Gemini Sun & Rising — Monthly Horoscope & Sign Description

Gemini Monthly Horoscope for June 2020


Gemini (May 20-June 21) — Your relationships are about to take on unusual qualities that are far outside the realm of ‘normal’ romance or partnership. Any situation that may not seem to offer you exactly what you want is in truth offering you something better. You are in a facilitating role in the life of someone close to you. You’re in a position to allow something to happen that might otherwise be impossible.

The water-into-wine transformation is that on some other occasion, you might be more inclined to feel like your desires should at least be taken into account. You now have the ability to set that aside, and this is the source of your true power. Your ability to allow someone else’s needs facilitates their experience, which in turn teaches you something you could not learn otherwise. Knowledge is created which would not manifest any other way.

It is a rare privilege to serve as the guardian, and one to which you must bring all of your learning, your experience, and your courage. Yet you remain largely in the role of the witness, and the catalyst. Whatever you may seem to surrender to be in this position, there is a corresponding gain — though this is dependent upon your humility. That means your willingness to learn, and to face the unknown with respect.

Saturn’s entry into Aquarius, your 9th solar house — that of wisdom traditions, the ‘higher self’ and fair judgment — describes your maturity and balanced quality of your judgment. You may find yourself in a position to make decisions for many other people in the coming weeks and months, or at least to advise them on a difficult ethical matter. Listen carefully to all sides, and then trust your understanding of right and wrong. You, at least, know there is such a thing.

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Sign Description for Gemini

(May 20-June 21) — Gemini is one of the three human signs, illustrated by a person rather than some other kind of critter. And when a human appears, he/she appears in a pair. Isn’t that interesting? This comes with a question: what are the two sides of your nature? You’ve obviously identified a tendency to what’s called ‘dualism’ — the simultaneous expression of opposites.


This is challenging, but it helps to have some self-knowledge and ongoing self-awareness. Are the two sides of your Gemini nature about the immortal soul coexisting with the mortal ego? Are they about the relationship between mind and body? Are they the good twin and the evil twin? Whatever the case, you need many modes of expression and you may have three computers.

You may have a special gift of creative collaboration, because you can shapeshift and respond to any human situation as the person you’re needed to be. Use this skill and it will get stronger. You also need a diverse group of friends to stimulate the many sides of your mind. And you need to turn your nearly obsessive inner dialog into something creative; capture it in writing, turn it into a play or TV show; explore your psyche in a therapy process.

The challenge that most people feel with Gemini is that they ‘don’t know who they’re talking to’, since you are so multifaceted. But the better you know yourself, the more trustworthy you’ll be. If you’re aware of how people respond to you, and do your best to bridge this perception gap, your relationships will go more smoothly.

You can also keep your friends guessing. I consider Gemini the kinkiest sign. It’s got to do with the whole twin thing — if you find your twin, you know how to make him or her feel good. Gemini is an air sign, and the first of the four mutable signs, which come at the end of a season. The planet associated with Gemini is Mercury, which is fast-moving and androgynous. If you want to learn more about yourself, look where Mercury is placed in your chart.

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