Daily Astrology: May 2021

Back to Current Page  Total Lunar Eclipse still ringing; Venus square Neptune and Pallas | Thursday, May 27 Today’s high profile aspect, aside from the still recent Total Lunar Eclipse, is Venus square Neptune at 3:25 pm EDT. The square in this instance comes with a caution: don’t be taken in by, or blinded by … Read more

Planet Waves Weekly Horoscope #250 for Oct. 26, 2020 | By Eric Francis Coppolino

Monthly Horoscopes and Publishing Schedule Notes Your extended monthly horoscope for October was published on Thursday, Oct. 1. We published your extended monthly horoscope for September on Wednesday, Sept. 2. Please note: we normally publish the extended monthly horoscope after the Sun has entered a new sign. Monday Evening Horoscope #250 for Oct. 26, 2020 … Read more

Scorpio and the Genome

Dear Friend and Reader: While DNA was discovered in the 19th century, it was not until 1953 that James Watson and Francis Crick discovered the double helix configuration that is now recognized as the sigil of life itself. Between 1938 and 1943, Aleister Crowley (1875-1947) and Lady Frieda Harris (1877-1962) created the Thoth Tarot. It … Read more

Mercury Opposite Uranus: How to Change Your Mind (Introduction to Epistemology)

Dear Friend and Reader: Sunday, I was contemplating where to begin discussion of this week’s astrology, when I noticed that on Monday, retrograde Mercury is opposite Uranus. Both are in fixed signs: Uranus in Taurus, Mercury in Scorpio. An asteroid is involved, which is Juno. The alignment is pin-perfect. The combination of Mercury and Uranus … Read more

Center of the Cyclone

While politics itself tends toward total neurosis and often psychosis, one thing I have seen work to get a result is public involvement. Politicians are one and all afraid of what they think the public knows, which is why a free press is so crucial.