Ultimate Astrology Set


Custom product containing high-value items presented in a D-ring binder for durability and ease of use; Includes two personal readings, custom transit journal based on your chart, hand-calculated by Eric Francis


To really work with astrology, it’s necessary to do it on paper, in physical form. This will get you off of the screen and help you take full ownership of your charts.

Apart from my readings, it would take years to assemble all of these materials — if you knew about them. This set will be just as helpful to a new student as for an advanced one. Our Ultimate Astrology Set is designed to help you get organized and keep your papers together, and to offer a solid collection of the basic tools you need to learn and grow. You will finally get a handle on your studies, and find it easy to devote yourself in an organized way.

The materials are presented in a D-ring binder for durability and ease of use, and so you can make your own astrology notebook, plus an online resource area.

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