Gemini Astrology Studio 2021-22: The Crux of the Mirror

Welcome, Gemini, to your 2020-21 Astrology Studio by Eric Francis. .   Your reading is published above. It is valid for Gemini Sun, Moon, rising and Chiron. An extended sign description is below. Use this link to download your reading as a Zip file. Here are the contents: Your 2020-21 Astrology Studio (last year’s … Read more

Taurus Astrology Studio 2021-22

Welcome, Taurus, to your 2021-22 Astrology Studio by Eric Francis.   Play on Mobile Player | Download File The report, which is also valid for Taurus rising and Moon, is an 80 minute audio session and your extended sign description below. Here are the contents: Link to your 2020-21 reading (last year’s reading) Taurus … Read more

Aries Astrology Studio 2021-22

Your 2021-22 Aries Astrology Studio by Eric Francis Part one of your reading is ready. This is for Aries Sun, Rising, Moon or Chiron.   Play on Mobile Player | Download File Here is the Chiron Return Reading and its associated Resource Area.   Play on Mobile Player Welcome, Aries, to the page … Read more

Pisces Astrology Studio 2021-22

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