Sea Changes: Neptune Enters Pisces

Dear Friend and Reader: Today is the big day that Neptune ingresses Pisces to stay until 2025, the sign of which it’s the modern ruling planet. Neptune made a kind of test run into Pisces between April and August of last year; due to the retrograde effect we’ve had a few months since then to … Read more

Before and After Neptune in Aquarius

Dear Friend and Reader: In what I trust is the last quirk of the publishing schedule after completing the 2012 annual, I had the choice today whether to write a late version of the Inner Space horoscope for February, or a letter to you. Given the quality of the moment, I’ve opted for the letter … Read more

Of Aquarius, Water and Dragons

Dear Friend and Reader: The Chinese Year of the Dragon began Monday, Jan. 23 with the Aquarius New Moon. The Dragon is the Chinese equivalent to the western sign Aries — high initiative and innovative. Dragon years are almost always memorable years in Western society, and 2012 will be no exception. This is the Dragon … Read more

Scratch Some Virgo, Find Some Pisces

Dear Friend and Reader: The late, great horoscope writer Patric Walker once wrote, “Scratch a Pisces and you’ll find a Virgo under their skin.” Though this was a cute one-liner that I read in The New York Post, Patric was alluding to a real astrological principle: the ‘opposite’ signs contain one another. In a sense, they’re … Read more

What I’ve Learned About 2012 Astrology (So Far)

Dear Friend and Reader: We finished the 14th annual edition of Planet Waves last night and — lo and behold — we have a weekly issue for you today as well. As you may know, I woke up Saturday morning with one sign left to write (Pisces) and discovered that four signs I had written, … Read more