The Day of the Higher Cause — Astrology for Feb. 25, 2020

If Your Birthday is Tuesday, Feb. 25 | The Day of the Higher Cause

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If you need support or motivation, look to friends or colleagues for just the energetic nudge you require to strengthen your resolve. If you want assistance, ask directly rather than dropping hints. People value you for who you are, which includes your tendency to go against the grain. Make peace with challenging personal history that might get stirred, especially if it either affects self-esteem or triggers resentment. Let the past be dust in the wind, which is now at your back.
— by Victoria Emory and Eric Francis

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Written in the Planets for Feb. 25, 2020

Today at 8:45 pm EST, Mercury passes exactly between the Earth and the Sun. Mercury orbits faster than the Sun, and three times a year it blows past us. That is Mercury retrograde. Today the alignment of the Earth, Mercury and the Sun is exact. (We are halfway through Mercury retrograde, which ends March 9, so we are about halfway through this one.)

Mercury conjunct the Sun; Moon conjunct Chiron. Neptune is in the middle.

The result is an awakening, where your inner reality matches your outer reality — if only for a moment. If this happens, note the feeling and any associated thoughts. Slow down enough to notice. This represents a moment of learning through some direct experience. There is more to the picture.

Earlier today, the Moon enters Aries at 1:47 pm, which has a whole different feeling from the Pisces New Moon that was exact a few days ago. The Aries Moon has a dauntless quality, and you may need it. Well, it always helps to have courage on our planet, especially these days when there is so little to go around.

The Moon forms a conjunction to Chiron in Aries just as Mercury aligns with the Sun. This is worth a visual. Mercury and the Sun have a “6” next to them and the Moon and Chiron have a “3” next to them. Happening together, at the same moment, they signal a rare awakening, influencing many layers of awareness.

I don’t want to set up any expectations here. The way I work with these events in my own life is, I notice what occurs (and what I feel and what I learn) rather than trying to make a specific result. That in itself is fairly rare. “Noticing what happens” is the thing that does not usually happen.

My first teacher of Yoga Studies was someone named JJH. He was fond of saying “action is the fruit of knowledge.” Today we get the knowledge. Tomorrow and through the week, you may find that you need to take action.
— by Eric Francis

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Almanac: The Moon enters Aries today at 1:47 pm EST.
Mercury’s interior conjunction with the Sun takes place tonight at 8:45 pm EST.

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