What We Birth When We Are Fully Present

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Tomorrow (Friday), we’ll experience the last of the three exact contacts in the Uranus-Eris conjunction in Aries, at 2:44 am EDT (6:44 UTC). Uranus-Eris is the overarching event that we can look to as representative of much of the surprise, chaos (political chaos and identity chaos) and upheaval we’re currently experiencing in our digital age.

Total presence: baby and saxophonist connect in front of the NYC Library in 2014. Photo by Amanda Painter.

So what does it mean to have the third and final exact conjunction between these two unpredictable planets?

On one level, it’s yet another reminder to expect the unexpected. That has been the theme of the last year-plus, and it’s clear we’ll need to stay on our toes as this astrology ripples out and its repercussions take new shape.

So one mission, should you choose to accept it, is to keep striving to adapt to what the world throws at you, without getting jaded, exhausting yourself or going numb. Because once you give in to total cynicism, burn out or simply tune out entirely, you also lose touch with the passion and awareness necessary to create something new and vital with your life.

Some days, “new and vital” might simply be the ability to get up in the morning and do what must be done. Other days, “new and vital” could very well be something that refreshes your commitment to serving the highest good of humanity, or something that brings joy and inspiration to others.

Along with Uranus-Eris, tomorrow the Pisces Sun makes a square to Saturn and the Galactic Core (GC) in Sagittarius (just like Mercury did last week). The Sun equates to ‘conscious awareness’, which is a close cousin to the ‘intellect’ that Mercury represents. So I suspect that the Sun-Saturn-GC configuration plays a similar role in this week’s astrology.

That role is to remind you to get your facts straight in the face of all that’s happening around you — especially as you encounter it via online environments. Or perhaps more accurately, get your focus straight. Understand where your awareness gets drawn to; notice how you situate yourself (and your ego) in relation to the world around you. Own your perceptions, biases, blind spots and projections as best you can — and be open to how new information might necessitate a shift in any of those factors.

The presence of the Galactic Core emphasizes the message — both the message of the Sun-Saturn square, and the message of the Uranus-Eris conjunction. It would seem there are universal truths available, despite the distractions. Or maybe the universal truth coming through is about the distractions themselves? Could it be that we’re living in this plane of existence specifically to experience the ‘distraction’ of being human, and to learn from it?

Perhaps. After all, consider for a moment the Sabian symbol for the degree where Uranus and Eris make their last exact meeting: 23 Aries. The Sabian symbols are a system of channeled images that correspond to each of the 360 degrees of the zodiac, the most famous of which were interpreted by Dane Rudhyar. The symbol for 23 Aries is, “A pregnant woman in light summer dress.” Its keynote is “Fecundity.”

“Fecundity” by Susan Singer, part of her Birth Affirmations project.

Without getting into Rudhyar’s full explanation of this degree’s symbol, just think about the word “fecundity.” It suggests that this moment is rich and fertile for creating new life; that this new life is coming from an integration of masculine and feminine, but that it’s the archetypal feminine energy that is carrying this potential into the open.

The Jan. 21 Women’s March seems to be just one indicator of a growing vitality and recognition of ‘the Divine Feminine’ in our everyday presence; recognition of the power it has to shape public discourse, and to shape new ways of engaging with each other that subvert the age-old ‘power-over’ model we’re so accustomed to.

Does this mean the masculine goes away or is weakened? Far from it. Maybe it just means that in shifting power dynamics and dialogue closer to an equilibrium, masculine and feminine can be integrated in a way that allows polarity to engender harmony and synthesis, rather than simply setting us up for conflict when we meet the ‘other’.

Consider, for a moment, that Venus is currently in Mars’ home sign of Aries; and Mars is in Venus’ home sign of Taurus. These personal planets that represent the feminine principle and the masculine principle, respectively, are currently expressing in their opposite mode. It’s a picture of synthesis, though it has its challenges.

