Planet Waves Monthly – October 2007

Libra. Courtesy of Wilson’s Almanac.

Aries (March 20-April 19)
If it seems a never-ending quest to keep the peace at home and at work, remember what the two have in common. The bonds that tie people together are remarkably similar no matter what the setting, though we allow some to become more intimate than others (or deem them so). Depth or passion does not change the basic necessities of communicating our expectations, of stating grievances out loud, and most meaningful of all, asking for assistance when the burdens of life become too heavy to carry alone. You need to guard against what is in truth baseless insecurity about yourself; you may at times swing through extreme moods and decide one day that you’re king of the mountain and another day notice you’re struggling for any sense of worth. If you are defensive and protective, you will likely feel less safe. If you seek cooperation, balance and honesty, you will find that these things come to you with surprising ease and grace — even if at certain times during the next few months you display no such qualities.

Taurus (April 19-May 20)
You are in a certain situation for the long haul, but you may not want to think of it that way. Rather, consider that now that you’ve overcome certain deep doubts about yourself, and have constructed a foundation strong enough to build on, others around you are showing their commitment and integrity — now. You may feel you need to push against them, or claim your space; rather, I suggest you enlist their cooperation, and propose terms of the relationship that work for you. The seemingly least likely situations are the ones most likely to work out best, and agreements that recently seemed impossible to assemble are now subject to that beautiful cosmic property known as breakthrough. Bear in mind that what you co-create is something entirely new, based on different principles than anything you’ve experienced before. You may at times feel you lack the permission of “the world,” but the time has finally come for you to have more influence on the culture than it has on you — in art as well as in love.

Gemini (May 20-June 21)
Your deepest healing will come from revealing your deepest secrets. It is fair to say that most people strain under the burden of what they don’t reveal to their loved ones. These might include feelings, impassioned desires, and one’s sense of emotional pain; they might include unexpressed gripes or the fact that one is keeping an emotional scorecard in a relationship. You now have an extended opportunity to get the truth out. If it feels you must do so at the risk of a particularly close or committed relationship, I suggest you take the chance. What good is an opportunity to bond with another person if it’s not done from a clear place? It may seem like you’re risking what you have, but what you’re really gambling on is the possibility of something a lot better. Be mindful that if you go down this road, you are in essence committing to going as deep into the past as you need to in order to be sane, happy and free in the present. You may agree, this is a reasonable proposition.

Cancer (June 21-July 22)
Mars enters your birth sign Sept. 28, where it will remain well into 2008. (Mars turns retrograde in Cancer Nov. 15, so it spends about six months of its two-year orbit in your sign.) This is your invitation to focus your intentions and experiment with the power of desire. Note that this era doesn’t appear to be a transient phase of your life, but rather a threshold to a new understanding of yourself and how you can relate to your world: directly. You are soon to learn that you’re more likely to get what you desire than what you don’t desire. The key to this equation is to make your desires conscious, and to learn how to cancel the ones you don’t want or need. This will require a constant exercise in awareness, and then the additional step of making choices. Part of what you sort out are your past desires from your current ones; all while making room for what you may want in the future. As you do this, remember: feeling secure is more of a choice than a matter of chance.

Leo (July 22-Aug. 23)
You now have the confidence to make some unusual progress, which will teach you one thing mainly — confidence is most of what you want to have the life you want. I wish this were a subject of more open discussion — but what it takes to have faith in oneself is generally kept quiet, or sold at an extremely high fee. I propose that there are two elements to confidence that, once mastered or at least made conscious, go a long way toward creating self-assurance. One is confidence with language. This is rare to find; most people honestly feel they are stumbling over their words, falling short of what they really mean. That leads to silence more often than speaking up. Second is sexual self-confidence, which is even rarer to find. In this world, you can get by pretty good with one or the other; I don’t think you can get far with neither working; both would be best, because we need that balance between the Goddess and the alphabet. Now they can work together for you. I suggest you use this opportunity to find the words to say what you think and what you feel — literally, to speak the unspeakable.

Virgo (Aug. 23-Sep. 22)
All the potential you have been secretly brewing these months and perhaps years is getting ready to hatch, or is at the moment coming out of its shell. Can you feel it? Well, it may not feel so thrilling; it may however feel like this huge pressure to come to terms with yourself, like there is something you must reckon with complete honesty. That urge to be boldly, blatantly honest with yourself is the feeling of being reborn. I suggest you give it a try, or another try — let out whatever you are holding in, even if it’s into a notebook, anonymous blog or digital recorder. To some, Saturn’s presence in their sign may seem to be sending the message that you must wait, contemplate, and organize yourself. I get a different message: wake up, and let go of the past — and quickly. Be aware from your attempts to reach your truth of all that is outmoded in your life. Use your brain; consider your own thoughts; state your priorities. Last month’s solar eclipse in your sign started a process that will continue for the next six months, at least.

