Sun in Virgo: The Sign of Healing

Saturday at 11:45 am ET, the Sun entered the mutable earthy sign Virgo. This begins a disseminating phase of the Sun, moving through the last sign of a season as it leads to the next. Apropos of Virgo, we are in a time of global crisis, supposedly brought on by a medical issue.

What is actually happening is that the fear of being unwell is being used to gain control over people on a mass scale, and also as individuals and families. Note that fear itself is seen by many as a kind of preventive. That is not what you could accurately describe as a holistic view.

Yet unless it’s intuitive to a person sensitive to their own reality, even understanding the holistic view would seem to require setting aside many old beliefs that all say essentially the same thing: healing comes from outside of us. The natural intelligence that created our DNA, our immune systems, our many abilities to adapt, cannot handle the oldest thing on Earth besides a rock, which is a virus.

The Holistic Principle

Virgo represents the holistic principle: that all of nature is integrated as one living system. This includes all forms of life and all forms of intelligence, many of which we are not aware of. This can seem like a radical idea in era time of separation and specialization. Yet if you sit quietly in the woods for a few hours, it’s easy to notice that all of nature is working together. Read a book like Silent Spring and can witness these interrelationships in detail you will never forget. You also get to see what happens when a chemical is introduced that disrupts all of the natural cycles.

We create problems when we declare some forms of life enemies and attempt to kill them. Yet to be sensitive to this condition requires a level of spiritual awareness: that is, awareness that goes beyond the physical. The result of such awareness would be a life-affirming rather than life-destroying condition. You could call that a state of integrated balance. At its best, that is the idea of Virgo.

Nearly every factor in our society drives awareness in the other direction, to an extreme. Notice all the ways we are told to interfere with the body’s natural processes rather than to support them. Various approaches to medicine and healing were competing into the early 20th century. They were pushed out of the way largely due to the “oil consciousness” of John D. Rockefeller, who essentially bought out the medical profession with massive grants to medical schools, and then imposed petroleum-based drugs on much of the world.

Modern Medicine versus ‘Old Wives Tales’

This dismissed as “old fashioned” or “old wives tales” or “crude” thousands of years of knowledge about natural healing that we brought with us from the hunter-gatherer days. Homeopathic and chiropractic approaches were relegated to quackery. Herbalism was largely forgotten till a revival in the 1960s and 1970s. Yet the real miracle is the body’s ability to heal itself.

We still innately possess all of our abilities. There is a reason cones in the human eye are sensitive to green frequencies than any other color, which is so we can distinguish the many kinds of plants, for both food and medicine (which are innately related).

Society places constant pressure on people to give up our instincts, and our inherent abilities, and our sensory input, and yield to what we perceive as superior power. This essentially separates us from ourselves, and convinces us that somehow, our very existence is wrong. Yet even when under assault from every direction, the immune system usually manages to do a good job keeping us out of trouble.

Demanding the Right to Take Care of Ourselves

We have come to the point in history where revolution means demanding the right to take care of ourselves. This is sketchy because so many people have refused to do so, think they lack the resources to do so (intellectual or monetary), or do not have the motivation. Well being is not a hostage situation, though some would have it that way. Today, the state of Virginia was the first to announce that a Covid vaccine would be mandatory. Some form of this is likely to come to every state. Australia has been prominent in the news over the past week for its “no jab, no job” policy.

This is for a vaccine that does not exist yet, and for an illness where case fatality is 0.65 at maximum and is likely to be as low as 0.1 to 0.2, meaning fatality in 1 to 2 in a thousand cases. Early in the crisis, a panic was caused when we were told case fatality would be 1% to 7% and that the number of infected could be 30 times higher than it actually most places.

To get a sense how problematic a mass vaccination program can be, particularly for a rushed preparation, take a look at this edition of 60 Minutes about the Swine Flu hoax (yes, an actual mass-scale, government-sponsored hoax) and rushed vaccine disaster of 1976. Many who took the shot (about 20% of the American public) experienced neurological symptoms, some crippling in the manner of polio.

Now, in addition to learning how to take care of our health and specifically our immune systems, we are being placed in a position where we must fight for the right to do so.

Where to begin? If we take this through the filter of Virgo, the beginning point is knowledge. That means self-knowledge of a kind that is not popular these days, and it also means knowing the status of your environment.

As the poet Adrienne Rich said, “There are methods but we do not use them.”

It’s time to get busy.

With love,

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