Of Sophomores and Storm Troopers

Photo by Eric Francis Coppolino – Planet Waves FM.

Teach your parents well
Their children’s hell will slowly go by
And feed them on your dreams
The one they pick’s the one you’ll know by…

Dear Friend and Reader:

MARS IS NOW IN ARIES, which has been the scene of so much drama the past few months. The total solar eclipse conjunct Chiron of April 8 (just over a month ago), and the recent Mercury retrograde in Aries have stirred and awakened the natives.

Mercury’s retrograde path has involved three conjunctions to Chiron, and three to Eris (the last one is coming up). This astrology burns hot with awakening, to the degree where either one must act on it or go deeper into sleep.

The April 8 total solar eclipse conjunct self-actualizing hyper-aware Chiron, witnessed by millions, certainly seems to have shocked some people into their senses.

And now Mars has arrived and is about to trace all those steps. It will soon cross the North Node, the eclipse degree, and then Chiron, and then Eris — pushing the issues with greater focus. We are seeing a response in the outer world as the protests and mass arrests. Yet for any of this to really matter, it must be internalized. The lesson must go inward rather than just being acted outward.

Photo by Eric Francis Coppolino – Planet Waves FM

Destabilization of Identity, Intellect and Culture

We live today with the disembodying, identity-dissolving force of digital conditions. Disorientation and the destabilization of identity, intellect and culture are the results. A lot of people are struggling and don’t know why. Every communication, thought, image, transaction and shred of memory is run through pixels, bits and bytes.

The culprit is not social media; it’s gigahertz-speed microprocessing, and zeroes and ones, coupled with light-speed communication. This is whacking everyone out-of-body (meaning out of their senses and their common sense) in a whole new way. The symptoms are confusion, chaos and a massive flake factor.

A great many people are acting like they are having a bad trip on LSD and need to be sedated; many do not know their peril. They think they’re fine and come off like idiots.

Yet at a certain point, when an environment is pushed to an extreme for long enough, it reverses itself. That may be part of what we are witnessing with these campus protests. The students are throwing their bodies into the machine. At minimum, we can acknowledge they know they have them; that disembodiment has a limit.

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