Planet Waves Master Class Bundle


This is your chance to get access to all 13 of Eric’s recorded classes for just $333. Adding up to over 40 hours of recordings, plus a bunch of useful visual aids and resources, this is an offer not to be missed.


Classes are:
– Intro to Reading a Natal Chart
– Become Your Own Astrologer, Part 1
– Become Your Own Astrologer, Part 2
– Retrogrades, Reincarnation and Re-Membering
– Introduction to Tarot and Divination
– The Astrology of Now
– It’s All In the Houses
– Karma, Reincarnation and Astrology
– Eroticism: The Cosmic Mirror
– Business, Finance and Astrology
– Astrology Revealed: Introduction to Your Natal Chart
– Introduction to Chiron
– Key Life Transits: Challenges and Turning Points


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