Leo New Moon: The Holistic Sense of Self

Dear Friend and Reader: It’s a pleasure to be able to write about a solar-lunar event that is not an eclipse, or something sitting on the Aries Point. That has been the story behind every New Moon or Full Moon so far this summer. With the Leo New Moon of Aug. 20, we close the … Read more

Planet Waves Alt Horoscope – August 2009

BY ERIC FRANCIS (March 20-April 19) You may not know what you want. There can be significant pleasure in considering your options, and you’re more likely to make a good decision if you do it from there rather than a place of angst or hot inner debate. Before you decide, anything is possible. The good … Read more

Inner Space Horoscope – August 2009

BY ERIC FRANCIS Aries (March 20-April 19) Many of the worst patterns that we pick up in childhood are dramatized not by our superiors (such as parents, teachers or bosses) but rather in our relationships with our peers. Those we call friends are capable of perpetuating some of the most negative and debilitating childhood dynamics, … Read more

Monthly Horoscope – August 2009

BY ERIC FRANCIS A year of incredible activity in the sign Aquarius reaches another peak with an eclipse of the Moon on Aug. 5. Think of the Moon as a veil and an eclipse as drawing back the veil. When this happens, a small, meaningful planet called Nessus is revealed. Nessus orbits our Sun and … Read more

Tuesday Horoscope Edition for Total Solar Eclipse

Dear Friend and Reader: Tonight’s total eclipse (Wednesday in many zones outside the United States) of the Sun in the last degree of Cancer represents a point of demarcation in our lives. It’s one of those rare points in time where we will be able to say, “Before this, things were one way, and after … Read more