Libra (Sep. 22-Oct. 23)
You may feel you have to pull back before you get to your destination. You may feel that an opportunity is passing you by, particularly later in the month. I suggest you not dwell on those thoughts, but rather, maintain focus on what is less obvious to the eye, or from the evidence collected from apparent circumstances. A great deal is brewing that you are not aware of, though as the month develops, you will feel a degree of pressure to do one thing in particular: break free. The bonds that hold us down are most often those of ideas, which are thoughts. Bricks and mortar notwithstanding, thoughts are typically the most difficult thing in the world to change. I suggest that you use heat to melt through most of them. By heat, I mean erotic heat, and your imagination. Following a theme that shows up many places in the astrology this month, open the doors to your own deepest inner awareness, going into as many levels as you can, and reach for words to map your way.

Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 22)
You seem to be making up your mind about something that you usually run through in rapid cycles of belief or dedication. Suddenly, it seems you know exactly what you mean when you speak to yourself; you know exactly how you feel. The astrology, however, says that you have found your way to a longer, more complex version of the same cyclical thought process, and will soon be looking at the other side of the Moon. I would describe this as a crisis of faith, but actually it’s a form of devil’s advocacy that only one as edgy as yourself could get off on. You will soon have the power, and I do mean it, to decide that all your beliefs are wrong; that what you wanted is not what you wanted; that what you have experienced is more a demonstration of what is not true rather than of what is true.  The beauty of the moment is that you can focus on certain ideas long enough to experience them fully and to finally size them up with an unusual degree of consciousness. No matter how deep you go or how committed you are, you will not get stuck.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 22)
A theme that developed last month persists: take care of the details. You also need to know which details matter and which do not. So the other bit of stardust advice is don’t get too carried away. You need to do what you must to keep the kind of control that can only come with awareness; and you would be wise to recognize just how much awareness you already possess. I don’t mean to talk circles here. The short way around the tree is to say, pay attention to the extent that you can be mindful of what matters, and let go of the rest. You are in a building phase right now, where all you touch can turn to gold. Touch gently, but make actual contact; make sure your handprints are where they belong. The point is, by the time the astrology of 2007 peaks in your birth sign later in the autumn, your mind will once again be on the very large picture and you will not have time to handle the small stuff. You have time now; time to use efficiently, and that efficiency is an investment that will pay you back handsomely.

Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 20)
Be mindful of what you think is possible. Be mindful, at the same time, of what you think is possible for God, Goddess, Nature or however you conceive of the organizing cosmic principle. Indeed, you may want to probe just what you think that principle is. You seem to have been questioning the influence of your past in the beliefs that you hold today. We were all taught things as children that profoundly influenced what we thought of as possible or impossible; likely or unlikely; subject to the influence of luck; subject to the influence of planning. For that matter, you had some concrete ideas about what was intractable, and for the most part these seem to be ideas about yourself. You are entering an extended phase when the immovable is indeed mutable; when what was non-negotiable is up for discussion; when you will see that the limits you placed on the universe no more shaped the course of nature than a blindfold turns day to night.

Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 19)
Refine your ideas now; mix the 24-track recording down to 8 tracks. Find practical application for your highest visions; start by applying a “for instance” to as many concepts as you can. While you’re at it, test your theories, whether in a simulator or in some form of reality. This is the time to begin the vital process of grounding your ideas about life into reality. Take tangible steps, even if they are small. Tangible means you can document your progress; you can make and receive commitments; there is a sense of exchange and development, no matter how small it may seem. You need to create a working model of the world you want, rather than having the whole thing be in your head. It is true that in recent years you have come up against many limitations that have caused you to question whether the world, or anyone for that matter, is ready for you. It’s time to resolve that issue.

Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20)
Saturn in your opposite sign is a serious transit, but Saturn says keep it light. Let others do all the getting heavy — trust me, they need the exercise in dedication, and Saturn’s presence in your relationship angle is the perfect invitation for those who are devoted to have a strong presence in your life. You have done most of your part; you have been generous with your ideas, your feelings and your faith in love and in freedom. The factor that seems to be out of control is the timing. When that is the case, all you can do is look at your life, now. But you can also look for tangible signs of dedication. Look at the present, look at history and look at the trends that the two make when you superimpose them.  You are in a phase of your life when awareness goes a long way toward activating the potential of the universe. Keep track of what you have seen to be true and what you have seen to be false, and make a note of when something moves from one column to the other — it’s a sign of progress.

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