Tending New Ground, in a New Way

Dear Friend and Reader: With each new natural disaster that has swept through the news recently (hurricanes, floods, fires, earthquakes…) it feels as though the planet is trying to get our attention: no matter how much technological ‘progress’ we make, it won’t matter until we face the damage we do to the Earth, commit to … Read more

Looking Beyond the Devil in the Details

Dear Friend and Reader: By now, whatever emotional energy peak you may have experienced with the Full Moon should be dissipating. And while you still might feel a little foggy or unsure about certain situations (thanks to Neptune’s lingering influence), at least the mental shenanigans of Mercury are slowly beginning to sort themselves out. ‘Easy … Read more

Hurricane Harvey: Call it What it Is

Let the music keep our spirits high Let the buildings keep our children dry Let creation reveal its secrets by and by, by and by — Jackson Browne Dear Friend and Reader: This is a good week to appreciate the dry roof over your head and the food in your refrigerator. Now is the perfect time … Read more

Count Yourself In

Dear Friend and Reader: It’s tempting, in times of pain, chaos and transformation, to think there are no opportunities for you to participate, or feel like life is so insane that nothing matters, and besides, the world is ending anyway. Plenty of people are caught in the meme that nothing makes a difference, especially them. … Read more

Of Nuclear Bombs and Reasoning

Dear Friend and Reader: Yesterday, I was poking around the pages of The Onion, when I found this article: Historians Admit To Inventing Ancient Greeks. It featured a photo of two scholarly-looking pundits, and began: “WASHINGTON — A group of leading historians held a press conference Monday at the National Geographic Society to announce they had ‘entirely … Read more