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I'm Planning a Christmas Edition of PWFM

Dear Friend and Listener:

Due to circumstances I'll explain on-air, I am planning a Christmas edition of Planet Waves FM. As much as I would love to run this ahead, based on my current production schedule, I am planning to post it to its tab on our new website at the usual time Friday night — about 10 pm.

Eric Francis.
Christmas is a very difficult time for many people — such as those with nowhere to go for the holiday. It was for me for most of my life. So I will have an awesome show for you, featuring William S. Burroughs, my reading of a Robert Service poem that takes place on Christmas, and maybe even a little James Joyce, which I've been wanting to share for many years.

Please note that after the January horoscope, planned for tonight, I am planning no publications until the new year — no horoscopes or articles, in service of getting the annual editions done. I can get them done if I don't have five things in the way. After the monthly horoscope, the next weekly horoscope will be published on Monday, January 4.

Daily Astrology will continue, co-written by our editors Anna, Spencer and Victoria. This is a dependable, excellent source of Planet Waves astrology.

As you know, this time of year I am working on your annual readings — extended professional astrology readings at a very modest cost. Please save us loads of inbox space and preorder if you are planning to purchase. More information is at that link.

Thank you for participating in our publishing experiment, and for helping sponsor us. Planet Waves FM is ad free, and not only that, free of weird sponsors with agendas you don't know and probably would not agree with. If you would like to make a one-time or monthly contribution to our nonprofit publisher of the program, you may do so here.

Thanks to all who have contributed this week!

With love,

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