And Now We Are Arming al-Qaeda

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Let the Akashic Record reflect that on the 12th anniversary of the Sept. 11 incident, the United States began providing weapons to al-Qaeda. It’s not being advertised that way — it’s being advertised as the U.S. providing weapons to the Syrian anti-government rebels (who you might happen to know include al-Qaeda fighters).

George Bush, atop the WTC rubble with retired FDNY firefighter Bob Beckwith, promises to get the terrorists that his government accused of the Sept. 11 attack. Today we promise to get them some guns.

Thursday’s Washington Poststory doesn’t include the term “al-Qaeda” — that would be nauseating so close to the anniversary, though everyone involved in government and media knows the truth. Even Syrian Pres. Bashar al-Assad mentioned this fact in his recent interview with Charlie Rose.

This development fulfills yet again the astrological chart for the Sept. 11 incident, which has as its main feature an aspect pattern recognized back to the days of Ptolemy — a mutual reception. Among other things, the chart pattern describes terrorists and the government trading places. Though it doesn’t prove anything, the chart nicely illustrates the variable — Mercury (representing the terrorists) is rising in Libra; Saturn (representing the government) is in Gemini. Saturn is exalted in Libra and Mercury rules Gemini.

The two planets can therefore reverse placements in the chart. They are also in a perfect trine, indicating cooperation and easy flow of energy (in whatever form). Spotters of the classical rules may note that the exact trine makes the mutual reception all the more prominent, as does the fact that Mercury is rising to the degree.

At least from the standpoint of traditional astrology, it’s not stretching things at all to say that the chart illustrates a false flag event — something where the wrong party was blamed, for a political or military purpose. It also suggests that the government was the terrorist. Twelve years later, this is not so shocking. Based on a seemingly endless flood of evidence, many people have figured out that something smells about the Sept. 11 story. Though the initial shock has taken a while to wear off, it’s a little easier to see the many pieces of the story that don’t fit together, that blatantly contradict one another or that are outright lies.

Though I fancy myself someone who has looked into the matter, I was not aware until this week of the numerous reports of what were called “secondary explosions” in World Trade Center towers 1 and 2 that on the morning of Sept. 11, 2001, a top Fire Department official believed brought the buildings down, killing hundreds of firefighters. Now, those “secondary explosions” are esoteric knowledge or relegated to the realm of conspiracy theory.

Tried and convicted by 11:47 am, MSNBC shows a photo of Osama bin Laden, said by intelligence officials to be in Afghanistan. Even on the 11th, the government was promising military action against Afghanistan. The Army cornered him in late 2001, then let him go.

With the dust and smoke and pain still fresh in our hearts and minds, the United States proceeded to embark on an open-ended war for 12 years and counting, sacrificing more than 5,000 American lives and countless severe injuries to our troops, and millions of people displaced, and hundreds of thousands killed in Iraq and Afghanistan, all ostensibly to get al-Qaeda.

You might say it was costly, but that also translates to profitable. The trillions expended on these battles and on the national security state went somewhere, to people and corporations.

And now we are providing the supposed terrorists with weapons, which arrived in Syria none other than on Sept. 11, 2013. There was apparently some kind of bureaucratic delay that was resolved none other than on the anniversary.

You might think that someone could have delayed either the shipment or the announcement by a few days so as not to be crass about it. But it makes one wonder whether someone either has a sick sense of humor or they were sending a message to the American public that the whole business had finally come full circle.

Speaking of full circle, the one thing that has indeed come back around to where it started was Jupiter, which has returned to its natal position and just today just crossed the midheaven (the government angle) of the main chart for Sept. 11, 2001. We must once again ask the question: who benefits? Who in the corporate and government spheres is making a lot of money on this whole seemingly endless business? It’s a very, very long list and it probably does not include you.

The gift of guns to al-Qaeda fighters arrives at the end of what was by any measure an astonishing week, which began Monday morning in London with a CBS News reporter named Margaret Brennan asking John Kerry what it might take to stop the attack on Syria.

