about anything they want. Someone can start a rumor that can gain as much traction in Google as any true fact. Rick Santorum’s name can come to mean, well, santorum.

To me, though, the most meaningful review of what has happened since 1998 would involve what it means to feel safe. Aquarius would count as the realm of the public airwaves and all electronic communication media — nearly all of which is used to spread fear, and to rationalize the use of extreme methods to violate our privacy. This is never done by truthful means; there is always an agenda. I would leave you with a question: can you see that agenda in operation?

The confusion of trust and violation is something that happens in the course of any abuse pattern. Abuse usually comes at the hands of those who are in a position of being responsible for protecting us. To confuse the two can lead to deep confusion, psychic and emotional scarring and the impulse to tune out and shut down.

If you’re old enough to remember, how are you doing with regard to fear, trust, your sense of privacy and your sense of exposure to the world, now as compared to 1998?

  • Starrynight3

    Wow. In retrospect, I’d consider the start of 1998 me naive, hopeful, trusting, and lacking in paranoia. I was injured Jan. 5 1998 which triggered a domino effect of 7 surgeries over two years on my knee, followed shortly thereafter by a car hurtling into me on my bicycle out of nowhere, followed by frantically moving as far north as I could to feel safe followed by rolling our new truck on black ice in 2004.
    So now – back in Denver, Colo. as of 2010, where I feel much safer than I have in a long time but I am definitely a whole different person than in 1998.
    Neptune in Aquarius would have been transiting my second house (security) opposite my moon and pluto in Leo in my eighth house. You could say my sense of security completely dissoved.
    I am just now feeling like I’m getting the ground underneath my feet again…

  • Tgarton

    Wow. In 1998, my whole world as I knew it was upended – work, relationship(or basically lack of it), money, everything. That’s when I found Eric. ;) I then began looking for a relationship, and found my husband, who just passed away last month. So, the whole of that relationship seems to have spanned, in large part, that transit. Wonder what that all means?

  • Eric Francis Coppolino

    First question is — what house in your chart is Aquarius? I’ll look at your chart tomorrow…

  • Genevieve Hathaway

    In 1998 I was 15. As someone still so young back then I felt I had my whole life ahead of me and plenty of time to make mistakes, figure everything out and get what I wanted. I don’t remember really any fear or trust issues pre-15, though Neptune did enter my 12th house a few years prior already starting to fog things up. I remember that fog coming on as the imagination going into overdrive around 7/8th grade. Back to 15 – I also had a naive feeling of “everything will work out somehow/someway, I have no worries.” It was very much the classic Fool qualities from the Tarot. Though Neptune was also chilling in my 12th house placing a fog over my connection with the world and ramping up my imagination sector to the point where the real world and the world of imagination blended together seamlessly. It’s like any fear or trust stuff was hanging out in the background of my perception and not on my conscious radar, so I didn’t notice it until 2007.

    Now at almost 29, it’s kind of a duh to say I have a completely different viewpoint and experience of fear, trust, sense of privacy and exposure in the world. I’ve had a hell of a lot of major 12th and 1st and 7th house transits of outer planets between 15 and 29 that reshaped me, brought up and healed many issues, and I have a new relationship to reality and myself now. Also the world is a COMPLETELY different place now then back in 1998. At 15, my family had just gotten our first non-green screen DOS computer and my dad was debating whether we should get dial-up internet (yes I do remember a time pre-computers, my generation was probably the last that does). At 15, I wasn’t that “exposed in the world.” No credit card, email address, debit card, or online presence for people to hack or steal or block or monitor me through. Now I’m super protective of what of “me” is out there on the internet, what laws are being made, and of my forms of identification and connection to larger organizations (credit card, bank acct, etc). I’m also very aware of the fine line we are walking now as a society of having our privacy completely comprised (so much of it already is). Alot of where I am now also comes from seeing the world for what it is, understanding the slippery slope and having spent time actually living in a dictatorship where my own laptop would have a red screen pop up on a regular basis giving me the number of the mysterious computer monitoring my device and having my phone bugged and where I went to a school bugged, and always having to watch what I said and where I went. I had an actual experience of what it’s like to lose many of the privacies and freedoms we take for granted – that takes everything out of the theory realm I think many people in America live in and brings issues of privacy and exposure right in your face. Though I noticed the last 5ish years how many people I’ve talked to who are in denial of government, corporations, groups, organization’s motives to infringe on our privacy, freedoms and rights. Noticed a lot of people I would consider smart and with it tune out and shut down because it was “too overwhelming to deal with”.

    As for fear and trust, as I mentioned above – in 1998 I had an “everything will work out outlook that didn’t involve much fear.” And guess what, a lot of stuff worked out really well at the end of high school and throughout college. And I had many once in a life time opportunities. But on the flip side, I sort of cruised through without answering some critical questions about myself, where I was going in life, what I wanted my future life to look like, and what has important to me in terms of career. Doing well in school was such a major focus, instead of seeing it as a building block for my future life. Also, at that point I had not addressed my parent’s material, issues and themes that they passed on to me.

