Aries Astrology Studio 2021-22


Your Astrology Studio reading for Aries Sun or rising sign includes a one-hour (or longer) audio session of astrology, and an extended written description of your astrological sign. These used to be called “birthday readings,” and serve beautifully as a reading for your solar return (birthday). Eric is a professional astrological consultant and these readings provide much excellent information at a small fraction of the cost of a personal reading.


This reading is like an extended, personal meditation on your life, with many details from your astrology — offered in plain language anyone can follow. Eric also includes access to last year’s reading so you can review the past 12 months and check my accuracy. And we include the charts Eric worked with, in case you want to research further.

This reading is included in the Backstage Pass.

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Special Supplement for Chiron Return Candidates!

If you are born between 1968 and early 1977, you will appreciate the special half-hour supplemental recording on your Chiron return.

If you are having this transit, which occurs between ages 49 and 51, you will benefit from this discussion. Even if you’re a few years out from your Chiron return, or are Aries rising with Chiron transiting your 1st house, having this information will serve you well. We will include other Chiron resources with your reading.

This will include a collection of articles about the Chiron return, as well as other Chiron transits. Both the “birthday” part of the reading and the supplement will contain valuable information for you.


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