On the morning of Sept. 11, 2001, Pat Dawson of NBC News reported that FDNY’s chief of safety, Albert Turrey — one of the first to respond to the scene — said there were “secondary explosions” in the World Trade Center that he believes brought down the towers and killed hundreds of his men. Today, this is a conspiracy theory.

Kerry answered off the cuff that they could turn over all their chemical weapons stockpiles, which of course (in his opinion) would be impossible. The State Department issued a statement an hour later trying to walk back the offer, claiming that Kerry was merely speaking “rhetorically” (a good description of how Kerry talks).

But Russia picked up on it, signaling that it was a good idea. Then Obama picked up on that — for him, it was a great idea for many reasons: he didn’t have the votes in Congress to approve the bombing campaign.

Peaceniks were aligning with hard-right Republicans in opposition to the attack. That’s pretty amazing — and it presents a template of how we can actually accomplish something difficult in times of strife and controversy. No matter how much centrist, conservative and liberal views may diverge, there is always common ground. There are always common values, even if they have seemingly different motives.

It helped that a wide swath of the American public was not signing on to the project, contacting their congressional representatives in droves. Many Democrats felt betrayed by Obama, who was not supposed to be following in George Bush’s footsteps. So this provided Obama an important means of saving face before the public. Accounts of the alleged gas attack the night of Aug. 21 were not adding up — they still are not, and the Internet was exploding with this sentiment.

Given that Kerry is touting an exact number of people presumably killed and an exact number of children presumably killed, to me the most significant missing fact is a list of the dead. We don’t even have an accounting of how many are militants and how many are civilians, and also the time of the incident. If something really happened and if we have a body count, we should at least have those basic facts. It might be easier to accept this on faith, except we all know the story of Iraq: a war started on a litany of lies. Some people remember Vietnam, a war started on a total pretense; a fabrication called the Tonkin Gulf Incident.

Margaret Brennan of CBS News put the question to John Kerry: what would Syria have to do to avoid being bombed?

It was this rare combination of factors that prevented a bombing and missile campaign, one that could have inflamed a regional war, indeed, a kind of world war — the planet is so rigged with nuclear bombs and other weapons systems that anything of this nature has the potential to run out of control.

So, we have a rare example of how the perfect storm of factors can actually stop a war, or at least the expansion of a civil war into a full-on bombing campaign by the United States, with an uncertain outcome. That’s a pretty special moment.

And back in Damascus, while that vicious civil war rages on, at least there is not, for now, the prospect of it raining artillery on civilians and the soldiers sitting in bunkers. But American arms, delivered by the CIA, are now going to the people who are fighting the Assad government. Among the organizations with an agenda taking advantage of this situation is al-Qaeda, which will now have access to fine American-made artillery.

This is enough to make anyone’s head spin, except it’s the normal way things go when war is on the agenda. It’s one reason why it’s safe to be against war in all circumstances — there is always a sham of some kind, people are always hurt, and there is never an agenda that benefits people.

It’s well about time we figured that out.


Weekly horoscope for Friday, Sept. 13, 2013 #966 | By Eric Francis

Aries (March 20-April 19) — Someone close to you is going through what you recently went through, or at least something similar. Even if it seems to be less meaningful (to you) or seems (to you) to have less impact, I suggest you recognize their emotional reality for what it is. You, and the people around you, are having certain experiences of coming up against your limitations, which you may be experiencing as reaching a breaking point. What you may observe as both interesting and informative is the way in which a partner or loved one demonstrates their flexibility in ways that you tend to be rigid, stuck or stubborn. It’s not that they’re going through less than you — indeed, what they’re experiencing appears to be profound and to reach a deep place. Their response and approach to the equation is informed by other values, including the concept of equilibrium. This is something you would do well to learn, and you can learn a lot from observation.

