Notes on Love and Courage

Dear Friend and Reader: Well, the Saturn-Neptune square certainly has begun with some energy. It’s been warming up all year, and is now at its first of three major peaks. The world has hardly ever seemed more chaotic, with more horrid things going on in more places. It’s appealing to push it all away, to … Read more

Vision Quest: Into the Mysteries of 2016

Marie Claire Horoscope for December 2015 | by Eric Francis Aries (March 20-April 19) — This is by far the most ambitious time of year for you. To take advantage of what is truly an exceptional picture of potential, I recommend two things: One, leave past professional hurts and disappointments behind. Face the future as if … Read more

Vision Quest: Into the Mysteries of 2016

Dear Friend and Reader: Every year at this time I’m casting and reading a lot of astrology — a bit more than usual, in preparation for my year-ahead readings. The result is the combination of an annual book of 12 chapters (one per sign and rising sign) and spoken-word audio project (about an hour per … Read more

Moonshine Horoscopes — Gemini Full Moon Edition

By Len Wallick Aries (March 20-April 19) — It’s natural to stick with what works. It’s also very easy to confine yourself with habit. Indications are that now would be a good time to experiment a bit, to become more aware of how circumscribed you might be by your routines. This is especially true if you … Read more

Perspective and Power

Dear Friend and Reader: There has been heaviness in my heart, as I imagine there might be in yours. Waking up yesterday to the sounds of the latest news reports from Paris set a dark tone to my day as I prepared to write the first draft of this piece. Yet our lives, like the … Read more