Venus (which is retrograde) conjoins Mercury in Aries Saturday. Will the result be like a typical Mercury-Venus conjunction (refined and artistic mind, optimistic, charming)? Or will it be more like a typical Mercury-Mars conjunction (aggressive, mechanically inclined, courageous), since Mars rules Aries?

I suspect it may be a blend of both. Whether it’s the best of both or the worst of both depends highly on your personal circumstances, values, temper, attitude and worldview. But I like to think that the recent experience of a friend of mine offers an ideal model of how it can work.

This friend, named Bess, had an in-person appointment with an aide at the office of one of our U.S. senators. She was nervous, and she’s angry about a great deal that is happening politically on the national stage.

Elliot Hart shortly after arriving to her mom, Kayla, who is one of the editors at Daily Mom. According to Patsy Rodenburg, all babies are born in “Second Circle” energy: absolute presence.

So she spent a full week thinking about what to say and how.

And Bess asked herself to step into what Patsy Rodenburg, a voice coach and theater director, calls The Second Circle: “a place where real communication can happen; an open, unguarded, vulnerable yet strong and grounded place,” and promised herself she would not step into the Senator’s office as an adversary.

Rather than going in with both guns blazing and a list of grievances, she decided to connect with the aide on a personal level first — and to tell personal stories that related directly to four specific areas of concern. She asked how much time she had, and found out that the aide needed to check in with her school-age daughter in about half an hour.

And then my friend talked. The aide listened and took notes. The aide remarked that, “none of us ever expected we would be where we are.”

Bess says she expects some people will think that she went too easy on the aide. But, the aide invited her back to discuss more issues. More importantly, my friend made a connection: “human to human, woman to woman, mom to mom,” as she described it.

This woman harnessed her receptivity to her courage. She integrated her determination to make a difference with her determination to be open. She took initiative, yet she also allowed the unknown to unfold in ways far more beautiful — and probably far more effective — than if she’d let her fear get channeled into aggression. No matter what your gender identification, this is an option available to you.

Bess created a space both within her and with this other person where something new could be birthed, even if just for those moments when she was in the office. I suspect, however, that space did not close up when she left — at least, not within her. What will you birth with the gift of your full presence?

Yours & truly,

Weekly Horoscope for March 16, 2017, #1143 | By Amy Elliott

Aries (March 20-April 19) — When we anticipate an approaching event, there can be a temptation to try to predict the outcome. Any feeling of disappointment that can follow from this, while it might be poignant at the time, is usually unfounded. If you’re experiencing something similar now, have faith. Life often has unexpected ways of coming through with exactly what is needed, if not precisely at the moment we desire it. Remember also that surprises can take many shapes: some are more pleasant than others, and some require time to appear in their full beauty. — By Amy Elliott.

Taurus (April 19-May 20) — What you currently seem to be working through might be described as clearing out your emotional basement. You have sufficient detachment just now to carry out this task with superlative efficiency. What you find could lead to a reassessment of certain ambitions, or perhaps a clearer understanding of your true capabilities. If you feel any doubt on either point, someone you trust can help. One possible avenue might involve a calling to do something specific for your community. That could prove to be a source of deep healing. — By Amy Elliott.

Gemini (May 20-June 21) — The heavens appear to have bestowed on you a delightful charm and playfulness; possibly with a bit of mystery thrown in, just for larks. People you meet will want to tag along for the ride. Let them: the sacredness of play and pleasure are all too often unrecognized, and many people are in need of a good frolic. The only constraint you seem to have is time. If this is so, do what you can to set aside a few hours purely for fun, relaxing activities and connecting with as many as possible of those who are irresistibly drawn to you. — By Amy Elliott.

Cancer (June 21-July 22) — A connection or close relationship may be growing deeper; possibly also more passionate. This is likely to awaken your senses and your creative powers to an extent you might not previously have known they could reach. If you feel a little overwhelmed by these changes to begin with, have patience while things find a more manageable tempo. Further, don’t constrain yourself by rigid measures of success. Go with the flow, and allow your gifts to flourish at their own pace. So long as you continue to stoke the fires of your enthusiasm, nothing can prevent you from making your energy work. — By Amy Elliott.