Taurus (April 19-May 20) — Pause and reconsider your point of view. There’s an urgent need for a mature approach to a relationship question, and that approach involves getting clear about how not to make everyone or anyone into your parent figure. Our society is rife with parent-child dynamics, from how we interact with cops and politicians, to how we relate with intimate partners, colleagues and bosses. It’s up to each individual person to grow up and be an adult. Often the excuse for not doing so is not wanting to lose one’s child-like nature. Yet that nature is vulnerable without an adult to protect it, and that adult must be you, not someone else — despite what is currently a tremendous temptation to project that responsibility onto another person. This may be for the sake of companionship, or of seeking approval, or because you need protection. Yet is any of that true? I suggest you ask yourself whether how you’re handling things is more or less likely to offer you the sense of belonging and safety that you need.

Gemini (May 20-June 21) — Awareness of mortality is awareness of life. It’s closely related to awareness of change and growth. How we feel about death closely resembles how we feel about existence. It’s therefore unhelpful to deny mortality or to pretend that you have no relationship to death. Being mindful of how forms transform, and of what elements follow the story from one phase to the next, will all be helpful. If you find yourself feeling backed into a corner, like nothing matters or like your time is running out, you may be suppressing something from your awareness. In the most basic psychological terms, that might be the need to change. There appears to be some element in your environment that’s inviting you to do just that. It might be a commitment to someone, your sense of contact with something greater than yourself, or your changing relationship to the passage of time. Work with it, not against it.

Cancer (June 21-July 22) — There’s certainly something elemental and childlike about sexual play, though for adults it calls for the conscious use of ethics. The way society deals with this is to turn sex into a moral issue, which it’s not. Imposed morality only tends to make people less answerable to themselves. Morality makes everything wrong, especially pleasure. As I define the term, ethics is about the ability to discern the shades of appropriateness, and to make a decision about what is right for you at any given time. If you can do that, you’ll have more freedom; if you cannot, you’re more likely to encounter an imposed limitation. As well, what you have now is the opportunity to explore the nature of a certain blockage that’s been lingering around in your body, emotions or energy field for the past few seasons. On one level this seems to be about what is right and wrong for you. On another it’s about how you take a risk in an ethically conscious way.

Leo (July 22-Aug. 23) — Mars in your sign is showing you how consistency and persistence are the way to work through obstacles. If you slow down just a little, you’ll see that they are not providing the resistance that you thought they might offer. Brilliant ideas save work and get results. And they are available to you if you open up to them, which is another good reason for why you want to pause and think about any obstacle or problem before you attempt to tackle it. What you can have right now is a mix of inspiration and deep thinking. It’s not a matter of one or the other — every useful idea needs to be applied in a conscious way. The inspiration part is about the insight or the idea; the deep thinking part is about how to use it. Remember to match the right solution to the right problem. They may not be interchangeable but if you try out a few combinations, you will find a few perfect matches.

Virgo (Aug. 23-Sep. 22) — Lately it’s as if you’ve been making your way along a narrow ledge on a tall building. While this would obviously be a tense situation, you seem to have a source of anxiety originating somewhere else. This is not about whether you’re right or wrong. You do so much of what is right that you should have no anxiety whatsoever. Here’s a personal question: have you considered the possibility that much of the background static that you experience involves your experience of your sexuality? This is a specific form of anxiety that psychologists don’t like to talk about that much, though not only is it real, it’s connected to the core source of vital energy — which is why it’s so powerful. This, in turn, is perhaps the most significant factor for determining a person’s self-esteem, particularly your own. Society sends many messages not to think about any of this, to focus on appearances and the supposed monetary value of your sexiness. What you experience over the next few days will reveal the value of going much deeper.

