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Sunshine is the Best Disinfectant

Dear Friend and Reader:

Today's unusual article is the result of five months of work by me and my reporting team, and many of our readers, on the "novel coronavirus" and Covid-19. When it became clear that the situation was not going away, we got organized and focused our work on peeling back the layers of this situation.

In tonight's article, I suggest that we demand the truth about the virus and about Covid-19

Eric Francis.
I am clear what I mean by truth, and what I think it pertains to. I mean more than anything that public officials must pluck up some honesty, and that the media demand it from them.

I give several examples of what we must be told the truth about: the origins of the virus; the true nature of the PCR test being used, with historical examples given; why the death toll is so high and whether drug interactions are involved.

I also mean that we need a deeper understanding of the issues and to encourage the search for truth among ourselves: as citizen journalists.

Our (So Far) Five-Month Team Effort

We have learned a great deal through our team reading process of every available published article, as well as through traditional reporting methods such as conducting interviews and by using our prior knowledge of the agencies involved. 

My team and I have entered this story with a combined century-plus of experience covering FDA, CDC and other federal agencies, as well as county and state health departments and many large corporations. Covid is my fourth time covering a public health crisis involving a virus. So you might say this is not our first time at the rodeo. We publish much of what we learn on Covid19 News.

In addition to taking part in this careful reading, analysis and discussion, I've been listening to what people say about the pursuit of truth, particularly in our current moment. And this is what I find the most disturbing. The moment one begins asking questions, they are likely to be called a "conspiracy theorist," which is a misunderstanding of that term. 

To ask questions is not to insinuate that there is a conspiracy. It's doing what journalists were expected to do before internet anarchy took hold of consciousness.

Slurs for Seeking Honest Answers

Today, one person rather creatively described our work as "conspirituality" -- "the confluence of right wing conspiracy propaganda and new-age magical thinking."

In tonight's article, we cover the history of the false pertussis outbreak at the Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, which were incorrectly "confirmed" by the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test that has been widely used for Covid.
There is an idea roaming about that truth is not available, or does not exist. I got this in an email today: "'Truth', like 'freedom' has become a triggering buzzword that arouses suspicion in the minds of people with a preference for fully vetted, peer-reviewed scientific research and empirical data."

Well, I have seen so much problematic "peer-reviewed scientific research" the past couple of months that I'm not sure the term carries much weight.

[In addition to the Covid angle, I have been investigating the problem of contamination and misidentification of research and production of cell lines.]

Then there are the excuse-makers: "Science is a process in a situation like this. It is of no surprise that some of the information changes over time. It is part of the scientific process to work with theories and with either evidence or testing confirm or modify them."

So therefore, what? We don't learn and track the process as it's happening? We just watch it like a game with no published rules, lives being lost, and trillions of dollars changing hands?

Those Quotes are from Pacifica Radio Station Managers

By the way -- these quotations all come from my fellow station managers in the Pacifica Radio Network, who reviewed my article overnight and sent their feedback. None that responded seem to think it's their duty to investigate this situation -- not a one. Can you imagine how a young reporter on their staff might feel, approaching them eager to get into the story?

These station managers are people who control independent media outlets, free from corporate advertising. They are the ones on whom we are counting for the other side of the story.

Has the independent press given up the ship? There are simply too many questions that are not being asked to do so ethically. There is too much being taken for granted and too many easy answers going by without scrutiny.

Well, your friendly astrology website is doing what it can.

Too many people worked on this story to name them all, though I have been greatly assisted every single day by Cindy Tice Ragusa and Spencer Stevens. To all else, thank you for your grit and your curiosity, for your ideas and for the gems you have come up with. 

Here is your article: Sunshine is the Best Disinfectant. We must demand the truth about Covid-19.

With love,

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