Leo (July 22-Aug. 23) — Your dreams and aspirations could take out a new lease on life very soon. When inspiration strikes, it helps to follow up with hard work, commitment and determination. Strategy and planning are useful tools as well. In the current environment, carrying a long-term project through to completion is more challenging than ever, due to all the potential distractions. Be wary and shrewd about avoiding those that might appeal to you. You’re a fixed sign and you have all the natural tenacity you need to persist; however, it’s easy to be drawn in. Stay alert. — By Amy Elliott.

Virgo (Aug. 23-Sep. 22) — You will do just fine if you keep in mind that healing is rarely instantaneous. Becoming comfortable in your own skin is a process, especially when you feel buffeted by the ghosts of past memories. You need to pace yourself, and take it easy, particularly if you’re feeling tense or nervous. Doing what you enjoy may be part of that; doing what relaxes you at a deep level, emphatically so. If you have concerns about practical or financial circumstances, first ensure that you are organized: knowing where you are at could be half the battle, at least. — By Amy Elliott.

Libra (Sep. 22-Oct. 23) — It seems that recent developments on the career front are bringing a welcome boost to your self-esteem. With the help of loved ones, you are gradually breaking down old self-critical notions and forming a more just and appreciative view of your character. It may be useful to notice the steps in this process and record them for future reference. You have every reason to feel pride in your achievements. By the way, if anyone in your social circle displays envy at your success, that’s their problem: I’d advise bestowing your precious time elsewhere. — By Amy Elliott.

Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 22) — Your closest relationships could now benefit from a fresh burst of passion and energy, providing you with rich inner nourishment. It’s important that you stay present and enjoy these moments thoroughly, remembering that life events do not occur purely to be documented on Facebook. You could certainly be inspired to make actual art of some kind, however. You appear to be neatly tuned in to some potent spiritual source, almost as if you are channeling directly. Keep a record of your dreams, particularly if they move you emotionally.— By Amy Elliott.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 22) — It looks as if something (or someone) has kindled your enthusiasm or curiosity to a high degree. I suggest you go along for the ride and see where you end up. The pressure on your emotional life of late has probably not been easy to handle, and a holiday from all that could do much for your wellbeing. If certain past events have contributed to the tension, you may be able to view them now from a different perspective, and with any luck your heart will be substantially lighter. For now, I hope you will thoroughly enjoy your newfound pleasures. — By Amy Elliott.

Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 20) — The pace of change might seem perplexing and not so easy to deal with. A part of you is probably scoping out the nearest available storm shelter, where you can safely wait out the turbulence and then carry on with your usual routine. Yet these are changes for the better, and you are now beginning to see your efforts bear fruit. Don’t let any former confidence issues get to you now — persist doggedly, grudgingly if you must, but keep going. As renowned guerrilla artist Banksy put it: “If you get tired learn to rest, not to quit.” — By Amy Elliott.

Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) — There is something neat and elegant in the ancient doctrine known as the “music of the spheres” — the idea that the planets in their dance create mutual harmonies. Your chart now is fairly ringing with its own melody. This may well be an invitation to cultivate your musical or other creative gifts, or perhaps to stimulate your mind through hearing a well-written composition. Either way, it will likely do you good to develop and use a skill that holds your interest. One other thing: listen to constructive criticism by all means; yet naysayers you can safely ignore. — By Amy Elliott.

Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20) — The idea you are drawn to just now seems to be the next step in the long process of evolution you have undertaken. This is an opportunity to make use of the skills you’ve already learned; and also, potentially, to resolve some challenging feelings from the past. You are finally seeing that it’s possible to be comfortable with who you really are, which in itself is a big leap. Now it seems you are learning to be at peace with expressing that genuine self in all its uniqueness, and in all its rich variety. Keep that devotion to your truth burning bright. — By Amy Elliott.

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