Libra (Sep. 22-Oct. 23) — You have many options open, though they may feel like situations to which you must respond. That’s a compelling kind of option, and included in it is the chance to turn what looks like a problem into an opportunity. I know a lot of people have probably made a lot of money with that statement, which relatively few people know what to do with. Here’s how it looks in the chart: You encounter something that triggers you emotionally. You have the option to gloss over the issue and move on, or figure out what was at the bottom of your response. I suggest you do that, because as Mercury moves through your sign, it does so in an increasingly provocative and emotional way. The sooner you make contact with the material at the root of the matter, the sooner you will make sense of your situation and be able to find the opportunities within it. Most of them involve emotional healing and finding a place of clarity with someone who you really wish you could understand a lot better.

Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 22) — When in doubt, be brave. Take a chance. You have an emotional state that’s urging you to caution at the same time you have one that’s encouraging you to be bold and determined. The question is which one you’re going to listen to. I suggest you listen to the one that’s really you. Here is a clue: There’s one level of worry or concern that belongs to someone else. It comes from somewhere else and belongs to another place and time. There’s another dimension to what you’re experiencing that feels unusually bold, and in some ways unlike you but in other ways familiar and welcome. Though this feels good, and may make you a little nervous, you may be wondering whether that’s accurate or whether you’re feeling too big for your britches. Now take these two emotions and match them to people in your family of origin. What feeling resembles whom the most accurately? Which feeling seems unique to you?

Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 22) — It’s time for a dialog about what makes you the most uncomfortable — that is, your personal taboo. This will seem bolder and braver before you do it and maybe for the first five minutes, and then it’s likely to feel perfectly normal. Whomever you’re discussing this with is likely to have a similar experience, so don’t worry about burdening them or thinking that you’re pushing them into weird territory. Rather than push, lead the way with a personal disclosure that at least seems daring and like you must cross an inner boundary to get there. That will get the discussion going. There are likely to be a few surprises as you proceed, potentially quite pleasant and liberating. While there are a few possible emotional and intellectual destinations, you will discover something about your own point of view as well as that of your conversation partner. One discovery might be something like how little you need to have in common in order to have something really special between you.

Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 20) — Focus on your message, which means having clear ideas and putting them into clear words. Keep it simple: don’t worry about being deep. You can do this without dumbing down anything, or compromising your point of view. Indeed, the idea is to get closer to your actual position, so that it can be more understandable to others. In that spirit, be accurate, precise and clear. If you’re writing and you make an error, admit to it and correct it visibly. Impeccability will lead you in the direction you want to go. Along this same line of reasoning: it’s important that you not push an argument or point of view; state it clearly and wait for a reply, even if that response takes several days to come back. Your words carry considerable authority, and one reason that someone may delay in responding is because they are having a response that they cannot articulate yet. Give any scenario till the 22nd to work out — the equinox is an obvious turning point. Till then, be patient. And be precise.

Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 19) — You have a lot on your hands, including much that you were not expecting to be dealing with. Help is on the way. The key element in receiving that help will be trust, in particular, trusting whomever responds to your needs is not also running another agenda. If you have a real question, ask — and listen to the answer. You may choose to have faith in the situation despite some actual concerns. Sort those out. If you do, you’ll see that some are old and no longer apply to you or your current environment; this is a good time to address any lingering hangover from the past. Some will involve what may be a level of mistrusting women. That, too, is a lingering artifact of history. Treat people as who they are today. Setting all that aside, you need to delegate at least some of your responsibility to someone who arrives to assist you, which is always a matter of having faith in a person; so keep this on a human level and start there.

Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20) — Emotions are complex; lately yours have been especially so, though you now seem to be in a moment of clarity. I would suggest you not push too hard against anyone or anything. There is always an easier way to get a result, and I suggest you look for that easier way. One thing to bear in mind is that time is on your side, and that momentum is carrying you in the right direction. Plant the seed of an idea in anyone you need to persuade, and then allow the conversation to develop. Don’t worry if negotiations are stalled or if you seem to hold inferior cards. There are a number of developments that will come to light, as partners and associates gain an understanding of the environment and their own responsibilities. Then over the next week, as the Full Moon in your birth sign approaches, it will be easier for you to work out stalemates, deadlocks and impasses without needing to exert much effort.

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