The Way Forward

Dear Friend and Reader: Rarely has the Earth felt like such a dangerous place, on the constant brink of crisis and chaos. I don’t know anyone who is not working the edge in some way, trying to keep a grip or make sense of their lives. Many are feeling pushed to one limit or another, … Read more

Gemini Total Eclipse and the Sibling Society

Dear Friend and Reader: Saturday’s total eclipse of the Moon is in Gemini — the sign of siblings, often associated with young people, young attitudes and easy-to-grasp ideas. Many factors suggest that this is a volatile moment, calling for discernment and embracing the faculty of conscious choice. [Note, this is the last eclipse before the … Read more

A Moment of Transparency

Dear Friend and Reader: So here we are in the thick of Mercury retrograde, with that giant magnet passing between the Sun and the Earth. The effect has nothing to do with superstition. The brain is an electrical device. The Sun is an electrical transmitter. Add a hunk of iron the size of a planet … Read more

The Nature of the Beast

  “The future’s here. We are it.” — John Perry Barlow Dear Friend and Reader: There is a kind of combat happening on the streets of New York City, and many cities across the United States. Evicting the calm, sedate protest from Zuccotti Park Tuesday morning caused the Occupy Wall Street movement’s two-month celebration, long planned … Read more

Neptune to Chiron: from Denial to Awareness

Dear Friend and Reader: I’m wondering what kind of week you had. What did you experience and what did you learn the past five days? It’s been an unusually interesting sky, as Mercury and Venus (personal planets associated with emotions and senses) first made aspects to Neptune (denial, delusion) then to Chiron (painful revelation or … Read more