Taurus: The Full Suite of Written and Audio Readings


For the first time ever, Planet Waves is offering a bundle of several recent readings, categorized by sign — an immense resource of Eric’s materials, personalized for your Sun or rising sign, at an affordable price.

The Taurus Suite of Written and Audio Readings includes the 2021-22 Taurus Astrology Studio, as well as Taurus’s readings from the 2021 annual editions (An Aquarian Era and All of Us Here), the recent annual editions Intelligence and Respect, and the latest seasonal readings Dharma and Story of I Am.

This bundle includes several hours of Eric’s audio sessions as well as many written readings.

Eric is a professional astrological consultant and these readings provide much excellent information at a small fraction of the cost of a personal reading.


You may already have one or more of these readings; we have packed in everything. We cannot discount for a reading you already have because this package is offering just that. You may however share your readings with others. 

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