Planet Waves FM | May 14, 2021 | Jupiter is in Pisces. Let’s End This Terror Orgy Now.

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David Byrne in a scene from American Utopia

Planet Waves FM for May 14 is ready
Jupiter is in Pisces. Let’s End This Terror Orgy Now. What is a Conspiracy Theorist? Tantra Studio on Female, Male and Trusting Existence (or not). David Byrne turns 69.

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Here is A Fine Line: Roe vs Wade at 40

Isaac George Interviews Eric Francis, part 2 (last week’s part one is down below video, in a free Spotify player )

Isaac George’s Revealing the Mysteries.

Revealing the Mysteries interview

Eric Francis Coppolino, co-editor of Covid19 News and editor of Planet Waves, appears this this week on Revealing the Mysteries radio with Isaac George. Eric talks about how he went from investigative journalism to writing horoscopes back to investigative journalism. This is part one of two. Listen here.

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