    I made some headway in answering the questions when I stopped cruising in foggy Neptune and hit a brick wall in June of 2007. Reality came home in the form of an seeming inner crisis and crisis in my family and in my relationships and then a long process began. Best thing I did in the past 5 years was find astrology and go to therapy because fear and trust issues rose their ugly, yet necessary, heads. Now I’m near the end of a process of digging through all the “issues” layers I didn’t know I had, working the stuff out, being aware of it, healing it and moving on with new knowledge and wisdom. Some fear and trust still propagates, but I work with it in a conscious ways understanding where it comes from. And I can tell from where I’m at now, and my experience of Neptune’s short dip into Pisces last year and Chiron entering Pisces that I’m entering a time soon where I will have healthier relationship to fear and trust.

    Ok…sorry that got so long Eric. :) I’ve been reflecting a lot lately on the past 14 years and what I’ve learned as I say goodbye to Neptune in Aquarius (it’s a happy goodbye), so I had a bunch of ideas whirling around when you posted this question.

  • Vincentmulford

    In 1998 I had a tiny house in the country from which nature and solitude gave me strength. My business situation changed drastically, resulting in my selling that fantasy for a big building in a small city to become my shop and home. Rebirth has happened all around me as my business and relationships grew – along with noise and authority. Trust and privacy have been constantly challenged as I’ve gone from wearing my heart on my sleeve to feeling lost to who I am. After much soul searching and withdrawal I recently found a tiny house in the country. Filled with peace and happiness I have run willingly to reclaim myself.

    • Paula preston

      Beautifully written Vincent.

  • Maisie

    The Mojave highway sign sparks recognition of sooo many of those in the southwest. The scourge noticeably began in 1982 and has mushroomed into now – checkpoints EVERYWHERE. I slowly learned to become a “raccoon in the woods” as my friend calls it; become invisible to avoid harassment. Life along the international border with Mexico became so intolerable for me after 35 years that I drove north 800 miles and left everything and nearly everyone behind.
    New chapter; perhaps a book.

  • Tgarton

    Eric – Rising is Gemini – late in Gemini I think, so, most of Aquarius would be 8th? Spreading over the 9th house cusp? Hopefully I have that right. ;)

  • Eric Francis Coppolino

    Oh! This is about immigration, not terrorism! Well, they are the same thing I guess. Taking care of agriculture and food production deserves just as much in police resources as blowing things up.

  • Paula

    In 1998 I had a breast removed and the man I loved left me. By 2005 I had been arrested and jailed for protesting in front of Halleburton,got my picture on the front of the Rocky Mountain News and felt really exposed and afraid. I was able to sell my house and packed my 72 truck with fabric, doll collection and dog and moved to Mexico. I have been living and meditating on the beach.I had a relationship of convenience and protection but my spiritual world was private and unrecognized. I then had a wild and passionate one sided affaire. I am recovering and continue to sit on the beach and watch the sunrise feeling really safe in my little fishing village and continuing to question……..

  • mariapadhila

    Put this in yesterday but it didn’t show up: two big things over the Neptune span: Water–first indications of aging infrastructure in pipes, lead in water, and admission by mainstream medicine of endocrine disruptors in water (from plastics). Water vessels, Aquarians?

    Another one–a first-world problem that, because it involved so many immigrant women and pulled in wider issues becomes a full-world problem–the mommy wars. In the media and among middle- and upper-class western women, a conflict came up pitting women who left work and stayed home and those who didn’t want to/couldn’t afford to. Women took off after each other about this and about every aspect of child-raising, from vaccination to attachment parenting to education to food issues. What it meant to be a mother–and a “good” mother–was talked about endlessly and is living on through the many “mommy blogs” women from diverse points of view and means established, a veritable underground independent media. What was lost in the fog was the dependence on lower-income women, many of them immigrants, for child care, and the conditions under which they work. What was hidden was that many of these women who “chose” to leave work were actually forced out, discouraged, or just found it impossible to work because the family structures and the workplace demands never changed. Why do I think of this as Neptunian? I think because motherhood was defined in a context of self-sacrifice and total immersion into the child’s identity, and this was done within a larger social perspective — “helicopter parenting” — when privately, to me at least, motherhood is nurturing, fierce, selfishly enjoyable in many ways, a pain in the ass sometimes, a practice of detachment (no child is part of me or mine), and something else that i guess I’ll find out tomorrow. But in the Neptune years, boundaries between a mother and child have been seen as bad parenting. Oh, plus: children have been doped within an inch of their lives–tres Neptunian.

  • Guest

    My d.o.b. is 1-26-62 and it has transformed EVERYTHING in my life. With 4 planets in AQ in the 6th everything changed especially work or lack thereof. Not really in a good way (especially as I’ve been unemployed and sort of homeless for the past 3 years) but then, transformation isn’t always good. It’s just transformation. And, of course, it won’t stop me from trying to get beyond the problems but…well, it’s been hell.

    I’ve learned the hard way the enemies can be in plain sight and that trust just can’t be taken for granted. I’ve also learned that how people see me is not quite how I see myself.

  • Stormilarue

    i live on the nm/tx border and you cannot get 30 miles anywhere out of here w/o going through a ‘security’ checkpoint. perhaps it’s a desert thing. in 1998 the checkpoints were about 80 miles away and didn’t involve “random” pullovers, asking every non-white person what their citizenship is and where they’ve been and are going, and profiling white females driving alone at night. quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

  • Xtica Karima

    the picture reminds me of an old x-file episode called “dreamland” =)
    great article!