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Chiron 90-day ephemeris – 1968-present

Chiron, Uranus, Pluto, Saturn 90-day ephemeris – 1968-present

An ephemeris is like a train schedule for the planets. This simplified, very friendly ephemeris is set to give the position of Chiron every 90 days beginning in 1968.  I have also set one to include a few additional planets. Note that it is adjustable. You may add or remove planets, and set it for a shorter duration of time between dates given. If you get an error message, you tried to go too far into the future.

This device will help you find your approximate Chiron natal position and will help you map out your Chiron transits, which I do in part of the Chiron in Aries reading.

In 1968, Chiron entered Aries and Uranus entered Libra, commencing a new mini-era of 1960s births. Chiron and Uranus were in a long opposition from the 1950s through the 1970s, which changed signs several times.

Chiron and Uranus entering Aries and Libra bridge what we think of as the ’60s and the ’70s. Pluto begins its transit into Libra in October 1971 and completes it in July 1972.

Chiron moves at its slowest in Aries (it is at aphelion and takes about nine years to make it across, as opposed to Libra, when Chiron is at perihelion and takes 18 months to transit its sign).

This reading covers:

— Introduction to Chiron and Chiron transits

— Major quadrature Chiron transits for this cycle, cardinal signs. Also check Chiron’s transits through your rising sign, your 7th house, and over your Moon.

— Chiron Conjunct Eris in the birth chart: focus 1971 and 1972

May 30, 1971 12+ degrees

Sept. 7, 1971 12+ degrees

March 19, 1972 12+ degrees

Sample Chiron Return Chart — Chiron conj. Eris #2

Sample Chiron return chart, with Chiron in is retrograde conjunction to Eris and opposite Uranus.






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