Planet Waves for February

Aries (March 20-April 19) Compelling events and turning points, particularly involving your established social circle, are boldly announcing that a long phase of your life is drawing to a close. But the new phase will not begin immediately; it is still taking form in ways that you cannot see. We can, however, sum up the ending … Read more

Planet Waves for January

Hello Friends and Readers, Tonight we’re publishing the January monthly horoscope, which is a shorter edition of The Spiral Door Annual Horoscope. In truth, the horoscope below bears little resemblance to the 12 articles by the same title, one per sign, that are now taking shape and which will comprise the astrology section of the annual … Read more

Decoroscope from Inner Space

Decoroscope is the annual edition of Inner Space, written for Canadian House and Home. Unlike my usual psychologically oriented horoscopes, and the emphasis in Inner Space on relationships, this column works with mundane images and ideas for one’s actual home environment. Who better to ask for help than a specialist — Ursula Fugger, my friend … Read more