Metamorphosis : 2021 Autumn Video Readings from Eric Francis


Binge Watch this Astrology Mini-Series!

This is a set of half-hour videos for your Sun, Moon, and rising signs — and those of the people close to you. Think of this as the missing Netflix mini-series focused on astrology, personal growth and self-actualization.

Using astrology and my reading of the world, I will help you get accustomed to all this new Aquarian energy, which will be with us for the long-haul, until 2044. This reading includes a preview of 2022 astrology.

How do we continue to grow as individuals with all of this group-focused energy? That will be put to the test with some powerful Mars aspects this fall, and Jupiter dancing between Aquarius and Pisces.

All 12 are now available for the pre-sale price of $88 for all 12 (regularly $111, you can now get 12 for the price of three individual signs). We encourage sharing within your household or small circle, and the reading will come with instructions explaining how to do that.

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We have all been through many changes the past 18 months. The astrology was brutal, at times almost violent. The sky has cooled off some and we can now catch up with the many areas of our lives calling for adjustments and offering opportunities.

We are happy to announce Metamorphosis, the 2021 Midyear Reading from Planet Waves. Personally relevant, easy to understand, engaging and motivating, don’t miss the next great 12-sign special reading from Eric Francis.



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