All Of Us Here by Eric Francis

Imagine you’re sitting in a restaurant with a group of your friends, and a discussion about a potentially sensitive subject comes up. A few of your friends express their views, and you decide to take a turn, something you don’t usually do. You speak your mind and the room goes chilly. There are stares in … Read more

Eriscope from Planet Waves – for February 2009

By Eric Francis Aries (March 20-April 19) The sad truth is that most people will act not based on what they want or what they think is right, but on the supposition of what they think their friends might think. You can afford to stay centered on your own values, or your own message to … Read more

Planet Waves Inner Space for February 2009

Dear Friend and Reader: Today the Sun reaches 15 degrees of Aquarius — the exact midpoint of that sign. This is called Imbolc, which means “in the belly” or “in the milk.” This acknowledges that we are at the depths of winter; though today is a northern hemisphere holiday called Midwinter, the exact midpoint between … Read more

Planet Waves Monthly for February 2009

Dear Friend and Reader: MERCURY STATIONS direct in late Capricorn on Feb. 1, the week of Midwinter holiday or Imbolc. I measure the cross-quarters not by the traditional day stated in the almanac but as when the Sun is at 15 degrees of the fixed signs. According to Io Sprite, my astrology software, the Sun … Read more

Excerpts from Next World Stories

By ERIC FRANCIS Several traditions exist in astrology; there’s one called the Pier tradition, because it comes from beachside fortunetellers. There is a Folklore tradition, which is a form of tribal entertainment and history recording. It’s related to drama. There is a Medicine tradition of astrology, which practices it for healing, and from this we … Read more