Sagittarius New Moon and The Capricorn Gathering

Dear Friend and Reader: On Thursday, I wrote about what is happening in Sagittarius, including the Sun’s ingress and the Jupiter-Venus-Ixion alignment with the Galactic Core. If you’re interested in that aspect, please refer back to my previous article. The Sagittarius New Moon is at 10:05 am EST on Tuesday. The New Moon is trine Chiron, … Read more

Truth or Dare: Mercury Stations Direct

Did he doubt or did he try? Answers aplenty in the bye and bye Talk about your plenty, talk about your ills One man gathers what another man spills Dear Friend and Reader: Wednesday, Mercury stations direct in Scorpio. Through the week, we will be in that moment of turbulence and revelation associated with Mercury … Read more

Vesta Full Moon: From the Inside

Dear Friend and Reader: Tuesday’s Full Moon in Taurus takes place a small fraction of a degree from the asteroid (4) Vesta. This is a remarkable conjunction, and a peak moment of Vesta’s extended stay in Taurus (which extends from June 10, 2019 through March 21, 2020 — notably, the same day Saturn enters Aquarius). … Read more

Mars Square Pluto, Under a Scorpio Sky

Dear Friend and Reader: As the Sun approaches the midpoint of Scorpio this week, that sign’s two ruling planets come into contact. Mars (traditional ruler of Scorpio) is in Libra, making a square to Pluto (the modern ruler), which is in Capricorn. These are two powerful planets making an action-oriented aspect — which should immediately … Read more

Planet Waves: It’s About the Horoscopes

Dear Friend and Reader: This week, we arrive at a Planet Waves milestone — 200 consecutive weeks of Monday Morning horoscopes. After many years of Thursday or Friday weeklies, we began publishing Mondays with the start of our Marie Claire gig. What also changed is that we no longer have “off weeks,” mostly thanks to my having … Read more